IGP Kale Kayihura (L) with Ruhakana Rugunda

According to Prime Minister Ruhakana Rugunda, if the opposition wins the February 18 election fairly, the NRM will hand over power gracefully. But to police chief Kale Kayihura, this is all but unthinkable.

“We are ready to give power to [Amama] Mbabazi or [Kizza] Besigye when there is free and fair election,” Rugunda said last Saturday, while presiding at the police sports gala in the eastern Kapchorwa district.

Rugunda, however, insisted that if the opposition rigged the elections, NRM would not surrender power. The NRM emerged out of fighting groups that took up arms after the 1980 elections were allegedly rigged for Milton Obote.

However, since it came to power in 1986, NRM has been accused of rigging elections to stay in power, although courts ruled the rigging was not significant enough to topple the will of the majority of Ugandans.  

With elections due next month, independent presidential candidate Mbabazi and FDC’s Kizza Besigye are leading the push to end President Museveni’s 30-year hold on power.

But Gen Kayihura, the inspector general of police, had told a similar audience a day earlier that the NRM could not  hand over power to an opposition winner.

“We shall not hand over power to the opposition to destabilize the peace which we fought for,” Kayihura said at the passing out of crime preventers.

He, instead, urged the crime preventers to get ready for war.

“We are going to change you from having sticks to rifles and get ready to defend this country in case of any attack,” he said.
“The constitution gives police powers to protect the nation in case there is war and I want you to get prepared for this; anytime, we shall call on you,” he said.

Rugunda reminded his audience that Uganda is a democratic country. But this clash of perspectives between the country’s chief minister and its police chief raises the old question about whether the ruling party believes in democracy – 30 years after it shot into power, and 20 years since it organized its first general elections.

In 2011, shortly after losing to Museveni for the third time, Besigye told The Observer that elections had no chance of removing the president.  A year ago, Museveni himself  said he was not ready to hand over power to opposition leaders, whom he likened to wolves.

Then,  in August, a poll conducted  by Research World International showed that 45% of Ugandans did not believe that elections could remove Museveni. More  recently, on January 10, 2016, Museveni declared he was not ready to leave power now, not least because he had saved the country.

The main opposition party, the FDC, has since condemned Museveni for those remarks. Gen Kayihura said that the Front for National Salvation (Fronasa), a Ugandan rebel group formed by Yoweri Museveni in 1972, was not a trained army but it helped remove President Idi Amin from power.

“Fronasa were crime preventers but fought Amin who had become a problem to Ugandans,” he said.

Crime preventers, Kayihura said, will be given warrant cards similar to those issued to police officers, uniforms, gumboots and whistles, among other items. He urged them to fight opposition leaders who try to disturb the peace.

According to Kayihura, by 2021, each village will have 300 crime preventers to support police in maintaining law and order.

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0 #81 Gwok 2016-01-31 01:41
Quoting Dida:
Quoting Gwok:
Quoting Dida:
Quoting Kyatan - Satan:
Quoting Dida:
I believe when you see the Prime minister and IGP making statements about Security its a confirmation that they have a Red Alert from the intelligence.

Take it as you may want the threat for causing violence is real.The warning seemed directed at those who are scheming trouble.

If you are not one of them orin support of violence then why should you worry about how the government would prevent terror.Why??

My Dear, please watch that angle very well because there are no neutral grounds to stand on in a civil war situation.

Also, it would not matter who initiated in the first place. Such things have lives of their own. Being an Easterner, a Northerner, a Westerner, a Centralist, a Southerner, an Itesot, A Ganda, etc, all get reduced to one degree of freedom of choice - an enemy or an adversary.

I have had them all since the colonialist left us to our vices and I hate to have yet another one in my remaining lifespun.

Kyatan You are right.Violence in a Country affects all.

Look at Syria today.Thats why the IGP is on standby to sniff out any violent plans before the schemers can even think about it.

You are right and yet very WRONG. If the state is the source of violence, We (the people as defined in our constitution) will bring them in line eventually.

We, the people will not start that war BUT let them start it, if they dare. To be two times lucky in a civil war is definitely over streching one's probabilities a bit.

M7 must be aware of that, unless if he is too power-drunk to resist "just one last one for the road".

War or not, HE WILL GO this time. Dear Dida, we know, that means that you (personally) could soon be missing your daily matoke or whatever you master feeds you with.

Advice: You have better start early to look around for another boss or face it like some M7's dependant minsters at last have found out the hard way. My opinion only

Mmmm Valued opinion Gwok!Lets hope that there will be restraint from either side to avoid violence.

I know violence is not always far from the surface in this small East African Country.There people who seem to get excited at any sort action irrespective of consquencies!!

I dont profit from NRM being in power but I would like to see peace and security prevail in my motherland Uganda.

There are two sides, if it ever comes to that. As I said before, the only restraint is the trigger.

That device is ONLY with M7 & KK. Let them use that trigger, if they are suicidal. GAME SET.
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0 #82 nume 2016-01-31 10:38
People of uganda do not fooled nor intimidated do you think at what all those absard bustard have stolen and their age can even dare fight now or go to the bush to wage a war ?

Please vote on for your choice not because you fear.
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0 #83 webeshixty 2016-01-31 21:00
Quoting nume:
People of uganda do not fooled nor intimidated do you think at what all those absard bustard have stolen and their age can even dare fight now or go to the bush to wage a war ?

Please vote on for your choice not because you fear.

Sir, that is the way it was designed to be like! You go in that open box and cast your vote to wherever your dinner, next job or services will come from and not to some tired lost soul who has nowhere to call home.

Where you are 100% correct, the fat pregnant generals fermenting firefights are cowards banking on rudderless youths to die for them!

With wise leads like your person, these lost youths need guidance not to fall for the eating cliques, these out of tune barking mad obese madmen in ill-fitting uniforms cannot afford to spend half a day in the bushes of QE II Animal Sanctuary waging a war against democracy, why don't they act without too much scaremongering?

Their greed will be heartattacked outside comfort zone, some will miss 10 000 loo guards if you hinted Anyanya are gathering in the Sudan to come collect their weapons & monies used to butcher Rwigyema & Co!
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0 #84 Fred 2016-02-01 11:38
They are actually saying the same thing!!! They are both saying NRM will not hand over!!

When Rugunda says that if opposition rigs NRM will not hand over is just nonsense! Who is handling the election?!

Their own personally appointed EC is handling the election so how would it rig in favor of the opposition?! They have just realised that they are losing this and they are looking for a way out!
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+1 #85 wamala richard 2016-02-01 14:02
Ithink kayihura and prime minister are all wrong,let them not think that uganda is for NRM but for all of us without NRM uganda will remain,and nrm wil go like upc.
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