Improve school management – Alex Kakooza

The permanent secretary, ministry of education, Alex Kakooza, has urged  owners of private schools to improve their management.

“We propose that you set up boards of governors as a way of separating management and ownership … and as a way of promoting a good education service to our children,” he said.

Kakooza made the call while meeting school owners united under the Federation of Non-State Education Institutions (Fenei) at their offices in Ntinda-Kigoowa, last Thursday.

He explained that he was making the call aware that some schools were doing well in corporate governance, while others were below par.

“We are making this call so that once the management of these schools is good, the service will also continue to be good.”

The permanent secretary was also concerned that some private school owners were uncooperative towards several sector initiatives such as the learner census (formally called head count) as well as the ongoing registration of all learners into the national register.

“We recognize the value you make to educating our children … you are supplementing our service to all Ugandans” he said.

Fenei brings together private school owners, at various levels (nursery, primary, secondary and tertiary) from across the country, and was holding a special meeting ahead of their annual general meeting later in the year.

Fenei’s Kampala chairman, Patrick Kaboyo pledged to improve management of schools.

“We have heard you loud and clear and we will put into action your suggestions,” he said.

Another Fenei management member, Hajati Zaujja Ndifuna Matovu, also commended the ministry for recognizing their efforts to unite as a voice for school owners.

“We are pleased that the ministry has recognized Fenei … and we hope you will continue to support us as we bid to improve,” she said. Her call was in reference to concerns about delays in licensing their schools.

In turn, Kakooza appealed to  struggling schools to approach the ministry.

“Usually we work through the ministry of local government … and they have been cooperative, but if you face any challenges, feel free to approach us and we will assist,” Kakooza said.

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