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Capture that valued conversation

I am sure all of us at one time or another have wished we had a voice recorder invisibly hovering around us such that we could, whenever the need arose, crosscheck and ascertain what we, or someone else said earlier on.

Well, in the mobile phone world, App designers have gone some way in addressing this. Besides the usual voice recorders imbedded in handsets, newer-version smartphones come with in-built recorders that will capture a phone conversation from start to finish.

That means as soon as one answers an incoming call (or makes an outgoing call), it will be recorded and saved so that you are able to play it back whenever needed, often without your conscious prompting.

However, there are several smartphones of slightly older generation of smartphones that came without this function; enter the call recorder Apps. There are several, but I will limit myself to the one I have been using for some time now.

‘Call Recorder’ is rated amongst the top five Apps in this category by JoyofAndroid.com and fieldguide.gizmodo.com. I recall one of the first occasions the App came in handy was when I called my daughter’s class teacher to monitor her academic progress.

For close to an hour, we discussed a wide range of issues, all captured on the phone. And when I later met my wife, I was able to play the recording to her so that she was also able to suggest appropriate inputs. The playback function offers a pause button so that one can stop if necessary.

I have found the App very useful in situations where the person at the other end of the line offers to read out a number or address. Their usual advice is,

“Ok, grab a pen and paper.” But my response is, “just go ahead,” comfortable in the knowledge that it will all be recorded and, therefore, there’s no need to dash around searching for the stationery, even when they are within easy reach. At my convenience, I can then play back the recording and extract the needed information.

One can set the number of recordings the App will hold. It is configured to delete older ones as the new ones come in after reaching its limit.

Depending on available space, it will take up to 300 recordings, and 1,000 for the on-sale Pro version. In order to avoid losing valuable recordings, Call Recorder gives you the option of saving them, and also in helping to retrieve a recording, it enables you write brief notes against them.

The App seamlessly interfaces with your handset’s phonebook, not only identifying the caller/called (complete with relevant images), but also enables one redial a number, straight from the App.

Call Recorder occupies 22.10MB of storage.


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