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Kaweesi murder: Museveni orders Kayihura to clean up police

So many lives of Ugandans are at risk because the Uganda Police Force has been infiltrated by criminals, President Yoweri Museveni has said.

Addressing, mourners at the home of slain police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi in Kulambiro yesterday, Museveni told police chief Kale Kayihura to get his act together and “clean up” the police force.

Kaweesi, his driver Godfrey Mambewa and bodyguard Kenneth Erau were shot and killed by unknown assailants on Friday morning– just a few meters from his home in Kulambiro.

Museveni said most criminals connive with personnel in the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) to kill evidence and threaten witnesses.

“Some of these [security] groups are infiltrated by the criminals. So, you get a situation where there are intimidating witnesses, sometimes killing witnesses. They leak [witness] information [to criminals]. The police has been infiltrated by the criminals. Kale [Kayihura] you must clean the police especially the CID”, Museveni said. 

President Museveni lays a wreath on Andrew Felix Kaweesi's coffin yesterday

He added that people have lost trust in security forces and most prefer to speak to the president in person out of fear of being victimised. He said the situation is contributing to a rise in organised crime.

For instance, he said there was some evidence in regard to murder of state prosecutor Joan Kagezi in March 2015 but the case has not been fully investigated. President's remark, partly blaming police for murders attracted applause from the mourners.

The president also accused public servants of holding government on ransom by demanding salary increment. This, he said has frustrated government attempt to work out its priorities.

"You (public servants) are causing troubles because of salary demands. If you read NRM manifesto, I have never talked about salary but you keep demanding salary but that is not our priority," he said.

As a consequence Kaweesi’s murder, the president on Friday directed the immediate installation of cameras in all major towns of Uganda and along the highways.

Museveni further noted that wage bill has exceeded Shs 4 trillion yet government need about Shs 400 billion to install cameras in major towns and along main roads.

“The cameras and and other systems - all sorts of systems we are struggling with can not be more than Shs 400 billion one time. We have been postponing all this because of all this indiscipline demands [by civil servants]. Universities are striking, you leave what should be done, you do what should not be done”, he said.

Museveni reiterated that he will not allow “undisciplined “public servants to frustrate his order to have cameras installed with their salary hike demands. With availability of cameras, Museveni argued that investigations become easy because all motorcyclists will be tracked. He appreciated the work that police has been doing without technical support, likening them to a woman who goes to the garden without a hoe.

Museveni assured mourners that all  “pigs” who murdered Kaweesi will be killed unless they surrender to police. He said NRM has defeated many criminal groups including LRA rebel leader Joseph Kony, Allied Democratic Forces rebels and cattle rustlers.
“The NRM and the UPDF and the police have defeated most [of] the criminals that were disturbing the peace of Uganda. I want to tell those killers that we shall get them. We shall kill them or capture them”

Museveni noted that criminals prefer using motorcyclists because people riding motorcycles are many and can easily be used to escape. He said the suspected criminals may be coming from Democratic Republic of Congo.
He extended condolences to the family of Kaweesi and promised that government will support them.

"I want to pledge, we shall give his (Kaweesi) family all the support that is needed because he has fallen on duty. I want to extend my condolences to the family and to the clan," he said.

Kaweesi will be buried on Tuesday in Kyazanga, in Lwengo district while the two of the other officers will be buried today, Monday.


0 #11 Lakwena 2017-03-21 08:29
But Observer, what is going on here? After your office was last year raided by state sponsored thugs, and you lost almost all your computers; are you therefore in some kind of self-censorship mode and mood?

In other words, if M7 says unreasonable, unfounded and nasty things about other Ugandans; is he a god? Why does he have to shielded from the measure he gives.

How many people has M7 personally killed or caused to be killed since he was born? E.g. since when and where in Uganda have pigs murdered policemen (officer) like Kaweesi, body guard and driver?

In recent time, it is pigs which are being slaughtered and their heads painted Yellow and dumped on the door steps of parliament.

Before that; piglets were stuffed in sacks and scattered at the same. After which the policemen kicked the sh**t out of those poor and innocent creatures.
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0 #12 ricardo nyanza 2017-03-21 11:22
This guy is insane. "the criminals might have come from DRC really???
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0 #13 Remase 2017-03-21 12:39
Fellow Ugandans, the bottom line is, the buck stops at M7. period.

He has been telling us how he brought, peace, security, democracy, rule of law, bona bagagawale (the truth is, let everyone be poor but the first family and a few), you name it!

The question is, "Is this the case? If not, and indeed it is worse than before, then it is time for M7 to go. Period.

One would think that this only happens is Iraq, Syria or Afghanistan where ISSI is!! Kawesi was killed in ISSI style!! Or better still like during M7's Luwero war!!
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0 #14 Lysol 2017-03-21 20:45
Yoweri wanted to fire Kale, but he was stopped by his kins. Now that the mess is on, they might reconsider their decision.

Kale is a very powerful individual right now and he is consolidating his power. Rumors had it that before the last elections, Yoweri promised Kale his job after he is gone.

That was one of the reasons why Kale fought tooth and nails to keep the likes of Besigye out of the way. Very soon the rooster is coming home to roost.
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