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Michael Kiganda takes us on his journey of prophecy

Clad in a fitting grey suit, complete with a red pocket handkerchief to match his necktie, and a golden flower stem with red petals on the right-side collar of his jacket, Prophet Michael Kiganda, the founder of Glory to Glory Ministries, chooses to complete his look with a shiny black pair of shoes and a sleek golden watch.

With his tablet and smart phone lying on the round marble-top table before him, Kiganda is sipping on a glass of watermelon juice at the Serena hotel Lakes restaurant balcony by the pond. The man of God is a dashing image of an accomplished businessman. But as he reveals in our Tuesday afternoon interview, Kiganda has dedicated all his time to God’s ministry.

Pastor Michael Kiganda

“I can’t imagine a scenario where I have to rescue God’s child, yet on one hand I have deadlines and targets to beat,” says Kiganda when asked whether he was actually a businessman.

However, before joining active ministry, the Food and Nutrition Uganda Christian University graduate had worked with several companies, including Britannia Industries, Macdo and as a tourists’ chef with Magic Safaris, a tour and travel firm.


Kiganda was born in Busiro on September 15, 1984 to Francis Ssebowa, a former employee of Entebbe-based Uganda Virus Research Institute, who has since retired into farming, and Remmy Namakula, a housewife.

Following his parents’ separation, Kiganda alternated his life between living with his mother in Nansana and his father in Entebbe, although he spent most of his time with his father.

Although he hardly made sense of all the visions and the surreal experiences he had right from childhood, Kiganda maintains that his parents regarded him as a special child because of the unusual things that kept happening to him.

He says his parents’ first shocking experience was when two-month-old Kiganda, while in his sleep, was picked up by an animal that took off with him. His family members chased it until it dropped the baby. Scared, they took him to hospital, but he was surprisingly fine and unhurt.

Still in the same year, during the war in 1984 , soldiers shot through their house and five bullets came in his direction but he was unhurt.

“My mother says she saw the bullets land around me but none of them touched me,” recollects Kiganda.

From that point onwards, Kiganda says his parents knew he was a special child, but he maintains he was too young to understand anything as all these stories were just narrated to him later.

“I was treated specially, but of course like any other child, I was disciplined whenever I misbehaved,” reminisces Kiganda.

However, Kiganda’s actual turning point came in 1991 when he was living with his grandmother in Busiro.

“It came in form of an accident,” says Kiganda.

Seven-year-old Kiganda had been sent to buy kerosene from a shop when he tripped and fell on his stomach, over the empty beer bottle meant to hold the kerosene. The bottle that shattered beneath his stomach cut him so deeply, it brought out his intestines.

He was rushed to Kisubi mission hospital where he spent three weeks in a coma.

“While in the coma, I saw so many things. I was where dead non-believers go and where the believers of Christ go,” says Kiganda. “The spiritual world opened up to me.”

Since he did not know Christ, he remembers black demons struggling to grab him but in that instant, he beheld the indescribable beauty, peace and love of Jesus Christ who saved him from the demons. From that day, Kiganda started noticing the spiritual world.

“I can tell what is going to happen and I can smell and sense evil. I can notice it when I walk into a place that is filled with spirits,” says Kiganda.

Upon waking from his coma, he found his dad who was attending to him, looking very worried. Kiganda, who now had special powers, could tell that his father was not only worried about his son’s health but was also worried of the bill, which though he had no idea of its figure, guessed it would be high, and didn’t know how he would raise it.

“I wrote down a figure of money and told him that his friend Jonathan who was coming to visit me would settle the bill,” says Kiganda. “He thought I had lost my mind due to the coma, but to his surprise, everything happened just as I had said.”

His father was surprised how he could predict with such precision the amount and the person who cleared it. But what shocked him even further is the fact that little Kiganda kept telling him the time his doctor would come to examine him, what she would be wearing and what she would say to them.

“And all these things would be true. My father started fearing me,” recalls Kiganda.

To crown all these peculiar occurrences was an incident when on the eve of his primary leaving exams, while sleeping in the dormitory at Kisubi Boys’ primary school, Kiganda was visited by a figure that looked angelic.

“This figure told me it was my friend and I would get to know it better in the course of us working together. The figure gave me a physical sheet of paper that had answers to the questions of the two examinations of that day,” says Kiganda who maintains he was the brightest boy in his class.

Kiganda narrates that the figure visited him again with more answers for the remaining two papers. And unsurprisingly, Kiganda topped the whole of Mpigi district with aggregate 4 in 1997.


Having been once saved from a sinking boat, along with seven of his friends, while in primary seven, Kiganda who had vowed to give his life to Christ, failed to fulfill his promise.

Four years later, while in his senior four at Old Kampala secondary school where he did both his O and A levels, he got a terrible headache that would not go away, even after serious medication. His mother took him to a shrine thinking it was some evil spirit disturbing her son. To their surprise, they were turned away from the shrine.

“The witchdoctor alleged that I had a spirit that did not agree with her work and it was whipping her and her assistants, asking them to send him away,” Kiganda reminisces, adding that despite all those strange occurrences, he had never connected anything to God’s ministry.

He had only told his father about the apparitions that appeared to him but his father simply told him that those were his ancestors, looking out for him. Having exhausted his options, Kiganda realized that he had not sought any assistance from church. He went to Bishop Joseph Bangi’s church.
Bangi laid his hands on his head and prayed for him.

“My headache vanished instantly and that is the day I received Christ,” says Kiganda who backslid only to recommit his life to Christ in 2008 at Christianity Focus Centre in Kisenyi.


There was a strip bar in Banda that God, in one of Kiganda’s visions, asked him to close down and start a church there.

“I stretched my hand towards the bar and prophesied that it would close by God’s power and the following year when I passed by the place, the bar was long closed,” says Kiganda. “I talked to the landlord and he leased the place to me.”

In the small premises, Glory to Glory Ministries was born with an initial congregation of five people. Slowly, more members joined the church, but before it would fully grow, there was a misunderstanding.

Kiganda prophesied to one of the women in the church that she would marry a white Dutchman in a few months’ time. The woman who was deeply in love with a black Ugandan man disputed the prophecy, branding Kiganda a pretender, something that shrunk his congregation.

However, when the prophecy later came to pass, alongside several other prophecies, the numbers kept shooting up, overwhelming the church. Several other pastors were attracted to the place and three more born-again churches were opened up right there.

“Because we had outgrown the place, we decided to shift to Bugolobi last year,” says Kiganda.

Today, his church that is located opposite Shell Bugolobi, boasts of a congregation of more than 500 members and there are plans to shift to a bigger place as the church grows.


Right from the start through to the end of the interview, Kiganda makes it clear that he is a prophet and not a pastor.

“I do work with pastors but I am a prophet. We are all called to serve in ministry but the pastoral office is different from the prophetic office,” explains Kiganda who refers to himself as an expounder and a seer.

As a prophet, Kiganda edifies and guides God’s children, teaches the word of God and trains ministers

“The role of a prophet is to extend the love of God to his creation,” says Kiganda, adding that God will only reveal something because he wants you to do something about it.

Whenever Kiganda receives visions about situations, he prays and also mobilises pastors, people concerned and members of the church to pray about it.
He says not many people have prophetic powers because they haven’t cultivated that deep love for mankind.

Kiganda can’t stand seeing people suffer, hates disease and reaches out to the sick, poor and suffering. He has for the last 14 years been regularly visiting prisoners.

He rarely gets free time but when he does, the Liverpool football club supporter enjoys watching soccer and also watches comedy so as to socialize with people. His favourite artiste is Silver Kyagulanyi, who is also a very good friend of his.

“People should understand that prophets are human beings like them, and sometimes they also just want to sit and have a simple chat without necessarily navigating them,” says the father of two who preferred to keep his wife out of the story.

Kiganda insists there are many more people that God is going to call into the prophetic ministry in the near future.

“For so many years, this nation has believed that there are no genuine prophets but I thank God for my spiritual father, Prophet Elvis Mbonye, who changed all that,” says Michael Kiganda.

According to him, prophets are vessels chosen by God to minister unto his people just like pastors, evangelists and apostles.



-1 #1 Herbert Mulumba 2017-07-17 20:38
Thank you for show casing Prophet Michael Kiganda of Glory to Glory Ministries.

I am glad to call him my spiritual father and i submit to his grace and anointing. I know of him as a genuine Prophet and a man filled with love.

His prophecies are so accurate and pin pointing. He has greatly influenced my life and everything i am is because of the the God of Prophet Michael Kiganda and i receive him as a true prophet of God in the name of the Prophet.

Lastly but not least i witnessed the Genesis of his ministry even before the Banda church opening and trust me i have seen the hand of God demonstrating his power through him and every Thursday 5pm & Sunday 10am i never want to miss his prophetic encounters at City Royal Hotel Bugolobi opposite Airtel Switch house.
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-1 #2 Herbert Mulumba 2017-07-17 21:07
I believe we have two major prophets in the country prophet Michael Kiganda and his spiritual father Prophet Elvis Allan Mbonye.

Not forgetting we have a watchman Joseph Kabuleeta. These are my men of God and the new wave.
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