Emerging intelligence information indicates that Ugandan security was alerted by a South Africa-based informer to the presence of militants in the country planning to strike targets in Kampala. This happened months before Sunday’s synchronised bomb blasts at Lugogo and in Kabalagala that killed at least 74 people.

Sources told The Observer on Tuesday that an unnamed mother of a radicalised Somali young man living in South Africa, who did not want her son to get involved in terrorist attacks, told Ugandan security officers in October last year that militants were planning to bomb Kampala.
It appears that the security services did not properly coordinate and process this information to avert an attack, even after the Commander-in-Chief, Gen. Yoweri Museveni warned his top commanders of a possible attack around the same time.
In a memo dated October 26, 2009 to the Chief of Defence Forces, Gen. Aronda Nyakairima, the Chief of Military Intelligence, Brig. James Mugira and the police chief, Maj. Gen. Kale Kayihura, Museveni instructed them to step up security vigilance at all military installations to prevent a possible attack by Al Shabaab, a militant Islamist group reportedly with links to Osama Bin Laden’s Al Qaeda.


Indeed, on Monday, a security source told us that Ugandan intelligence was aware of the presence of terrorists in the country but did not know who they were, where they were hiding, when they planned to strike and which places they were targeting.
Army spokesman, Lt. Col. Felix Kulayigye couldn’t comment on that particular information but simply said that the terror threat has been on since last year.
In fact, in December 2009, highly placed military sources told The Observer that the commander of the Ugandan peacekeeping contingent in Somalia, Maj. Gen. Nathan Mugisha, had advised the Commander of the Lands Forces, Lt. Gen. Katumba Wamala, to put the UPDF and other security agencies on “extra alert” as some Ugandan-trained militants could plan a terrorist attack in the country.
It was reported then that the UPDF was training Somali forces at Bihanga Military Training School in the western Uganda district of Ibanda. The UPDF, this paper would later learn, was shocked when it discovered that one of the Al Shabaab fighters killed in a skirmish with AU forces near Medina Hospital in Mogadishu was one of those trained by the Ugandan army at Bihanga.
Another Islamist fighter who was injured in the same fighting was also Uganda-trained, raising fear that the UPDF was unknowingly training fighters for Al Shabaab.
“AMISOM has discovered that one [of the Al Shabaab fighters] who died and one of the injured were trained by UPDF,” our source in Somalia said then. He added that this had confirmed fears that some of the Somalis trained in Uganda had turned their guns on the peace-keeping troops.
Fearing that the country may have been infiltrated by militants who are familiar with its geography and other features, military intelligence personnel have since Monday been combing the city and its suburbs for any possible terrorist cells.
The search for any possible terror cells became urgent when the Police Anti- Terrorism Unit (PATU) defused another bomb in Makindye that had been left in a bag inside a busy pub. Police says some people have been arrested, but couldn’t say whether they were held in connection with the Kyadondo, Kabalagala or Makindye incidents.
The bombs exploded at about 11pm during the match between Spain and The Netherlands in South Africa, at a popular Ethiopian restaurant in Kabalagala, and at Kyadondo Rugby Club in Lugogo where hundreds of people had assembled to watch the game. At least 76 people were killed and more than 70 injured.


Maj. Gen. Kayihura described as “multipurpose” the explosives used in the attacks.
The bombs, Police say, could either be planted or worn as a vest. Kayihura and the Director of PATU, Abbas Byakagaba said that the Makindye bomb was similar to the ones that exploded at Lugogo and in Kabalagala, meaning all were coordinated.
Coming after repeated warnings by Al-Shabaab who have since claimed responsibility, the July 11 attack has put to question the preparedness of those responsible for the safety of Ugandans.
Just last week, Sheik Muktar Robow, the Al- Shabaab commander, repeated his group’s earlier threat calling for terror attacks on Uganda and Burundi.
The group is unhappy with Uganda and Burundi’s peace-keeping mission in Somalia which they say is an invasion of an Islamic country by “infidels.”  Uganda and Burundi are the only African peace-keeping countries in Somalia.
Kayihura says the attacks would have been prevented if the management of the rugby club and Ethiopian Village Restaurant had used metal detectors to check everybody who entered the venues.

The deputy Inspector General of Police, Assan Kasingye said the proprietors of the two places had inadequate security. “There wasn’t even a single guard at the Ethiopian Village Restaurant,” he said.
Kasingye noted that Police had played its role to alert the public of a possible terror attack and carried out sensitisation campaigns in public places. He said all district police commanders had been instructed to do the same in their respective areas.
“We did our part, we have been alerting the public to be on the lookout,” he said.
He however admitted that the campaign might have been inadequate.
“We need to do more. People need to be reminded [about the terror threats] all the time.”
In October last year, Police issued an alert in which it instructed proprietors of hotels, restaurants and entertainment places to take extra-precautionary security measures.
Kayihura on Tuesday announced that the Police and other security agencies will now be visiting social gatherings, public places like hotels, supermarkets, hospitals, stadiums, campaign rallies, markets and places of worship to ensure that they have adequate security arrangements. He hinted at the possibility of stopping some of the events organised without taking into consideration basic security measures such as security checks on entry.
Incidentally, Lugogo was a scene of an attempted bomb attack early this year when police removed suspected explosives that was thrown in one of the sewage paths opposite the rugby grounds. Kabalagala has also been targeted by bomb attackers before.
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0 #21 Morris 2010-07-16 07:46
I am wondering why everyone is complaining about the UPDF occupancy in somalia... i would like to say the UPDF is in somalia to keep peace, so that the somalis who are in uganda can go back to their homeland. Put yoself into their feet... the dint wake up to go to exile... hell no.. no one would want to leave his/her country to leave in another country, at the hands of selfish armed groups, raging to kill, in the name of allah.
I commend the UPDF and i call upon the the support of the rest of the AU states, and the support of every citzen of Uganda irrespective of the political affiliation.
Lastly i would beg the AU to give Uganda the mandate to hunt down the Alsabab, so that peace can be achieved in somalia.
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0 #22 durbano 2010-07-16 10:35
You need to get some facts right Katongole. Please access the following website before you condemn some individualshttp ://www.ugandare cord.co.ug/inde x.php?issue=68& article=832&seo =Who set off the Uganda bombs?
Better still you can google: "who set off the Uganda bombs"

Somebody is bound to benefit as usual!
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0 #23 Birungi 2010-07-16 10:57
That title is so misleading, it make you you think that the warning came just recently before these very attacks yet it was late last year as known already by everybody!

For those saying Somalia is not our business are narrow-minded. It is because of such attitude that has gotten many conflicts out of control, think of Rwanda genocide, Darfur etc. Because everyone said it was not their business, and these situations spiralled to worst disasters the world has seen! But then even after the same people saying its not our business will go around blaming however for ignoring the situation - just like the world blamed France, America and the like for ignoring Rwanda. So take it or leave Somalia is our's and Africa's business!!!
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0 #24 Ejokere Emukule 2010-07-16 13:18
Its like our "intelligence attention" is more on the streets looking out for armless, peaceful demostrators who are clobbered without getting to know the course of their action.

As a result of that, those paid huge sums of manoy as "intelegence operative" have betrayed the nation. Where do they derive their so called "inelligence" from?? Is it some thing supernatural and if it is not the latter, then they had better call it something else.

We mourn the demise of those who perished as a result of negligence of duty by those employed to guarantte national and individuals' security.
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0 #25 Biru 2010-07-16 19:44
Dear Durbano, Those links and articles you are recommending to people are non other than Timothy Kalyegira's. what else would anyone expect from Kalyegira other than convincing the world of his theories afterall he is the only person in the world who knows that Amin never killed a soul!
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0 #26 J. Sentongo 2010-07-17 05:24
The reaction of the leadership in Uganda to the tragic events of last week has just helped me to confirm a belief I have had for sometime now.

The regime in Uganda has long lost the plot and the law of deminishing returns has long kicked in. As demonstrated last week,this is going to prove extremely costly for the people of Uganda.

To me it is clear that it is not Uganda as a country that has strategic interests in Somalia, it is the regime that has such interests - for its continued survival in power.

Do we have the capacity to win in Somalia? No, we don't.
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0 #27 geofrey 2010-07-17 08:56
why cannt african states join hands together and stop this senseless killing of pple,?who is going to stop this jahadist?and when will

somalia,sudan,y emin and many other nation enjoy peace?its hightime we begin knowing why ugandanforces are in somalia,wat did kenya and TZ do to somalia to get bombed? look at the history of the middle east innocent people are killed by this blood thirsty radicles and now its in africa and east africa particulary,and for that case if we do not pullup our socks and stop pointing fingers at one another

we are doomed,and on that note icall upon the uganda gvmnt to strenghten its immigration system,passport office,entry boardpoints,edu cate its people and monitor all foreigh nations in uganda and take any threat of attack serious.

lastly i appeal to all ugandan to wrktogether as anation of uganda to fight this evil coz it doesnt discreaminate who you,re together we can and we will.let us join hands and we clean our motherland and pearl of africa.
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0 #28 ham mukisa 2010-07-17 10:22
can those who perished in these atacks rest in peace! By my oly worry is changing our way of life, too much policing and road blocks are things of the past.

When i speak to somalians who have evar bee to Uganda, the highly apreciate the level of freedoom evenaccorded to a foreighner which you harly find in any country on the universe.plz i beg our security organisation to do everythhing in the right propotion.
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0 #29 Olupot 2010-07-17 11:24
Iam 100% suporting uganda to go to fight those rebels in somalia we sould not step down to bring our soldiers back yet when they have killed our civilians no way we have to fight and let it be an Eye for an Eye we have to revange and chese them a way from somalia.

So those ugandans whom are saying that, the troops should be brought back that is sawing coawardness we are already fighters those confused midle east groups will not defeat us they are weak and they lie on bombing civilians only but to face fire direct they are nothing.

So my fellow ugandans, we should not be threaten by any one in this world we are strong lets give Amunition(Rasas ) the work in Somalia we are ready to fight them until we get finished all in uganda.

So i pealed president Museveni not to give up with your program, go a head to fight those rebels in mogandishu and we shall destray them let them celebrate and be happy for the death of our innocent civilians but later they will cry too.
This is amessage from Olupot from middle east to uganda people.
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0 #30 Kamoga 2010-07-17 11:44
Guys many are of the fact that we need our troops out of Somalia. Am afraid much of this is human generated to get Obama on Museveni's side. M7 is aware of the fact his superior, Obama, does not side with him and, that alot is in place to see him off.

If he sent troops to Somalia in the name of peace then this should be the first time M7, think peace. This was done to tap money and support from the west. If you have noted, even his opponents have recently been accused of terrorisme coz this the song that sells at the moment.

Look here guys if radio Katwe was still here, am sure we would have gotten the inside information as they used to tap him from inside state house. Am sure many of you remember guys like state house analyst and Musolin.

Sad fellow country men we are living with a green snake in a green thatched hut.

God bless Ugandan the dead and the living
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0 #31 Didi Drew 2010-07-18 09:31
We cannot change Ugandan culture...
We are interesting, fun-loving and hospitable people to all...our own and others from across borders and cultures...

We have always given home and rest even those to we can't call our own.

It is time for us to demonise the systems and arrangements our governments have put in place and supported.
X Free land and capital for investors as though Ugandans cannot invest or lack entrepreneurship...
X Loose immigration policies and lack of national identification and notary system
X Fake or unclear election to bring the same or basically the same breed into power
X Lack of development and investment policies to govern the direction of growth and regulate the course of our country's standard
X Continued reliance on international and external influences to direct the future of our country

It remains wise for Uganda and army, police and intelligence bodies to chart a wise way forward that seeks to control the future safe for all Ugandans in and outside the country. However, careful treading is ever so important now to avert rather than start a historical conflict with unruled/regulat ed externalfactions.

Like the saying goes...charity begins at home.
It is wisest that we deal best with our own problems than try tomake more...Our Uganda needs to grow...
We need to stand up after this fall, dust ourselves off and move forward carefully... Instead of looking back to revenge whoever trips us...

Remain vigilant, remain safe, remain hopeful!
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