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Quick Talk: Isaac Mulindwa has a thing against flowers

Isaac Mulindwa Jr is the executive director of Mulin Group under which companies such as Hot 100, Club Silk, Selas Ltd, PAM Awards, Ufit Micro Finance, Moma International, Mulindwa Plantations and Mullens Services, are run.

[Boy, wasn’t that list long?] Because he runs a club and youth radio station, you would expect he rub-a-dubs, right? Quick Talk sought him out to find out.

[Quick Talk first asks some background questions and finds out Mulindwa was born in Mbarara – he said “yiiyii banange, jump that one” when asked when he was born – was raised in Kampala and attended school in Kampala, Nairobi and the UK].

Are you married?


Are you polygamous?


Are you romantic?

[Thinks] What’s romantic?

Uuhm, gifting and other things.

I am. I thought by romantic you meant this campus romance: take her to Bon Apetit and when I wake up I say ‘hi sweetheart’ and then give her a good morning flower.

Hahahaha, who gives good morning flowers? What is the most romantic thing that has been done for you?

I don’t know. I have no idea. Does being given a watch or phone count? [In Quick Talk’s world, yes]. Does ice cream count? [Quick Talk says being taken for ice cream is romantic, but Mulindwa chooses to talk about flowers; looks like he doesn’t like flowers!] I don’t know what I would do with flowers.

I see them around and they are nice and colourful, but what would I do with them? [Let’s see…sniff them. Arrange them into a beautiful bouquet. Send them to Sweety. Spread the petals on the bed, duh…]

Have you done any crazy things for love, then?

Crazy? Like what? I will tell you I have never thought of killing myself. Can you believe people say they will kill themselves if the other person doesn’t love them back? I haven’t done anything crazy.

You haven’t done anything out of character?


Ok, have you been stalked?

[He didn’t want to answer this one, but eventually does] Yes. More than once.

Sorry. [Shrugs the sorry off and says it is a part of life]. Who is your type of woman, by the way?

[Following some thought] Smart and she’s got to be beautiful, but intelligence is number one. She also has to be emotionally stable. [Impatiently] I don’t want someone who is at one moment laughing and then she is crying.

Do you like dancing?

I do. It’s a good way to exercise.

Which is your favourite song to dance to?

[Jose Chameleone’s] Badilisha

[One can pull a really mean rub-a-dub on Badilisha.] Have you ever rub-a-dubbed?

Nooo! Those things are embarrassing.

[On to politics; sort of] If you were told you had to box either Museveni or Besigye, who would you choose to box?

I would choose the physically weaker one; the one I would be able to beat.

Of those two, who do you think is physically weaker?


Hahahaha, I was told he gyms; so, he might be muscled and strong. But away from them, who do you consider the most beautiful MP?

I will shock you, I hardly know any MPs.

Really? Ok, who do you consider the most beautiful socialite?

[Looking not really interested] I won’t answer that one.

What is your favourite food?


Ah, so you love yourself a rolex!?

No. What is a rolex? [Quick Talk describes the omelet rolled into a chapatti to make the simplest rolex] Of course I’ve eaten eggs and chapatti. I’ve had them for breakfast. But you see, if you say I’ve eaten rolex, people will think I have eaten it off the street. [Oh, a rolex is a rolex, Sir Mulin!]

Hahaha, what’s wrong with the street rolex?

Where do you live?

[Quick Talk tells him and then asks:] Why is that important?

Why don’t you live in Kikubamutwe? It’s a matter of hygiene.

Can you tell me what colour of underwear you are wearing right now?

White. I’m simple; it’s either white or black.

Ah, and the type you prefer?

Normal underwear. Not boxers, not g-strings but briefs.

I wonder what type of men wear g-strings. I think only strippers do.

Mulindwa grunts. He seems uninterested in a discussion on the type of man that wears g-strings. On that note, the interview ends. His businesses are waiting.


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