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Kakwenza narrates escape to exile

May 18, 2022 by OUR REPORTER

Exiled government critic and author Kakwenza Rukirabashaija caught the nation by surprise when he fled to exile on February 9. It sparked debate and speculation about the mystery surrounding his last...

The Observer May 18-24, 2022
The Observer May 18-24, 2022


How to stay ahead of online fraud?

Every day you are fighting a cyber-war and may not even know it. The internet has abolished borders and we are all interconnected so this gives hackers easy...


How 15-year-old rapper scooped collabo with Jamaican star Sean Paul

Every local artiste’s dream is to have a musical collaboration with an internationally acclaimed artiste, but for 15-year-old Jonathan Ssenabulya aka Ring Rapper Ratata, that dream came earlier...

Are you praying for Uganda?

Lately I am feeling such uncharacteristic anger over everything happening in this country that I wonder whether I am on my own. It is like my Motherland has decided...