I am responding to the story ‘Inside the world of sexual minorities’ (The Observer, July 22-24, 2010). I view the two pages of extensive research you presented in such a national newspaper as any outcry of sympathy and acceptance of homosexuality and the people involved in the evil practice. It is a betrayal of readers’ loyalty and the family values in Uganda.
Your stories created the impression that:
•Homosexuals are a minority group, which should be accepted in society.
•Families can still survive even after one spouse turns gay, probably with the other spouse getting another lover too and ‘they live happily ever after.’
•The definitions given of the various forms of homosexuality are meant to encourage the young minds to explore the vice.
•The pictures that ran with the story give an impression of happy, blossoming relationships, which is not the actual case with homosexuality.
•It is okay for children to turn to homosexuality and that their parents can just seek counselling and everything will be fine.
On the other hand, the stories missed out the following facts:
•Homosexuals are 100% more likely to contract HIV/AIDS compared to normal heterosexual couples.
•Homosexuality has a negative impact on the body’s external organs and is a health hazard.
•Homosexuals are very depressed people who face gender identity disorders.
Besides, homosexuality is already illegal in Uganda. Therefore, unless you are promoting a crime, I do not see why you presented homosexuality as a scientific normality.
As loyal readers of The Observer and parents, we demand an apology and counter coverage on the pro-family issues.

Dr. Martin Ssempa,

Players were victims of selfish interests

I am reacting to press reports that local football governing body, FUFA, has dropped three under-20 players for ‘indiscipline.’ According to the reports, the three, namely Chrizestom Ntambi, Noah Ssemakula and Julius Bakkabulindi absconded from their training camp recently and travelled with Express FC for pre-season international friendly matches in Sudan.
According to the three players, what FUFA is telling the press is totally false. It’s true an Express FC official approached them at their Njeru camp urging them to play the friendly matches in Sudan. The three allegedly referred the official to the under-20 managers.
After negotiations, the under-20 officials granted them permission to leave the camp on condition that on return from Khartoum they head straight to the camp from the airport. This is exactly what the three did.
On arrival at Entebbe, they immediately called one under-20 team official, informing him of their arrival at Entebbe. To their surprise, the official told them to hold on and promised to get back to them, saying there was a small matter being sorted out.
According to a reliable source, it is believed that a football club owned by one FUFA official has of recent tried its best to recruit one of them. It’s possible the official was angered to learn that the player had travelled with Express FC.
It’s very sad that FUFA has decided to victimise the three youthful and promising players because of simple selfish interests at the expense of national pride. How could FUFA decide to punish the three players without even getting their side of the story?

Wilber Kasozi,

I am really indebted to Prof. Dumba Sentamu

I would like to say that Professor Dumba Sentamu taught so well and although I did not major in Economics, I owe him a lot for my degree in Sociology/Anthropology at Carleton
University, Canada. I gather he is popular at Norwich University, UK’s School of Development Studies. He is the best ever.
I don’t regret those trips to his Makerere flat for extra coaching when I went to Kampala High School and Caltec Academy. He never fooled around and meant business. Thanks Prof. Dumba.
For now, I am going to start my own business and all I can see before me are the supply and demand curves.
God bless you and may your blessings be a hundredfold.

Naomi Kyeyune,
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Basajja’s actions were scandalous

I found city businessman, Hassan Basajjabalaba’s roughing up of a journalist quite upsetting. It is the last thing I expected of a man of such stature. He happens to preside over a higher institution of learning in the country and is also a leader at the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council.
On July 17, at a meeting meant to unite the two warring Muslim factions, the businessman saw it fit to pounce on Ivan Kalanzi, a Radio One journalist and even broke his recorder. Basajjabalaba should have suppressed his anger and like it is normally done, simply declined to comment.
His actions are a shame not only to his personality but also to the bodies of repute that he sits on.

Allan Ssempebwa Kyobe,
Makerere University.

Think about Uganda before Somalia

I strongly disagree with those who argue that the UPDF should stay in war-torn Somalia.
Why should Uganda and Burundi do Africa’s dirty work alone? We are not the most economically or politically powerful or even the most peaceful country on the continent. Why can’t we first work on our weaknesses and then start thinking about solving other people’s problems? I believe we are not morally obliged to go to Somalia.
We may try to portray ourselves as a brave nation but the price we have paid for our bravery is the loss of innocent lives of our own citizens. Yet African countries perceived to be cowardly (I call them wise) were never attacked!
Nothing in this world should be more precious than our lives; let us put our lives first.
I believe other less violent methods can settle Somalia’s problems.

Jerald Kule,
Makerere University.

Let us have your comments on stories of the day and the issues that matter to you.  
Write to: The Editor, The Observer, 1 Tagore Crescent, Kamwokya,  P. O. Box 1040, Kampala, Uganda, East Africa. Fax: 256-414-230440; email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


0 #1 shadow_man 2010-08-04 17:10
More on the origins of AIDS/HIV in Africa


majority of AIDS in africa
"Many deaths are people who are their family's primary wage earners."

heterosexual disease in africa
60% pregnant woman have aids africa

"By 1999 the HIV prevalence rate among pregnant women was 22.4%."
"hiv among pregnant women"
http://www.avert.org/safricastats.htm factsheet_en.pdf+UNAIDS+fact+sheet+aids&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=2&gl=us

Around 2 million children in sub-Saharan Africa were living with HIV at the end of 2007. They represent more than 85% of all children living with HIW worldwide. AIDS among children is transferred by mothers.

Helping women and girls in many parts of Africa, as elsewhere in the world, the AIDS epidemic is aggravated by social and economic inequalitities between men and women.

heterosexual contact

70% aids comes from heterosexuals
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0 #2 DAVID 2010-08-04 18:04
Jerald Kule

Basing on your commentary,you are just exhibiting cowardism and intellectual poverty NOT wise manship.

For your information,you need to know that the AMISOM's role in Somalia that encompasses both the Ugandan and Burundian troops is a Pan African agenda in which Uganda as one of the African states is entitled to play a noble role,amongst other nations.

Can you imagine that you even have the audacity to mire yourself in the mud by purporting that the deployment of the above two countries' troops in Somalia is as good as performing "African's dirty work"(sic)????? !!!!!,really how dirty is it??????

Even if Uganda isn't the most powerful state in Africa,economic ally and politically,thi s can't scuttle the pursuit of her foreign interests especially in cases where the elements that are attempting to jeopardise them are external,our proximity notwithstanding.

You need to recall that it was after the UPDF's pursuit of the ADF rebels in the DRC jungles during the late 1990s that our western frontiers were stabilised.

Furthermore,it was after the UPDF's pursuit of the LRA in Sudan and later from the DRC jungles that the entire Northern Uganda is now experiencing an era of sanity and socio-politico- economic development and prosperity.

Kule and his rather naive think alikes need to be informed that that one of the factors that has prompted the AMISOM deployment is the proliferation of small arms in the East African region that has indeed given impetus to cattle rustling amongst the pastoral communities of East Africa like the Karamojong in Uganda,Turkana in Kenya and the Borana,Guji and Gabra in Ethiopia.

You also need to be informed that with the prevalent anarchism in the Somalian state,there is the "magnetisation" of terrorism largely sponsored by the Al Qaeda terror network which may further give succour to the ailing fundamentalist groups within Africa to wreck havoc such as the ADF in Uganda.

You need to know that the fire burning your neighbour's house can as well land on yours,otherwise who knew that that LRA could trek as far as the Central African Republic,thousa nds of miles from the Ugandan frontiers?????? ,so with the Somalian mission,Uganda is undertaking a pre-emptive measure.
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0 #3 ETownCanuck 2010-08-06 01:43
Dr. Martin Ssempa,

I have never in my life had the displeasure of reading such an ill informed letter. I strongly suggest that before you start erroneously claiming to know anything about homosexuals, which you quite clearly do not, that you educate yourself on the topic.

And when I suggest an education, I mean a broader version than you would get from anyone in the American anti-gay Christian Organizations as they also have very little clue about what they are talking about.
I addressed this letter to you under your title of Dr. But with how backward your thinking is, and your steadfast refusal to seek the actual truth, I wonder how it is a title that you ever earned in the first place.
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0 #4 a. mcewen 2010-08-06 09:58
I guess Martin Ssempa would rather that the Observer spread his lies about gay men and "poo poo" rather than the truth. Ssempa is citing information that has long been discredited in other countries.
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