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DAY & NIGHT: Gaetano weds twice!

Gae weds twice!

Yiiyii Gaetano! How could you do this to us! No, we will rephrase that; how could you do this to that other newspaper? We all admit – hats off – that the former Big Brother Africa housemate Gaetano Juuko Kagwa pulled a fast one on us. You see, word leaked last Thursday that the Studio53 presenter was tying the knot at St. Francis Chapel Makerere University. We dropped everything to rush over for the ‘scoop’. What we found was a tiny wedding with a bride wearing an office suit and the maid of honour and best man looking like they had stopped by on their way to a tea party. Relatives told us, Gaetano and his bride Enid Keishamaza Rukikaire (daughter to Mathew Rukikaire) wanted something that small. We bought it.

But what they didn’t tell us is that Gae and Enid did not have a small wedding; they had two weddings! After exchanging vows before the Rev. Stephen Shalita at St. Francis, they carried the journalist-turned-clergyman with them to Ranch on the Lake off Entebbe Road and he repeated the service in a big – no, huge – garden wedding. Whether the St. Francis gig was to throw off some of us the good people of the press, or to rule out any possible legal hitches, we are yet to know. But from these photos, you can see that everyone was there; from his Studio53 co-host Rosie Motene, to Jim Muhwezi, Hope Mukasa, et al. Did we say ‘everyone’ was there? We will correct that; everyone but the press. But thank God for Facebook!

Jinja Road Police club closed

We thought nugu and beef was a phenomenon reserved for musicians but it seems we were wrong. It occurs in business even more than in music!
The Police Club on Jinja Road which had become a popular joint for workers in Industrial Area for years has closed shop. The club did not close down because of financial losses. Quite to the contrary, it is because business was booming.
The club, which stands on Uganda Police grounds, was forced to close mbu because some head honchos thought it should be the Police minting the money that the private owner of the club was making.
Never mind that before the club was opened, the Police authorities had tried in vain to run a similar restaurant business on the grounds!

Titie joins CBS

We told you how Titie (real name Tendo Tabel) had been fired from Beat FM. The popular presenter was even paid salary for two months after her sacking to keep [her] from joining another radio station.
Well, the songbird has opted to join popular Luganda station, CBS FM! The Nsonyiwa Faaza singer debuted on CBS on Monday, saying that she had now gotten married to the right man (CBS) and that she regrets the time she spent in the previous marriage because this is the man she has admired all her life. Titie will be co-hosting the Kalasamayanzi show with Henry Mpinga, Monday to Friday, from 10a.m. to 1p.m.  

Club Sway's woes

News reaching us from the Kampala Road based Club Sway indicates that the club is struggling.
The club, located opposite Posta Uganda, has for the last few months been struggling with low attendance of its numerous theme nights and weekends have been no better.
Now we hear that two of their best marketers have also jumped ship. The two marketers Sam and Brian had been credited for attempting to get the crowd in. However, they fell out with the Club Sway management because they had reportedly gone six months without pay.
We hear management had a crisis meeting and resolved to try and lure the two back.

Sylvia Kyansuti's boyfriend in trouble

From Jinja comes news that singer Sylvia Kyansuti is fighting with her boyfriend Akiiki Malipuko over money. Kyansuti accuses Akiiki of squandering her hard earned cash ahead of her upcoming album launch on August 21.
Apparently Kyansuti could not stand her long-time boyfriend Akiiki being on the organising committee for the launch. We hear that the last time he was on the committee for Kadalidali album last year at Kakindu Stadium, he failed to account for some Shs 15 million from the successful show that had Kyansuti partnering with Menton Krono.
When Kyansuti asked about the money, Akiiki reportedly said he had used it to construct boys’ quarters behind the house they share. Incidentally the house is on his land.
The singer left for her mother’s place until Akiiki led a delegation to convince her to return. Well, well!

Princess Maroushka

There is good news and bad news from Canada. The good news: there will be a new addition to Kampala’s hot faces and bodies, come August. This princess is daughter to the late Joseph Robert Bikobbo Mugayo and Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi’s sister one Dina, we hear.
Princess Maroushka Kanywanyi has been living in Montreal where she went to McGill University, after leaving King’s College Budo in 1996.
Now the ‘bad’ news: The princess who grew up in Addis Ababa Ethiopia is apparently coming home with boyfriend Remy Durand whom she is set to introduce to her family at a private function. Remy is a bodybuilding banker from Senegal and France and they speak only French to each other.
So a warning to the men who like what they see in the picture: mbu the guy is a real kanyama!

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