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Kayihura in court to stop media reports on Kaweesi murder

Gen Kale Kayihura

Gen Kale Kayihura, the inspector general of Police, yesterday petitioned court to block some media houses from reporting on the ongoing murder investigation of Felix Andrew Kaweesi, the former police spokesperson.

According to Trumpetnews, an online publication, the police chief through the attorney general wants court to stop Red Pepper and three online news sites: Chimpreports, The Investigator and The Ugandan from publishing unverified information related to Kaweesi’s death and the ongoing investigation.

In an affidavit sworn yesterday by Kayihura, the police chief says continuous publication of these stories is “injurious to the ongoing investigation and more so bound to jeopardize the security of Uganda.”

“That it is in the interest of the ongoing investigation and national security that an interim order be issued restraining the respondents from publishing information relating to the investigation, which information is confidential, publication of which is likely to jeopardize the work of Uganda Police Force and other security agencies in Uganda but also threatens to interfere with the work on high-profile criminal investigations by the security agencies until disposal of the main suit,” the affidavit sworn by Gen Kayihura partly reads.

Kaweesi was killed on March 17 together with his bodyguard and driver.


+4 #1 Lakwena 2017-04-21 07:49
It is not the rest of Ugandans who are insecure.

It is Gen M7, Kayihura and others who have been behind all the insecurity/instability in this country since 1981, who now feel insecure.

In other words, to say the least; they are terrified of what happened to Kaweesi on 17th March.

Therefore in the name "national security" as the hood, they use state apparatus and unlimited (classified) resources to galvanize their personal security.

Gen Kayihura and M7 should just apologize to Ugandans and go away.
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+2 #2 ainembabazi 2017-04-21 09:43
Why doesn't the police raid, ransack and stop these outlets as they normally do to Monitor, Observer, the mosques, the peoples' president, and the rest of us.

Has the IGP's wings been stripped?

Cry, Ugandans cry.
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