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Wabwire empowering youth with barrier-breaking skills

Emmanuel Wabwire

Emmanuel Wabwire

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic that still looms large above the horizon, it is no shock that a big number of young people are likely to lose themselves economically and in their social lives. 

But even before the pandemic, young people, among other members of society, have been facing a number of societal and economic challenges, many of which have been ensuing from mindset and generational stereotypes about life in general. 

To address this challenge, among many others, decorated entrepreneur and business coach, Emmanuel Wabwire, through his NGO, Faraja Africa Foundation, came up with an initiative to empower young with barrier-breaking skills. Faraja is a Swahili word that means comfort, something that speaks to the gist of the foundation's objectives.

While most youth are always quick to look at making it in life, with thriving businesses, Wabwire believes that it is spot on and more efficient to start by equipping with several skills leadership, mindset change skills, problem solving among others, from a significantly young age. 

In his words, Wabwire stresses that the main aim is to, "prepare this generation of young people to take over in various aspects of life."

Wabwire adds the root cause of challenges faced by young people is that there is a huge disconnect and lack of mentorship, hence denying majority of them of the knowledge and skills to cause change in society. 

In 2016 January,  Faraja was formalized by registering with the government. The Foundation has since dedicated itself to achieving the mission and vision of an independent and self-sufficient Africa that has empowered and socially engaged citizens that conserve their environment, heritage, and cultures. 

"We believe youth are the most important sources of untapped potential for wealth creation, the influence governance processes, and sustainable development," says Wabwire

To further amplify the voice and activities of young people, Faraja Africa Foundation launched Faraja TV, a platform that is used by several other young people, not only those affiliated to the foundation. 

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