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Michael Wawuyo Jr on love for law and acting

He is best-known as the humble guy who acted as Brother John in The Hostel series, among other projects.

At 30, MICHAEL WAWUYO JR already has two prestigious film awards to his name. The Ntinda-raised Uganda Christian University Information Science graduate and son to veteran actor Michael Wawuyo, had a chat with Quick Talk at the National theatre last week.

Tell me about your mum.

Hahahahaha [Beams with joy and surprise, before speaking with emphasis:] You are the first person to ask about my mother in an interview!


My mum is one of those very special pillars in my life. She is special, because she is battling sickle cells that she has lived with all her life.

For me, she is an inspiration to all sicklers and she is an awesome lady [Smiling with pride.] She is really an awesome lady. She is a stay-home mum and has influenced and supported my career tremendously [the lady in question is Anne Mugoya Wawuyo.]

So, are you the first born…last born…?

I am the third child out of four, and have three sisters [explains the mummy-gushing…]

You are the only son! It explains why you are so close to your dad. You two are like brothers.

[Bursts into laughter] But I grew up with my cousins who are more like brothers to me. It was awesome growing up with my sisters because they taught me a lot about the other side of life. As a boy, it taught me how to look at life in a different way, not just as a man.

And which schools did you go to?  

I went to Lohana academy, then Jinja College [O-level] and Makerere College School [A-level]. I did my degree in Information Science at Uganda Christian University.

If you were not an actor, what would you be?

I would be a lawyer. I love law and I was aspiring to be a lawyer for a long time, but by campus time, I realized that law takes such a long time and I did not do it. But I still love it and if I love it, then I can do it.

Sure you can. Now, based on the role you acted in The Hostel, are you born-again?

[Amused] I know… but I am a Christian.

Do you take alcohol?

Not much. Once in a while during a happy time. There is that regulation thing in my head; so, just two cold Nile Specials are good enough.

Oh my God! [Bursting into laughter and covering his face] My mum is going to read this!

Ok, moving on; what is the most important lesson you have learnt from acting?

It has taught me a lot about different spheres of life. Like, you know, for instance, when acting a lawyer, I have to read a lot about law so that I can speak the legal language with ease.

Thereafter, you might end up acting another role which also exposes you to that particular field.

I have heard you are a daddy…

Sure. I have a son. He is two years old, making three in November. He is an amazing man. He inspires me. He pushes me to keep working hard.

He is the reason I do what I do; well, besides the passion. But besides my mum and dad, he is the other driving force in my life. [Michael declines to discuss his baby-mama in the media.]

Awww! So, what makes you angry?

Deceitful people really get me upset. Not angry per se, but upset because anger is such a strong word. I get upset by deceitful people who take you for a fool and people who raise their voices at others.

It is like when someone raises their voice they are having this command over you and they are demeaning you. It freaks me out and I am personally afraid to do it.

So, you have never raised your voice at anyone?

If I don’t like it, then I wouldn’t do it to anyone.

Sounds too good to be true

[Instantly, in a matter-of-fact tone] But it’s true.

Anyway, I’ve heard that you have a very calm persona.

I am more of an introvert…shy.

Shy? So, how did you vibe your baby-mama?

[Both Quick Talk and Michael burst into laughter] Oh my God! Ohhh… No comment.

Who is your favourite artiste?

Well, he died. So, no one is, right now.

Was that Michael Jackson?

Yeah. I was a huge fan of Michael Jackson. I still love his music so much.

And your dream car?

I want it to be a Bentley.

When was the last time you went partying?

Like I said, I am an introvert and I don’t enjoy loud, crowded places. I prefer to have my parties at home with two or three friends, music, food, laughter and good conversation.

Finally, if you had all the resources to build your dream house, what is that one thing that would have to be there?

A fireplace! After a long hard day, it is nice to come back home and relax by the fireplace.


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