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My kind of guy!

There is a guy, my nail guy; he is my dream guy. This is not just because he makes my feet and fingers pretty – even though he does a pretty brilliant job of that.

I love Pius because he is the very embodiment of what I believe a man should be. For starters, he has a job; one at which he works very hard. He shows up every day – come rain or shine – and early enough to attend to those of us who get caught with untidy nails before an unscheduled business meeting.

I have pitched at his station at 7:30 in the morning, and found him setting up for the day! 

He has a practical plan. Pius is not deluded with dreams about winning the lottery or moving to the USA to pick dollars off the streets or having a mysterious rich uncle die and leave him millions. No. His dreams are founded on the resources he has and the sweat off his brow.

He has told me about his various saving schemes and what he plans to do with the money each year. First it is buy more farming land back in his village; then he wants to invest in a truck so he can bring foodstuffs to Kampala for sale… building blocks, one at a time.

He keeps his word. When Pius says “next time I will reduce for you”, he does exactly that. He doesn’t shift goalposts; he doesn’t complain about the increased price of water or the scarcity of nail polish. He makes a promise and keeps it.

He makes great small talk. When you arrive at his station, he will ask how you have been, about your work and “those at home”. No details are exchanged; just the niceties of expressing interest in another’s life.

We talk about anything and everything; from our shared disinterest in football to the whys and wherefores of who can partake of Holy Communion in church.

He knows when to shut up. Like other humans, I have on occasion been in a foul mood when I visit Pius. He senses it. And after the preliminary greetings, he goes about his work quietly. At the next visit, should I be in a lighter mood, he may make reference to the last time and ask if everything is now ok.

Such intuition, such compassion, such tact!

He smells nice. It may seem trivial, but I do not take my scents lightly. I have cut off people from my life because of their unfortunate choice of perfume and/or terrible body odour.

Pius doesn’t use a perfume. I suspect it is his brand of bathing soap that gives him a clean, fresh scent. If a man is going to be up close and personal, he cannot smell bad.

I could go on and on about Pius’ many virtues, but you get the point. It isn’t that hard to be the guy. All it takes is being a rational human and having a healthy relationship with soap and water.

This is why I do not understand all these complaints about how insensitive, inconsiderate, mean, blah blah blah… men are!

If you argue that it is a misconception and you all really are like Pius, then start acting like Pius.

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