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Odonga Otto , Aruu County

I recently received a copy of the compilation of the CSO magazine in my pigeonhole, and in it I read the articles by Andrew Mwenda, John Nagenda and the Leader of Opposition attacking our heroes Hon. David Bahati (Ndorwa West MP), and Dr. Nsaba Buturo, the Minister of Ethics and Integrity.

The Leader of Opposition in Parliament was quoted as saying “If you steal, to an extent that you allow corruption, open theft of public goods and money to be the norm, then who are you to condemn those who are not even any harm to the society?”

In the magazine, Andrew Mwenda, the Managing Editor of The Independent magazine says that Bahati, who tabled the Anti-Homosexual Bill, should rather spend energy fighting nuclear energy or global warming. 

Then, the Presidential Advisor on the Media, John Nagenda leaves an innuendo that Bahati is insane and should stop the wishful thinking that he is protecting the children, for Bahati’s children may one day be gay.

They alluded to the possibility that homos could help in family planning and problems associated with over population.

I can’t believe all the comments from the trio above who are averagely—apart from Mwenda—about 30 years older than me. Mwenda and Nagenda tend to say that the Bahatis are using religion, a Western thing, to oppose gay rights.

Therefore let me use a non religious tone to respond to them. I will draw from two countries. Recently in Malawi, the law and the courts took a firm stand on homosexuals and in Russia planned demonstrations by the gay movement always ended up in bloody clashes with the anti-gays with the loss of the former.

I personally feel gays or homos have a mental problem. I’ve even failed to imagine how they do their thing.
I often pray that this debate should come to an end because the more we talk about it the more silly arguments in favour of it will always be raised by the Mwendas and Nagendas of this world as our children are listening.

For in life, you can’t do what you have not imagined is possible. The Leader of Opposition, on surviving a recent motor accident, was quoted as saying: “I thank God for allowing me to survive...I don’t want the country to turn into chaos.”

Let my boss, Prof. Morris Ogenga Latigo, the Leader of Opposition, tell me whether that is one of the reasons he wanted God to keep him around? Why use God for selective things and not gays?

And also, as an insect science professor, can he tell us from the wealth of knowledge he has in that field, if gay behaivour actually exists among insects or animals?

He can’t cite any trend of such behaviour in the realm of animal kingdom. Unfortunately, the President of Uganda being the donor’s blue-eyed boy has not come out strongly on the Bill and subsequently it may be shelved.

Human rights activists like the (Dr. Sylvia) Tamales should know that rights are a creation of man and you cannot have rights where there is no life, a [situational] trend the gays are heading to.

But when all is said and done, [I submit that] gays should suffer death not only by hanging but also by stoning at a public marketplace. The alternative for them is to seek medical attention; a mad person cannot claim the right to be mad.  I will end by saying: Bravo Bahati, bravo Dr. Buturo!

As recorded by DAVID TASH LUMU



0 #1 gayuganda 2010-03-01 04:40
Its almost funny that the dear MP can get away with writing things which are false.

Gay Animals? Well, they are there.

Let us start with Wikipedia. Here is the article. vior_in_animals

And, I even have such a thing on my blog. Here is the link.
It is complete, with pictures. From a reputed journal.

It is good to get a chance to educate our MPs, but, like someone commented, I do not understand the hate that can flow from a person. Odonga Otto actually said he would be the hangman for his son if he was gay.

That was a terrible statement. But, he would be the hangman without taking the chance to educate himself on what being gay means????!!!!

I hate saying it but, Mr Odonga Otto, your sons do have a problem.
0 #2 Kimanje 2010-03-01 06:34
It is a shame that this bill may never see the day of light. Yes, my son may be gay one time, but it does not make it a good thing. Sould you stop daeth sentences because your son may kill or be a criminal one day?
0 #3 Dora 2010-03-01 07:33
i am glad there are legislators like Odongo that can make us proud.
0 #4 Sam KN 2010-03-01 10:44
I love it when politicians put aside their political differences and fight together for the sanity of our country. I would go for the stoning at a market place.

the day u live in a country where this gay this freely practiced, u will know then how disgusting this whole thing is. The day your son comes home crying that he has been raped then u will understand how nasty it is.

Bravo Otto thank u for not trading yourself cheaply. Homosexuality is insane for heaven's sake!!!
0 #5 Jean-Paul Dugas 2010-03-01 12:31
Odanga Otto is anything but an enlightened politician at this crucial moment in the history of Uganda. More to be pitied.

Fortunately, President Museveni has not come out strong in favor of the anti-gay bill, and now he has room to manoeuvre.

It doesn't take a 100-watt bulb to foresee that the bill will be shelved and that laws to protect Uganda's gay population will be passed instead.

Jean-Paul Bentham
0 #6 Jean-Paul Dugas 2010-03-01 13:29
With this story, you have lost your reputation in the eyes of intelligent Ugandans and in the eyes of the world, Mr. Otto.
0 #7 Marvin ya Kuku 2010-03-01 13:36
this MP does not respond to any of the valid points of Messrs Nagenda, Mwenda and Leader of opposition. His non religious argument is that 1. Malawi and Russia hate gays so should we
2. Human rights are man made hence mentally ill people like gays should not have any rights
3. There are no gay animals in the world, something even a high school student should know is false
Hahaha oh dear and this guy is young as he mentions in the article. So much for young, vibrant and brainy people taking over leadership in this country
0 #8 Val Kalende 2010-03-01 14:32
i feel nothing but pity for my dear MP, Hon. Otto. It is a shame that he has not learned anything from his father who is considered the father of human rights for people in Northern Uganda. For him to propose the stoning to death of gay people is to me an act of seeking public attention because no intellectual, no leader, no human being in his sane mind can wish for that to happen to anybody. Hon. Otto, please concentrate on burning issues in your constituency and leave us Gays alone in peace.
0 #9 Straight-Uganda 2010-03-01 16:12
Don't vote or even support any pro-poof MPs.
The likes of Mwenda's of this world are just wannabes that will impress foreigners at any price to sell their Country.

Remember to report any Butty boys to the Mob!!
0 #10 jotham gwasala 2010-03-02 03:45
its important that the msm and lesbians should realise that God made man and woman for a purpose to procreate. And in Genesis God made for man a woman for companionship not another man!!!!!, so odonga otto is right we cant stand aside and watch as these people try to create the demise of man on earth besides how many homosexuals has mwenda and latigo seen in their villages ?
0 #11 Rev Amos Kasibante 2010-03-02 05:25
Mr Odonga's article does not moreover address the important point that "rights activists like the (Dr. Sylvia) Tamales" (his words) have made, namely that the Penal Code already addresses the issues that the AHB is raising and that, therefore, there is really no need for such a draconian bill.

The slant of the article is to have a go at Messrs Nagenda, Mwenda, and Latigo by way of questioning their moral integrity.

But the article sidesteps other critical opponents of the Bill such as the Catholic Church, the Church of Uganda, and many organisations involved in AIDS work.

Then comes the common argument that not even animals engage in this sort of thing.

The weakness of this argument is two-fold: (1) it reduces homosexuality to acts associated with certain parts of the body (2)it fails to see that human sexuality is more complex and more varied (culturally at least)from any animal sex. For one, humans talk and argue about sex; animals do not.

Finally, the statement that gays should suffer death by stoning or hanging is a statement unbecoming.
0 #12 Tevin 2010-03-02 06:44
I think our legislators have gone insane!! First it was Bahati, now the ever controversial Otto. Ok who needs a hangman as an Mp? Sempa is obsesssd with gays,Nsaba Buturo makes me laugh, Who will help the other? It's a bunch of confused people. Gays are fully human and it's not the worst activity. Got that?
0 #13 Tevin 2010-03-02 06:56
This is nothing but clear homophobia. Yes Ottos children might turn out gay, or any other Ugandan who is aggitating for the bill to be passed. But how much longer will the white man rule Africa among other third world nations? Bahati is sponsored by the US,rumor has it that gay culture comes from the same people! Who is fooling who? Otto is a disgrace!
0 #14 sam 2010-03-02 07:45
OTTO you have come across as very this day and ag an MP should not writ in such language...even if you hate gays like you do there are politically correct ways of putting your point forward...thank God you are on record and this article can be used against you...
Another point i want to make to all the so called African moralists who want to uphold "true African values" and who think that homosexuality is a western come we have a name for homosexuality in our local languages(ebisy aga )...that shows that homosexuality has existed in our society....
like it or not homosexuality is a sexual orientation and God created them that way.....prejudice has no place in an enlightened society. The way homosexuals feel is the same way we africans felt whn the white people treated us like trash...white people were prejudiced against africans..they looked at us as sub human and not deserving of any human rights thats why they took us in to slavery...
As for Otto he should be the last person to have prejudice,,,i have heard him on several occasions talk about how is acholi ribe is a victin of prejudice by the southern(bantu) tribes and how they are discriminated against...the way he feels is the same way gay people feel when he says such things...
0 #15 Tevin 2010-03-02 07:49
Who the hell cares what somebody does in their private homes, houses, rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, cars? Why are these people nosy? Hon. Otto,if a mad man hits you, would you take them to jail? So if these homos are mad, why are you interested in them? Join them if you wish. They are mostly the educated by the way. Some could be paying you your salary. Get a life.
0 #16 Raymond Otika 2010-03-02 11:01
Odonga Otto is right to say that "a mad person has no right to remain mad". The danger of nursing sexual perversion or deficiency in the name human rights is that the victims' sexual frustration sometimes translate into other serious crimes.

Serial killers are known to be sex perverts (masochism). Cases of sodomy, sadism and serial rape are related to sexual failures.

Rapists are known to be impotent in normal sexual encounter. But they are sexually aroused by the suffering of their victims (sadism).

To gayuganda, et tal, to live or support a gay lifestyle is stupidity not intelligence. In other words homosexuality is an error in lifestyle. I.e. to live as a gay is a successful failure in life.

Failures in sexuality: love relations, marriages and homosexuality can be traced back to lack of social preparation. It is a failure to grasp what is true love, the purpose of life and ideal. It is a failure in social interest (common good), relations sexuality and marriage.

If not a stupidity of the highest order; to condone and promote abnormality like homosexuality is a form of sadism. The greatest fear is that some retired, idle and disorderly Anglican bishops like Senyonjo have joined the homosexual bandwagon furray. Then what is next?

Tomorrow Rtd Bishop Senyonjo, gayuganda, Marvin ya Kuku and Jean-Paul Dugas will start telling us that necrophilia (having sexual interest in dead bodies) is a human right; and nobody should criminalize or legislate about it. That is is where we are going.

Madness. And this kind of madness will begin to complicate funeral services in this country.

Ugandans must stand up against this madness. Otherwise hell will break loose.

In life there are failures and successes. But failures and success are determined by the degree of preparedness or preparation. That is why in Africa, to prepare a child for real life "it takes a whole village to raise a child".

In this way gay or sexual perversion is minimized or averted. There lies the danger of modernization and nuclear family!
0 #17 Jeff N 2010-03-02 12:04
As a nation whose motto is for God and My country i applaud our MPs Odonga and Bahati..we r behind u stand firm and by the way God is on your side.we dont want the experience of Sodom and Gomorrah to come to the Pearl of Africa.FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY
0 #18 Bobby 2010-03-02 17:38
It’s damning on our country that you sir, an MP and someone that holds considerable influence within our society, seems incapable of grasping the salient points of an argument and responding to them in a logical and coherent manner.

A number of responders have already pointed out the flaws and lack of logic in your article, Reverend Kisbante the most eloquently so. I’ll highlight a couple of paragraphs that don’t add up – and it’s not just this part of the article that doesn’t stand up to scratch – but it’s the most gaping one.

“I can’t believe all the comments from the trio above who are averagely—apart from Mwenda—about 30 years older than me. Mwenda and Nagenda tend to say that the Bahatis are using religion, a Western thing, to oppose gay rights.

Therefore let me use a non religious tone to respond to them. I will draw from two countries. Recently in Malawi, the law and the courts took a firm stand on homosexuals and in Russia planned demonstrations by the gay movement always ended up in bloody clashes with the anti-gays with the loss of the former.” ?

This would fail you as a first year student at any decent university in the world. It doesn’t take a genius to pick out the flaws with it. They say we get the leaders we deserve and you're a probably a fair reflection of Uganda as an adolescent country.
0 #19 Yafesi 2010-03-03 00:17
Homosexuals are very sick people who need help. I agree with Hon. Otto. I can't imagine how they go about business especially when the rectum is full. I hear sometimes the anal sphincters of gays give way and become incontinent after some time of constant straining.

So look out for guys wearing pampers around town.
0 #20 Brian 2010-03-03 10:54
It shows the level of political discourse when a Politician can recommend public barbaric executions for a 'lifestyle' issue at best.

Leave God out of this he had his chance and the first commandment was THOU SHALL NOT KILL there is no sub text which say, except if they or Gay.

Take note Dis-honorable MP the day may come when the public may want to stone stupid politicians to death, god knows it has happened often enough through history.

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