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NGO to reward outstanding civil servants in anti-corruption fight

ActionAid Uganda is to award the most outstanding public servants as the country gears towards celebrating the Anticorruption day on December 9.

Xavier Ejoyi, the ActionAid Uganda country director, said this during the launch of the nomination process. He said corruption has become so endemic in Uganda that it’s not enough to condemn those who are corrupt but also there is need to appreciate those who have had the most outstanding service to the public.

“It’s important to empower citizens in the fight against corruption; every participation matters towards the future of this nation,” he noted.

Ejoyi said Ugandans must realize that corruption has got an adverse effect on everybody hence the need to fight it collectively.

He added that the focus is on public servants because it’s them that are given taxpayers’ money and hence ought to use it for only the intended purposes.

“We know that there is also corruption in the private sector but we ought to start from somewhere. We don’t want to spread ourselves thin by trying to be everywhere; we can’t bite what we can’t chew,” Ejoyi said. 

To qualify to participate in the competition, a person needs to have worked in the public service for at least five years. The individual must have integrity, honesty and moral courage in reporting and standing up against corruption.

He/she must also demonstrate that his/her fight against corruption has been consistent and sustainable and also not limited to his/her workplace. Candidates will come from all the regions of Uganda with each sending at least seven nominees.

It’s from these five that the eventual winner will be selected.  However, nomination for persons working with any of the agencies in the fight against corruption like the IGG, or Transparency International, among others, are not allowed.

Likewise, self-nomination is also not allowed. “We have been building the capacity of the citizens to understand their roles towards fighting corruption said Henry Nickson Ogwal, the director, business development at ActionAid. “This idea of appreciating c those at the forefront of fighting corruption has been homegrown and has over time proved that it works.”

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