Digital knowledge platform for SMEs launched

Goldmine Finance, a tier IV Ugandan microfinance institution set up in 2017, has launched Go For Gold, a digital platform that puts together a range of world-class information and business resources to help small businesses learn and thrive.

The entrepreneurs behind Go For Gold see the platform as an enabler and partner for businesses and individuals seeking growth and advancement in different areas amidst the disruption caused by the global Covid-19 pandemic. From the corner bakery to the local fashion designer, service providers and entrepreneurs in numerous sectors, the small business segment worldwide has been hit hard.

On the other hand, there has also been a rapid acceleration of digital transformation and e-commerce. It is also geared towards enabling and partnering with brands and individuals looking to achieve their dreams. Whether its career advancement or business growth, Go For Gold provides the people with the financial boosting they need to go higher and reach wider.

Lungi Koni, the marketing advisor at Goldmine Finance, in her address during the launch, said that small businesses are the backbone of many communities and entrepreneurship is increasingly seen as a key to economic growth. In Africa, she explained, there is an expectancy that entrepreneurs will drive the next digital revolution and that intra-Africa trade will drive financial growth within the continent.

“Businesses need to look towards building experiential platforms or products that enable other entrepreneurs and future customers/consumers to build their own businesses. It is important to ensure that entrepreneurs and small business owners have access to educational resources, insights, tools, and solutions to thrive. Go For Gold is Goldmine Finance’s effort to assist small business owners to develop concepts and continually manage and grow their businesses,” she added.

Allan Tayebwa, the CEO of Goldmine Finance, said that all small business owners and entrepreneurs with growth ambitions should join Go For Gold, particularly now that digital presence and operations are even more essential than before the outbreak of the pandemic.

The Go For Gold platform features Uganda’s seasoned entrepreneurs who share their stories and learnings in easy-to-learn steps to help the entrepreneur in becoming successful. From starting to growing, branding and marketing your business – and everything in between – the local entrepreneurs share their recipes on all the aspects of being successful.


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