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UNEB cancels results of two Arua schools after hearing

Lugbari primary school. Photo: westnileweb.com

Lugbari primary school. Photo: westnileweb.com

The Uganda National Examinations Board (Uneb) has cancelled the Primary Leaving Examination (PLE) results of 57 candidates of Lugbari primary school in Arua district. Also results for 39 candidates of Swalihini primary school, also in Arua were cancelled with Uneb advising the affected candidates to repeat primary seven.

Swalihini, a government-aided primary school that accommodated over 200 PLE candidates had results of 39 candidates withheld by Uneb. The centre also hosted candidates from High Scope and Greenland primary schools.

The examinations body became suspicious after discovering a live correlation of answers for all the candidates in the two centres, implying that the learners could have had advance knowledge of the questions. 

The decision against Swalihini PS in Arua Municipality was also based on an answer sheet which was found in a school latrine at the time of the examination. It was reported that a number of candidates had requested to use the latrine - raising suspicion among invigilators on the reasons for the unusual movements. A subsequent search led to the discovery of a paper which had all expected answers hidden in the latrine.

But Grace Obaru, the deputy head teacher of Swalihini PS maintains that many of their candidates worked for their grades. Arua district education officer Marino Acia confirms that the results were cancelled after the disciplinary hearing by Uneb.

Acia is one of the officials who was summoned to appear before the examinations board tribunal that was hearing defence testimonies from candidates and schools whose results were terminated. None of the officials of Lugbari PS showed up for the hearing.

Cyprian Lemaku, the deputy headteacher of Lugbari PS which also hosts hundreds of South Sudanese students, said they were still looking for funds to transport the staff and affected candidates.

Arua principal education officer Raymond Ombere said the school administrator and parents have to abide by the Uneb decision, adding that caution should be taken, to avoid actions that could ruin the future of learners.

Meanwhile, the examinations body has cleared the examinations results of Queens and Kings, a private PS in Arua Hill Division, where 40 candidates who sat at its centre in Anyafio cell, all obtained aggregates in first grade.


+1 #1 Beghazi 2019-02-16 18:56
Look at how the school looks like!

This is a district that purports to support the NRM. What a shame.. you deserve to be in that state until you wake up
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0 #2 Jama 2019-02-17 19:52
You can't compare above PS school to any in western Uganda.

How can the NRM boss, claim to have progressed the country with such a kind of infrastructure in the 21century.
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