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Quick TalK: Tina Wamala on why she switches jobs

Having chased people around in vain, Quick Talk was almost throwing in the towel when finally Tina Wamala, the publicist at MultiChoice Uganda, finally picked her phone.

And having avoided to ask her various issues like her age at packed press conferences she has addressed, Quick Talk was eager to get all the answers to the juicy questions usually kept under the carpet.

When we finally meet, Wamala is more curious about the interview than Quick Talk; she fires the first question: “So what do you want to know?”

Quick Talk wishes to inform her that everything but decides to hold the thought and stick to the interview.

Let’s start with the basics; how old are you?

A woman never reveals her age, but just know I am in my 20s. [Quick Talk doesn’t push it because he knows he will never get to know the right answer.]

As publicist of MultiChoice, people want to know which car you drive.

Hmm, I don’t own a car as yet. I get around with specials but watch this space; I will get my car before this year ends.

[Quick Talk is shocked that Wamala is mentioning special hires but, on the other hand, perhaps that’s lingua for boda bodas because Quick Talk has seen her hop on one.]

You must be staying in some of the posh suburbs in town, where is that?

Posh, I don’t know about that! It depends on how you define posh. I stay in Mpererwe, in Katalemwa estates. (Quick Talk expected to hear something like Ntinda, Kisaasi, Buziga or Kololo but not Mpererwe]

You have switched jobs, from Record TV, Lowe Scanad and now MultiChoice; how do you  do that and why?

I attribute it to the fact that I am a risk-taker and someone who likes to learn new things all the time. TV was an excellent platform for me, because it exposed me to Uganda. It was through TV that I got to be noticed by my then boss at Scanad who encouraged me to venture into PR which is how I joined Scanad.

I wanted to see what I was capable of. I found my feet in PR and that is how I found myself in MultiChoice where I am currently working.

Generally, I am happy with my career path and the progress I have made in my profession. [Quick Talk is impressed; her sentiments clearly portray someone destined for greatness]

Are you single?

No I am not; I am in a loving relationship with someone so dear to me. [Quick Talk doesn’t bother to ask the identity of the person, because if Wamala couldn’t reveal her age, then the name of lover is clearly out of question]

What is the most annoying thing about journalists, since you have to deal with them all the time?

They like to be pampered, as do all of us but they take it to another level. Some of them can get too familiar with you as well and forget to keep things at a professional level. [Quick Talk is baffled, everyone he meets has a different irritating thing about journalists]

What’s your favourite programme on DStv?

I am an all-round TV fanatic. I love all kinds of programmes but if I were to choose I am such a fan of reality shows such as Survivor on Mnet, Big Brother, Fear Factor on ETV Africa, Come Dine with Me on BBC Lifestyle, Dancing with the Stars on BBC Entertainment.

The list goes on. [Quick Talk has to stop her because at this rate, she might mention all the programmes in the world].


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