People in Zimbabwe are taking laughter seriously if their laughter clubs and workshops are anything to go by. 

Zimbabweans do not think that there is anything to smile or laugh about unless you consider serious economic problems funny.

Jerry, a Zimbabwean, on Wednesday, May 5, while speaking during the BBC Focus on Africa session that focused on Zimbabweans and Laughter put it thus: how can anyone find the strength, let alone muscle to laugh when one has to find finances to feed one’s family?

Clearly, Zimbabweans think laughter is a luxury they cannot afford. Selina and Alice, the two ladies who organise the laughter workshops tried to convince Jerry that laughter therapy works and it is important.

They even took him through some exercises that are supposed to trigger laughter. That is how important they consider laughter.

Some people have to exercise to laugh and even then, it is not guaranteed that they will laugh. Other people are advised to force laughter. Potholes and all, majority of Ugandans can afford to laugh at will.

No need to force it or going for sessions to help laughter come along. So, while you still can, laugh away all you could and accrue such benefits:

Relaxing your body. According to, laughter relaxes the body and muscles and 45 minutes after laughing, the body and muscles will still be experiencing this.

Boosting the immune system through decreasing stress hormones and increasing immune cells and infection fighting antibodies.

Promoting general well-being by triggering the production of endorphins, the body’s natural feel good chemicals. Endorphins are also known for reducing pain.

Protecting the heart as it improves the function of blood vessels and promotes blood flow. So, get laughing to enjoy such benefits and others like adding joy to life, enhancing resilience, improving mood, strengthening relationships and bonds plus you are more attractive when you laugh.

Information compiled from the internet.

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