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City dude: I am moving into wedding planning consultancy

This year, my family has been blessed with so many reasons to celebrate. We give glory to God. Those are things you cannot afford to take for granted.

They do not come everyday. I am talking about my housemate’s graduation, her birthdays (she has a birthday and a born day – another long story for another day) my birthday and the baby’s birthday, among other birthdays.

Then there are kukyaalas, kwanjulas and weddings for three people. And all are happening in the last quarter of this year!

So, as one of the young adults in the family, I have found myself in the thick of things – though it’s not going so well given my schedule and the urge to meet the day-to-day and future needs of my immediate family.

On Saturday, I had to attend an introduction ceremony in Hoima, yet I had to work on Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. By God’s grace, I managed to pull off the feat by rising with the sun on Saturday morning in order to catch the first bus to Hoima. I showed face, took some photos with my phone for social media and for the report back home.

It’s 2017, so obvious that people you leave behind will be expecting pictorial evidence of your travels. Immediately after lunch, I stepped out of the tent like I was going to receive an important phone call. I found a spot to remove my kanzu, and vanished like the Bachwezi. I was back in Kampala in time for my evening event. The following day, I walked into Blankets and Wine like a boss!

The challenge, however, is that Monday feels like it’s the 10th day of your week. But you have to do what you must to survive. Work life balance. Not so? 

In the next couple of weeks, I will be part of visitations by husband-to-be (kukyaala), three introduction ceremonies and three weddings plus a couple of birthdays and get-togethers before Christmas holidays set in.

The fact that I have organized some of the said events has made me some kind of consultant.

“Wamma Mr B, what do you think of this caterer?” my sister-in-law would ask.

So, I would clear my throat and give my expert advice. But it enters from one ear, and exits in the other. Before you know it, the issue is back on the table – unresolved.

Now, the next time you call my phone and find it engaged, I will possibly be offering pro bono services. I have just realized I can do this thing for a living. 

Let us see how successful these events turn out. Only if they can follow my advice and not wait for me to talk, then they revert with what they want. If you are convinced by your decision, let us not waste each other’s time.


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