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Zzimula’s passion for women, child rights led her to do law

Flavia Sharon Zzimula had the perfect upbringing but what she witnessed and heard from some of her friends was deplorable.

After a friend’s family was forcefully evicted following the father’s sale of the house, Zzimula not only vowed never to be in a similar situation but also sought to find a way of stopping such injustices.

Besides, her family had also prepared her for the law profession.

“Because my mom’s first job was in a court, she wanted to have a lawyer in the family,” Zzimula says.

Indeed, the 27-year-old attained the first phase of that dream when she graduated from Makerere University in 2015 with a bachelor of Laws. Law is one of the most admired and sought-after professions. However, Zzimula’s first breakthrough came in the communication industry, much to the surprise of her family and friends.

As a law student, she had done her internship training at the Civil division of the High court. After graduation, she was offered a job with one of the prominent law firms but she didn’t like the experience. “It was not what I wanted,” Zzimula profoundly reminisces.

“I just did not like the idea of just seated under cover in an office. When an opportunity to work in the communication industry came, I took it up,” states Zzimula, who is currently working with one of the leading public relations and public affairs firms.

As a law graduate, she faced some challenges working in a communication firm. Later on, patience, hard work and resilience got her sorted.

“For me, advocacy and communications was the way to go. I wanted to be out there meeting people from all walks of life,” she says. In her view, this has changed her perspective of the world and life.

Zzimula is passionate about women, youths and children’s issues. Occasionally, she lends her legal knowledge through insightful articles to various advocacy and human rights organisations as well as online journals.


True to her passion, Zzimula is currently supporting six underprivileged children in her maternal village in Mityana. She has done this since 2014.

Realizing that there are more lives to be touched out there, she teamed up with four other youth to sensitize women and children in her home area.
She is also in advanced stages to open up an establishment to advocate for marginalized groups, especially women and children.


Zzimula was born and raised in Lubaga, a Kampala suburb. The fourth born of six siblings, her father Christopher Zzimula is a retired accountant; whereas her mother Margaret Ssembajjwe is a retired Uganda Revenue Authority official.

She attended Hilltop academy along Entebbe road for her primary school. She later joined St Joseph’s Girls SS, Nsambya for her O and A-levels of education.

“I’m aiming to go for further studies soon,” she says.


On the general outlook of our society, Zzimula believes Ugandans should be self-driven. She says rather than people waiting for government to provide solutions, they should endeavor to do something, one step at a time. “We are the change and solutions to our issues,” she says.

She believes if every woman and youth employed at least five others, unemployment would be addressed. To that effect, Zzimula started a mobile restaurant at MS gardens, her mother’s establishment, along Mityana road.

“My mother owns the gardens, but I manage the restaurant,” she says, encouraging the youths to venture into food business as a good investment.

She currently employs three people; two ladies who prepare the food and her brother who delivers the food to customers.

“We supply to all kinds of people; ranging from offices to markets and garages,” she says.


On the lighter side of life, the style and fashion enthusiast enjoys shopping clothes and shoes, hanging out with friends, dancing to loud music and reading.

She is currently reading Chip and Dan Heath’s Switch which she says is basically about how to change things when change is hard. About love, Zzimula happily notes that she has been seeing someone for the past five years and hopes to get married soon.


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