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Study that maid before bringing her to your home

The number of working mothers is increasing at a high rate. While she and husband are away, they have to find someone to attend to home chores and the children; thus, hiring a maid becomes inevitable. 

You might be having an idea how difficult it is to get a reliable housemaid. I have found this very stressing. Today you get one, and the following day she tells you: “I can’t handle; I am leaving...”

You have already spent on bringing her from the village, yet you have to give her transport back home; otherwise, you risk being called a human trafficker. To others, you send transport but she doesn’t show up. Some will come, but fail to measure up to your standards. Sooner than later, you are sending her out of your house. Yours truly has ever chased three maids in two weeks over different issues.

This is not only costly, but also traumatizing. Nonetheless, we can’t avoid having one. But the biggest question about these people we entrust our children with is one: how well do we know them?

Before you take over this person, have you found out about her history and background? Some of us have ever employed maids who have left their families under bad terms.

For example, someone is from a broken family, but you don’t even bother to know why. Consequently, she transfers all her sorrow onto your children. Others are neither spiritually nor morally upright.

What values do you think they will instill in our children? I have had housemaids who come demonically possessed, and end up troubling the whole family.

The cases of maids mistreating their bosses’ children are becoming a common phenomenon in Uganda. Most of us still remember one Jolly Tumuhiirwe, who was caught on CCTV camera torturing her boss’ 18-month-old baby.

Amidst such scenarios, the biggest worry remains on how to balance work and caring for our children. Regrettably, some parents leave the parenting responsibility on the maids because they have to kulya obulamu.

Unfortunately, parenting can’t be delegated or postponed. Your child’s growth and upbringing are solely your responsibility. Would you want your child to bond more with the maid than yourself?

Raising children is what makes us parents, regardless of how busy we are, and how much we need to work for them. Children require our presence, not merely presents.

We all need a good life, but let it not be at the expense of our children we mostly toil for. Learn that maid’s background before bringing her in your home.

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