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How to stop a house-help from destroying your relationship

Farida Kadala, 24, Graduate
In case I suspect that the maid is trying to destroy my relationship, I simply ship her out of my home; no taking chances. But before it gets to that point, keep her away from the bedroom and make sure it is only you who cares for your husband even when it comes to serving him food, washing his clothes, laying the bed and not the maid.

Best Lubega, 23, Artiste
Give the woman every essential she wants right from gifts, nice clothes and romantic time above all. Do not make her regret or feel like she is no longer getting your attention. If you do, she feels less sexy and will seek the house-boy to prove a point. On the other hand, wives must stop being rude to their husbands lest the house girl steals his heart.

Festo Nzima, 20, Poet and script writer
Since it is commonly house-girls that disorganise men, wives should make sure that they are strict about the way she dresses to avoid seduction. She must not take over the wife’s duties, especially concerning the husband. Also, some maids are denied free-time to go out and socialise. Since the maid has no boyfriend, she takes advantage of the male boss. In the case of women, their husbands must be romantic, giving and sexy. She will be faithful.

Jesse Kakooza, 33, Choreographer
First of all, I cannot hire a house-boy in my home. The only male house-help I would permit is the one who is related to my wife. By the way, women are usually the ones who hire the maids. So, why hire a maid who is beautiful and bring temptation to your man? Bring an ugly house-girl.

Catherine Mutesi, 20, Student
Sometimes wives are to blame for their husband’s tendencies to sleep with the house-girl. Why do you bring a house-girl who is so pretty and then when she gets to the kitchen she does everything for your husband while you are watching? Employ an ugly maid who has no sense of style from deep down the village that you are sure cannot attract your husband.

Yoyo Martin, 30, Artiste
A wife will be loyal to her husband if he is there for her, especially when she needs him. As a man, do some house duties and also if you cooked for her once in a while or did the work she normally handles, she will love you even more. Do not neglect your marital duties and sexually starve your wife because that is when the house-help will extend his services even between the sheets.

Abdul Sekasamba, 20, Student
Women rarely need much from men, I imagine apart from being treated well in terms of giving them attention. A woman can only sleep with the house-help if it is he who listens to her and shows her affection. The guy may be a silly-romantic more than the woman’s husband who always comes home tired and decides to ignore her. On the other hand, get her a job if she’s a house-wife.

Rehema Namusisi, 20, Student
I guess men who sleep with their house-girls do this because they do not get the kind of support they expect from their wives. It is important to wash his clothes, cook his food and serve him like he is a king. If you do that, I doubt if he can ever notice the maid.

Pamela Keryeko, 22, Student
It is unusual that a married woman will sleep with her house-boy. But many men sleep with their house-girls. This has been as a result of women being career driven and neglecting their husbands. Normally, a baby as it grows will be fond of the one who cares for it most. The same applies to men and house-girls.

Sarah Namawanda, 25, Graduate
A wife can only sleep with a house-boy if she is not satisfied sexually by her husband and if the man also ignores her for a while. If a woman experiences the romantic touch, she will be faithful.

Umar Senfuka, 22, Self-employed
Simply give your wife everything she deserves if you can afford it show her love and that you want her so much. Your wife will be faithful and will not be destructed by a house-boy. But women should also play their roles as wives and not leave them to maids because that can attract her husband to the maid instead.

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