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Newman is Mrs Uganda

When I received a phone call last Thursday inviting me for the Mrs Uganda pageant at Faze 2 bar, I was baffled that something like that existed.

I knew about Mrs World pageant held every year since 1985 but had never heard about a Ugandan version. The concept was introduced to Ugandans two years ago by Halima Namakula, who has been the reigning Mrs Uganda since 2009. Don’t ask me who qualified her.

Unlike Miss Uganda or Miss World where the contestants have to be aged under 25 years, unmarried and without children, Mrs World is the direct opposite; the contestants have to be married – not cohabiting – with children, be gainfully employed or even be grandmothers.

The selection is also done differently; instead of the contestants answering questions from judges in front of the audience, they have a one-on-one session with the judges, until one winner is picked and she is unveiled to the public. So, there was no catwalk showcasing evening wear or even the eye catching swim suits designs, until Sanyu FM’s Angela Crystal Newman Kavulu, who co-hosts the Evening Drive, was unveiled to the public.

However, after the successful Miss Uganda 2011 organized by Brenda Nanyonjo that saw Sylvia Namutebi crowned Miss Uganda 2011/12, Namakula’s event was the reverse. The publicity was extremely low, that many media houses didn’t know about the event. Then the organization was also fishy; Namakula said the judges zeroed in on six women to finally chose Kavulu, but she refused to present the other five finalists so that the public could know who Kavulu’s competitors were.

“Being married women, the women asked not to be named that is why we can’t tell you who they are,” Namakula told The Observer.

So we couldn’t verify whether there were any competitors at all or Kavulu was handpicked to jumpstart the pageant. Some patrons were overheard arguing that Kavulu was chosen as a swap arrangement since Sanyu FM were part of the sponsors alongside Redds Beer and True African.

The event was, however, lightened up by the Janzi band who treated guests to renditions of love ballads, as well as performances from Angela Katatumba, Namakula’s daughter Rachel K and Mega Dee.

Captain Mike Mukula, who was guest of honour, spiced up the occasion with his speech, but was cut short when Umeme struck the venue with darkness.

With the finals for Mrs World set for December 6-15 in Orlando Florida, Uganda stands a very good chance of bagging this one because Kavulu will be no pushover.


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