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Pay TVs urged to invest in consumer data

Pay television stations should invest in data that profiles the behaviour of consumers if they are to survive in a dynamic market that has been disrupted by different forms of technologies, a top digital expert has said.

While attending the fifth edition of the Digital Dialogue conference in Dubai recently, Paul Papadimitriou, a futurist
and innovation expert, said the consumer preferences were changing thick and fast and therefore there is need to invest in research to understand these trends.

“...the understanding of the future of pay TV is influenced by global numbers and the transition to being multi-modal and multi-local. As such, the current challenge for pay-TV companies is to shift the focus from content delivery systems to understanding its consumer through primary data (e.g. when they watch, how long, how much, etc.,” according to a statement from MultiChoice, one of the sponsors of the Dubai conference.

Papadimitriou, according to the statement, added that the way consumers watch TV has evolved whether its bitesize formats to non-linear viewing such as watching multiple content on multiple screens. With the advent of 5G, African consumers will be able to watch TV on all platforms simultaneously.

At the same conference, the issue of digital migration came up too. It was noted that “good progress has been made by selecting and implementing the most advanced and spectrum efficient technology for terrestrial broadcasting. However, significant work remains in yielding the digital dividend.”


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