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Protect yourselves from HIV/Aids - Dr Muyingo

The minister of state for Higher Education, Dr John Chrysostom Muyingo, has asked the graduates from African Bible University of Uganda (ABU) to protect themselves against the HIV/Aids scourge.

Speaking during the graduation at the ninth graduation at the university campus in Lubowa, Kampala recently, Dr Muyingo told the graduates to avoid living irresponsible and unethical lifestyle since their lives have just begun and the future looks bright.

“Your future is in your hands. Guard it jealously … HIV/Aids is for real, I would also be disappointed if any of you goes to Luzira prison after passing out of this Christian-founded university,” he said.

“Over 180,000 students graduate every year and if you don’t get a job immediately, please be patient; I also have  two boys who sat at home for six months without getting a job.”

One of the graduates gets hooded by the VC Dr Palmer Robertson

During the ceremony, Dr Palmer Robertson, the vice chancellor, said 18 students had graduated in different disciplines ranging from Bible Studies, Education, Communications, Community Leadership, and Business Administration.

Dr Robertson told the graduates that they have to be cautious as the world has many temptations.

“The university has been keeping you here in our compounds but you are now free, I want you to know that the devil is a reality and it will do anything to destroy you,” he said.


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