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Police to abandon UTL phone lines

Police is in the process of getting a new telephone services provider, moving away from current provider, Uganda Telecom (UTL).

The move comes at a time when UTL is struggling to remain afloat because of funding challenges. Police spokesperson, Asan Kasingye has confirmed the development.

"Am not aware of who the new service provider is but it is true we have one already," Kasingye told URN.

Statistics from the information and communication directorate show that police has more than 8,000 sim-cards registered under the UTL Closed User Group program.

The force spends about Shs 400 million each month to maintain the sim-cards and provide airtime on the lines.

According to reliable sources in the ICT directorate, a survey conducted by the force shows that more than three quarters of the police commanders cannot be reached using their official UTL numbers due to poor network reception.

"It has been hard to access officers on their official numbers and it's even harder for the public to reach them," the source said.

UTL has been the only service provider of the police force's individual officer contact after they jumped ship from MTN in 2003. Police has also used Orange for its highway patrol emergency numbers but it abandoned them and opted for toll free numbers.

UTL was recently placed under receivership following the withdrawal of the Libyan government company, which owned the majority shares in the company.


0 #1 John Okel 2017-05-04 14:45
I don't think the Uganda Police under Afande Kaihura has been rolling out Ugx. 400 million monthly.

That has not been happening! The one reason UTL is running aground is the nonpayment by the various government entities and notably the security outfits.
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