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Why children are never worried

Have you ever wondered why children are happy all the time? You can’t understand why their happiness hormones never go on recess!

Children are ever enjoying each moment as it comes without worrying of what tomorrow will bring. As we watched the news on a local television channel on Good Friday, my little son saw the picture of Jesus Christ hanging on the cross.

“So, Jesus is no longer in heaven because he has died?” my son asked me.

I then took to simple theology classes, explaining to him the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The little man seemed to understand my not-so-complex explanation. Before the end of the newscast, he was jollily running around the house.

I envied being in his position. I wished I did not allow complex situations to take a toll on me. I guiltily remembered how I literally worry about things that I can change, and those I have no control over.

On Easter Sunday, we went out for Behold the Lamb production at Blessed Christian church in Mukono. The cast acted out so well the story of the life, death and resurrection of Christ.

“Look, Jesus has died again!” my six-year-old son shouted out when the crucifixion part was acted.

Oh, how I envied this little boy’s view of life! I wished I could be a happier person, focusing on doing my best, and leaving the rest to God. Well, for a fact, he knows Jesus as his friend whom he talks to through prayer. It is not that the pain depicted on the cross does not bother him.

The difference is that he knows and believes that if mummy says Jesus will rise again, he surely will. This is irrespective of the number of times he sees him on the cross!

What are the things that constantly bother and drain us of our happiness as parents?

We are always anxious about what is happening around us, and even fear the unknown. While the barren is fretful about childlessness, a parent is worried about her children’s future. The ills of society today make anxiety seem inevitable.

One key question we need to ask ourselves is: “what do we change after worrying? Regrettably, we are left more depressed and inundated in hopelessness.

When will the status quo change? We all look forward to a time of breakthrough. Learning from children, it is imperative we keep our hope alive. Like the little boy, it does not count how many times he sees Jesus on the cross, provided they remain friends. Bad situations have a heavy toll on us because we have lost hope to advance.

If only we would choose to simply comprehend complex hypotheses of life like children do, we would offload all the unnecessary baggage we tag along with every day.

Yet it is not that children don’t have fights, fears or anxieties. The only and biggest difference is that they do not hang on to issues that steal their peace. Why not purpose to share the joy and happiness of the children, learning each day to be a happier person? Remember, happy families breed a happy society!


0 #1 NAHWERA MERCY M 2017-04-25 15:24
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0 #2 Didaz 2017-04-29 18:42
Children get worried and can be anxious but just have a different way of showing it in social and private situations.

A child age 5 or 6 for example may tell you that they were worried when you were late to pick them up on time.

If anxious or stressed they start bed wetting and not performing well at school.

I have seen a child playing on their own but sitting next to other children all those are signs of trouble.

What may be helpful is to create an environment safe enough for them to develop well.

They would have confidence as adults.They will appreciate love because they received it.They will reward you similary.
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