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CCP Vocational graduates warned against homosexuality

Titus Kutosi, the secretary for St Andrew’s cathedral in Mbale diocese, has warned graduating students of CCP vocational institute against engaging in bad acts like homosexuality, stealing, prostitution and lesbianism as a way of making quick money.

He said this during the institute’s graduation ceremony at Uganda Christian University Mbale branch playground on November 26. Homosexuality is illegal in Uganda but of late, there have been rampant media reports of the vice among students of higher learning institutions.

At the same event, Monica Musenero, the minister of Science, Technology and Innovations urged the graduands to get involved in Parish Development Model (PDM) programs to improve their livelihood.

According to Musenero, the government released Shs 20 million to each parish for the first phase to sensitize beneficiaries, and now more money is soon going to be released at parishes to kick off the program.

She said students from different institutions must use this chance of elevating their income by getting involved in this program. At least 236 students graduated at diploma and certificate levels in courses like catering and plumbing.

Established in 1989, the Christian Childcare Programme (CCP) vocational training institute consist of two schools with training courses for all kinds of professions with a capacity of 1,250 students.

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