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STAR TRAIL: Diaspora hogs musicians

Half of Uganda’s musical cream is in Obama’s land for holiday. Bebe Cool’s family was joined by Jose Chameleone who also took his family along.

But this was after Ronald Mayinja had gone ahead of them for the UNAA convention with Pastor Wilson Bugembe, Mowzey and Weasel, AK47, Mariam Ndagire and Ruth Wanyana among others.

It is during this trip that Mowzey and Weasel allegedly beat up a DJ who stopped the music when Chameleone entered a hall they were performing at.

The audience demanded that Chameleone gives them a song but he insisted he was not on the programme and that he had only come as a patron. By press time, only Mayinja and Wanyana had jetted back.

Mariam Ndagire’s  Where We Belong out

‘Retired’ singer Mariam Ndagire has come up with another movie, Where We Belong. This is her fourth after Hearts in Pieces, Strength of a Stranger and Down this Road I Walk.

The movie is about a tacky problem in society today: infertility and the family stress around it.
If you have loved Mariam’s other pieces, you are likely to enjoy this one too, even relate to it.

The unstoppable Mega Dee

Mega Dee’s launch of Ina De Dance that was unceremoniously called off following the July 11 bomb blasts is finally taking place this weekend at Kati Kati Restaurant.

The man who suffered terrible losses at his Akabadi launch last year said, “This time round nothing will stop the show as Silk Events are already setting up the area four days to the show.”

He is also shopping for a good ‘rainmaker’ at any cost to stop the rain on that day.
He now spends time in shopping arcades vending tickets to avoid a repeat of the Akabadi launch.

Gaga wears meat to VMAs

Lady Gaga’s meat dress was the talk of the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) held on Sunday night. Lady Gaga’s VMA 2010 getup when she accepted the video of the year award from Cher was made entirely of red meat, from her jaunty little sirloin cap to her beefy bodice to her protein-packed shoes, receiving mixed reactions from the audience.

The star who has made quite a name for herself because of her eccentric wardrobe, picked up eight awards in the 14 categories of the night, for her Bad Romance and the duet with Beyonce, Telephone.

Jay-Z, Eminem, Alicia Keys and Justin Bieber also won in various categories.

Afrigo, Eagles face off

Tomorrow (Friday) Afrigo band and Eagles Production will share a stage at Club Obbligato in a show meant to tell fans their musical journey.

Afrigo whose journey dates back to the early 1970s will be a good comparison to the younger Eagles that started in 1996. The two bands are believed to be leaders in the industry and according to Irene Namatovu, they will go beyond music as they spice it with a little drama.

Fans will decide which story is more interesting

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