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After Nakiwala, Museveni sets eyes on DP’s Kiyingi

President Museveni has opened up and said he picked DP’s Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi for a ministerial appointment due to her mobilisation skills.

The president said this on Tuesday while at Maleku, Kibinge sub-county in Bukomansimbi to preside over Nakiwala’s thanksgiving for her appointment as state minister for youth and children affairs.

“I first heard of her activities in Kampala where she was involved with the youths, mobilising them for development activities and sports,” Museveni said, clearly excited by a mammoth crowd.

“I didn’t know her but she was introduced to me by her sister, Dr Grace Nambatya Kyeyune, who told me that she was a very hardworking woman. My investigations confirmed that she is indeed a hardworking person, and when I talked to her about serving in government, she accepted but told me that she had a challenge of her DP husband,” Museveni added.

To Museveni, Nakiwala’s husband, Bukomansimbi South MP Deogratius Kiyingi, is like a person who loses his blanket to a hyena.

“The mere fact that the hyena managed to take your blanket, you cannot claim to be safe. It [hyena] might come back for you. Since now I have the blanket [Nakiwala], I may come back and get [Kiyingi] to my side,” Museveni said.

President Museveni at the Kiyingi's home

Kiyingi, a DP leader in Bukomansimbi, became a darling of opposition supporters in the district during the 2008 by-election after Maurice Peter Kagimu Kiwanuka, son of DP founder Benedict Kiwanuka, joined the ruling party.

Being home to the Kiwanuka family, Bukomansimbi is one of the districts that have over the years given Museveni and his NRM candidates a hard time. However, if the Tuesday event and mammoth crowd are anything to go by, Nakiwala could turn around the NRM’s fortunes.

The dusty roads were decorated with banana plants and arches with banners of Museveni and Nakiwala, which seem to have elated Museveni. The president couldn’t hide his joy as he spoke about past difficulties he faced to raise a crowd in the district.

“I am happy that Bukomansimbi is suddenly responding to the NRM politics of development and value addition that I have been preaching for some time,” Museveni said.

Museveni added that his interest had shifted from the politics of looking at the political ideology of the people he is serving with to their ability to work.

“My interest now is about development, ssi langi za bisaati saati byammwe ebyo [not the political party colours that one is donning]; I want hardworking people,” Museveni said.

Museveni’s helicopter landed about 1km away from Kiyingi’s house at Kaggogo village and then his convoy was led to the MP’s house where he had brief meeting with his host’s family. Museveni then toured the Kiyingi family plantation as well as that of their neighbour, Rashid Jjuuko, to whom the president promised building materials for an agricultural youth training centre.

He then proceeded to a private meeting with Masaka Bishop John Baptist Kaggwa at Buyoga Catholic parish.


Happy to have a minister for a wife, MP Kiyingi offered to lobby opposition leaders to work with Museveni for the development of their constituencies.

“I offer to teach opposition politicians in leadership positions to understand that they are part of government, they need to understand that we need to work together for the development of our constituencies other than opposing every programme that the government comes up with,” Kiyingi said.

Interviewed yesterday, Kiyingi said: “You can’t be in leadership, driving in a government car and think you can oppose government programmes. It’s like opposing yourself.”

Kiyingi’s speech at the event excited the NRM diehards but annoyed the staunch DP supporters, especially his revelation of having written the letter that invited Museveni to the event with an intention of improving the president’s relations with the people of Kibinge sub-county, a known opposition stronghold.

In her speech, Nakiwala told Museveni that she had proved that it was difficult to fight and defeat Museveni. A similar view, she said, is shared by the DP grassroots leaders that attended the event.

“Your Excellency, I pledge my support to you, I pledge my commitment to you, and I pledge to change the world and make it a better place on your behalf,” she said.



+4 #1 wadada Rogers 2017-03-31 10:20
Do you remember the song "I Will Make you Fishers of Men" That is what Museveni is doing
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+1 #2 Akot 2017-03-31 14:05
UPC-DP & the other opposition parties should be ashamed to have abandoned the country to Museveni & joined him to complete conquest!

If there was any leadership in any opposition parties, they would have known we do not have a country any more & our UNITY to form just 1 Force to throw the former asylum seeker out, is the ONLY OPTION left!

Museveni owns our country & this makes it even more shameful: these sell outs still believe they belong to any opposition party, when they are all on knees waiting for leadership from Museveni!

How can any opposition party leader expect to be in power 1 day when they all look up to Museveni for guidance-leadership-posts...?

Russians prefere V. Putin because he knows what a country-people mean: he even goes against super powers to make sure Russia stays independent & proud!
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0 #3 Akot 2017-03-31 14:43
wadada Rogers, agreed!

The best opposition leaders can do now is to just disolve their parties that serve no purpose because they don't know what "opposition" to a dictator means!

How can we be the only people in today world to be so naive-self destructive?

Yet, I cannot help but admire French Guyana for the decent demonstration they offered the world: it even calmed down the heat in France presidential campaign!

Uganda belongs to Ugandans & they alone can just go along with Museveni or throw him out!

Museveni has no tribal land in the country & no tribe is fighting another, right?

What is wrong with Ugandans, how small are our brains?

Why let Museveni use us like toilet paper in our own country?
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+2 #4 Jonathan Kalani 2017-03-31 16:54
M7 wants to weaken opposition because he is used to one party system.
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+2 #5 Wooden K. 2017-03-31 21:04
Oli bulungi mukulu Kiyingi ?

People are talking like this . mbu when Musanvu paid a vist to to Mr & Mrs Kazibwe is his capacity as the hyna , he used the same smooth words.

Clueless Eng. Kazibwe put on his silk suits and dined on the most polished table in State House.

Hardly did he realize that the one who had stolen his blanket was actually aiming at other things.

Eng. Kazibwe died a shameful death.

That is what talkers say.

I say like this : your are never going to be the MAN in that house anymoe . You wear the skirt now. Just follow your husband and accept that you are now Mr. Nakiwala.

Even when Mr. F.Blanket Nakiwala starts coming home at 4 in the morning without her lip stick on because of "late cabinet meetings" , stay calm and polite as a modern wife must do.

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+2 #6 Slimdog2 2017-04-02 00:57
Quoting wadada Rogers:
Do you remember the song "I Will Make you Fishers of Men" That is what Museveni is doing

Wadada Rogers, There is also another song which go like this " I will make you a poacher of men or women count on me ........."
Isn't this world wild my man?
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+2 #7 Slimdog2 2017-04-02 01:10
Wooden k !!!![\quote]..........Even when Mr. F.Blanket Nakiwala starts coming home at 4 in the morning without her lip stick on because of "late cabinet meetings" , stay calm and polite as a modern wife must do.

Wooden K, I love the part "ENJOY the STUPID" that is marvelous.
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