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Roke Telkom introduces cost-cutting tech

Companies bogged down with huge costs of putting in place different information technology networks can look to the latest solution in town – Roke Telkom’s SD-WAN Services.

Roke Telkom recently launched the service, promising potential customers that the product will “simplify network management and ensure greater agility and efficiency.” 

Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN), as complicated as the name sounds, is simply “aggregates bandwidth and can be integrated seamlessly into enterprises’ existing networks, providing connectivity over various technologies…”

Roger Sekaziga, Roke Telkom’s chief executive officer, said “companies need to future-proof their network assets by investing in new technologies.

SD-WAN enhances this capability because it associates well with 5G, fifth-generation wireless, and the internet of things (IoT). The future is here and organizations must remain relevant to their target audiences. This solution does that, by extracting the transport layer from hardware to software, further reducing costs.

“When you talk about building an information-based economy, you need innovation to stay pertinent.,” Sekaziga said.

“Our focus right now is to continuously innovate by creating an ecosystem of partners that includes global telecommunication partners, the regulator, government, banks and the private sector.”


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