Kalinabiri PS wins Yoghurt contest

Kalinabiri primary school are the winners of the Fresh Dairy’s schools program and Yoghurt Cup collection challenge.

The  challenge encouraged the consumption of 1-Yoghurt-a-Day’ as a healthy and nutritious snack. According to the organisers, the school was honoured for collecting the most yoghurt cups.

The competition was held in 369 schools in Kampala, Mukono and Wakiso, throughout the second term. The Yoghurt cup collection challenge dared all participating schools and their students to collect as many Fresh Dairy yoghurt cups as they could, and then build any innovative model out of them, aimed at driving their creative skills.

Principal Education Officer George Mutekanga (R) hands over a dummy cheque of Shs 6m from Fresh Dairy to students and teachers of Kalinabiri primary school Ntinda

For their efforts, Kalinabiri PS won Shs 6m. However, a teacher at City Parents School, Abdul Karim, won Shs 3m for mobilizing the highest number of pupils to collect yoghurt cups.

Finally, Rashelle Pascaline, a student at St Mary Kevin primary school, Masaka won Shs 2.8m in tuition for building the most innovative model out of only four Yoghurt cups.

In addition to the above winners in the three categories, there were runner-up winner schools and each received Shs 1.9m towards a school project.

These include City Parents School, Ntinda PS, Bright PS  Nabweru, Kasubi Children’s Centre, Train Up a Child and Kirinya Catholic PS.

Awarding the winners, the chief guest, and principal education officer at the Education ministry, George Mutekanga, applauded the company for empowering children and their parents through proper nutrition.

In turn, Fresh Dairy’s marketing director, Oliver Mary, explained that they would continue to support health and nutrition programmes in schools across the country. 

“Growing children require good nutrition to build healthy bodies and to help them be the best they can be … one of our key priority areas at Fresh Dairy is health and nutrition. We do this through [improvement] in dietary habits and investing in scientific research in the field of nutrition,” he said.


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