The presence in Kampala of the United Nations AIDS envoy, Elizabeth Mataka, capped a week of increasing pressure on President Museveni and Ndorwa West MP, David Bahati, over their campaign against homosexuality.

Essentially Ms Elizabeth Mataka, the UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy on AIDS in Africa, came to Uganda to attend events to commemorate World AIDS Day. But The Observer understands that prior to that, she met MP Bahati and was expected to meet President Museveni to plead with the two men to respect the rights of gay people.

In October, Bahati tabled the Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2009 in Parliament, seeking more severe punishment for homosexuality, which is already illegal in Uganda. Among other sanctions, the law proposes the death penalty for aggravated homosexuality – where the offender has HIV or the victim is below 18 years of age, or is a disabled person.

According to diplomatic sources, Mataka was expected to put Museveni in a tricky situation by demonstrating to him how the proposed anti-homosexuality bill will frustrate the impressive fight against HIV/AIDS in Uganda for which the President has for long enjoyed kudos.

Uganda managed to reduce national infection rates from 18% in 1992 to around 6.5% todate. Uganda’s AIDS and human rights activists have warned that the proposed law would force homosexuals further underground and beyond the reach of health workers.

On Monday, Mataka was understood to have held lengthy discussions with Bahati to press him to abandon his anti-homosexuality drive. A lady who answered the phone at UNAIDS would not confirm Mataka’s meeting with Bahati, referring this writer to a press conference she was due to hold yesterday.

She, however, said that Botswana-born Mataka was holding several “high-level meetings with ministers and other officials.”  
Asked about the meeting, Bahati said it was private and declined to say whether he considered softening his position. But he said the meeting was a “positive and constructive engagement.”

Bahati also refused to clarify reports originating from the United States that his anti-gay campaign was linked to an ultra-conservative group known as The Family. As we reported last week, an American journalist and author Jeff Sharlett told National Public Radio that Museveni and Bahati were in bed with The Family, a group he said fights homosexuality and promotes dictatorship. (See Museveni, Bahati named in US ‘cult’, The Observer, November 26 - 29)

Bahati was, however, reluctant to speak about his alleged relationship with the group that reportedly holds Hitler and Stalin as great students of Jesus. He suggested that the claims were simply a ploy to derail his campaign against homosexuality.

“Since we started this cause, there has been a lot of speculation and manipulation on the part of the pro-gay community to try and divert us from defending our family values,” Bahati said. “But we are still focussed on our cause and we are happy that Ugandans are supporting the bill.”

Commonwealth pressure

Earlier, President Museveni was reported to have come under pressure from British and Canadian Prime Ministers over Bahati’s bill during the Commonwealth Heads of Government  Meeting (CHOGM) in Trinidad and Tobago. British newspapers suggested on Sunday that Gordon Brown and Stephen Harper told Museveni the bill was wrong.

But Bahati said he – and, he believed the President – would not be swayed by such sentiments from the most liberal and richest members of the Commonwealth. “There is no amount of pressure or intimidation that will deter us from preventing our children from being lured into this evil,” Bahati said.

Although the final CHOGM communiqué urged all members to respect all human rights, it did not mention the Ugandan homosexuality situation. This is not surprising because in most Commonwealth countries homosexuality remains a crime.

This is the second CHOGM in four years, though, where Museveni has claimed headlines for controversial reasons. In 2005, the then Commonwealth Secretary General, Don McKinnon, and British Prime Minister Tony Blair publicly complained against leaders who were arresting their opponents. President Museveni had just arrested opposition leader Dr. Kizza Besigye. Now his government is tightening the noose around homosexuals, and again some in the Commonwealth, which he has led for the last two years, are not happy.

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0 #1 mulokole 2009-12-03 03:19
Its high time we decide whom to serve. God or man.

God wILL provide with our needs finnancially ACCORDING TO HIS RICHES IN GLORY.

Lets ignore man and follow God.We are a country that respects God.

Stand firm Mr President
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0 #2 Ssentongo 2009-12-03 05:40
There re some countries like Malaysia, Iran and others who don't tolerate Homos and these white guys don't attack them,

How many times have we intervened in the Americans policies or England, well since we're an independent nation we shall not give in to their wishes.

I want to thank the great people in our land who have honoured our culture and laws in the land during our generation like H.E K. Museveni, D. Bahati, Pr Martin Ssempa and others for their endeavors to save our nation and future children from Homosexuality. We shall never allow Homos to leave in this land freely bse its un Godly
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0 #3 GREGORY MUGISHA 2009-12-03 08:22
I once took a Flight with one of the gay Rights Activists. On reaching Amsterdam Schipol Airport, she/he told me she was lost - she/he wanted to connect to one of the Scandinavian Countries.

She/he also mentioned that she/he had been invited by the Sponsors of gay Culture. Clearly, Homosexuality in nUganda particularly in Boarding Schools is being financed by gay organizations from Scandinavia.

But why should they recruit our Children. If they say that their Anal Sex is about choice, can a 13-16 year old Boy properly make that choice? Hon. Bahati, please also include a section on recruiting young children into sexual pervesion and give it a very stiff punishment.
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0 #4 Juma Kato 2009-12-03 09:04
Somebody is under pressure by the homo cult. Apperenttly , it is not Museveni or Bahati , but Richard Kavuma and Observer ,

otherwise , how could a media channel like this one dedicate its space to cover this sickning practice when we have all these other problems to think and worry about ?

I said it last week that some Observer reporter is in contact with a homosexual called Ssebagala . That is where all this nonsense is coming from.

We will support Museveni to the point of making him life President if it comes down to that . We dont want homosexuals doing their evil in public . They must be stopped .
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0 #5 malik kitunzi 2009-12-03 12:49
i dont want to think this way but for the first time president got it right .God created man and woman to live and procreate so its realy disgusting for men to fall in love with fellow menits just improper and un becoming.

so please stick to your guns let these gays stay out of our country.
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0 #6 Alan Mulesa 2009-12-03 13:27
In deciding whether to follow God or man we need to ask ourselves, what would Jesus do? If we are reading the same bible then I am sure he would not be in favor of killing gays.

There may be many reasons for attacking gays but biblical grounds are certainly not among them.
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0 #7 anonymous 2009-12-03 14:10
Neither do I support homosexuality nor do I believe that Museveni's controversial hate for the evil is genuine.

I wouldn't be surprised if he (Museveni) is pushing for the law so that he can use it to target some of his political opponents by 'framing and labeling' them homosexuals so that he could hang/eliminate them once the bill is passed into law.

I suppose this is the way he is currently using/misusing the terrorism act arresting rioters or any person they want to eliminate and charging them under the terrorism act.

Otherwise homosexuality is not good and encouraging it is simply calling for the human race to go into extinction, and also passing a vote of no confidence in God our maker who exhibited the most complicated and amazing architecture when He created male and female the way we know it.

What is your view on this?
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0 #8 SSENYONDO GONZAGA GONZA 2009-12-04 00:43
Many people have come up with self righteous positions on private sexual relationship between 2 consenting adults.

Much as 'homosexuality' practice is NOT my cup of tea; I have come to accept 'homosexuals' like any other group of people.Homosexu als are a minority because by nature the 'heterosexual' sexual orientation tends to dominate in any species that is bisexual (has males and females) by laws of ecology / natural selection.

So you do not have to reinforce this- let them be!! Most of them if not the majority are good natured persons and quite easy to relate to in most spheres of life than many self righteous 'heterosexuals' .

I think for us to take up this unnecessary burden of 'protecting the heterosexual family' is an attempt at playing nature or God. there are so many gray areas in nature such that for us to arrogate ourselves the 'KNOW IT ALL ATTITUDE' is just a fallacy.

If there is 'aggravated homosexuality' then definitely there must be 'aggravated heterosexuality '!! If you accept this hypothesis then inevitably you are looking at the criminality of the sexual solicitation act and NOT the sexual orientation.

So it boils down to curbing criminal behaviors or acts that may be committed in the process of seeking sexual gratification and NOT the sexual orientation.thi s should apply to ANY and ALL forms of sexual orientations.

Men having sex with men,women having sex with women or either sex having sex with both sexes is not the MAJOR issue ;engaging in UNSAFE and RISKY behaviors (sexual or not sexual) WHATEVER THE SEXUAL ORIENTATION is what increases the chances of transmitting infections.

For example are HIV prevalence or incidence higher in (even in MSM cohorts) in countries that are tolerant to 'homosexuals' than in traditionally 'heterosexual' communities in sub Saharan Africa?

Sex and sexuality matters are an equipoise( not in black and white);there are numerous gray areas. The recent cases of the South African athlete and the 'Gayaza girl' in Uganda should be an impetus for us to slow down and think carefully before we dare cast the numerous stones which many of us have accumulated and seem not know which object to throw at - that is if we are to throw them in the first place.


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0 #9 alemu 2009-12-04 01:10
Watch this:

Instead of fighting gays n lesbians, I wish we could all unite to bring to justice the corrupt officials who stole:

-chogm money,
- nssf wipe out,
- aids and immunisation donor funds,
- the MPs who ate 5m to change our constitution to eliminate term limits,
- $350 million stolen each year,
- drugs stolen from hospitals,
- govt officers who do not show up at work except to collect their salaries,
- the rich who sacrifice innocent children to get richer,
the list is endless.

the Ugandan VALUES?
- marrying multiple wives with children whom we cannot provide for?
- unfaithful marriages?
- juju beliefs?
- bribery and vote rigging?
Please stop the hate.

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0 #10 Abbey Boris mugerwa 2009-12-04 02:31
Let Elizabeth Mataka go back and promote homosexuality in Boswana or wherever she's coming from.Uganda doesn't tolerate that and thats it.Our government officials have gone to her country to dictate what's happening there.
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0 #11 sendikwanawa 2009-12-04 05:14
It is amazing, I would rather call it a nightmare, while I am a man who enjoys a cute juicy girl for sex still I don't see myself the greaatest moral teacher to talk all that nonsens I have read above against gays.

It is bullsheet!!. Liberate your personal drives at your choice! It is your body. Listen very wel, no one I repeat no single soul has right in no way to intervene! It is your body! it is your life! I am even luckier than you hé, namely no single politician can manupulate me to serve his of her popularity Agenda!
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0 #12 A K Mukasa 2009-12-04 10:45
I am opposed to homosexual behaviour period. I am also opposed to a 60 year old man going out with a 19 year old girl. However, sex between two consenting adults is precisely that.

Trying to control certain areas of behaviour in society with criminal sanctions, particularly if that behaviour is universally recognized is not only being short sighted but futile. You can’t legislate behaviour, you have to use other techniques to try and get them to behave in a different way.

We may stand on rooftops to denounce homosexuals and their supporters but this won’t change the fact that they are here to stay. You do not expect donors to stand aside and watch a country like Uganda which is relying on aid - let us not forget that this aid comes from taxes paid by both heterosexuals and homosexuals in donor countries – criminalize homosexuals.

This huffing and puffing by Nsaba Buturo because some donor countries are threatening to cut off aid is precisely that; huffing and puffing. It is like a child threatening to disobey the parent when he/she knows very well that he/she cannot survive without the parent.

With 80 percent of the population living in abject poverty due to bad governance, he is living in cloud cuckoo land if he expects anybody intelligent to believe his bluster.

There are fewer homosexuals in Uganda but the prevalence of AIDS is second to none. This is partly due to the state of the economy that has failed to provide jobs for the majority of Ugandans and therefore the only chattel they can exchange for their survival is sex.

Instead of aggravating the donors by introducing legislation to score cheap political points, he should concentrate on fighting rampant corruption, bad governance, nepotism, tyranny, lack of accountability, lack of transparence etc which are the biggest threat to the nation.

A. K Mukasa
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0 #13 kabayekka 2009-12-04 10:58
Is it a commonwealth and a United nation of homesexual bashers or an economic friendship?
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0 #14 Milla 2009-12-04 11:48
As you all know Christians are not supposed to have sex before their marriage, in particular dependant children who cannot buy themselves even a pair of pants.

But who says that these children do not enjoy sex even before our very noses? Do you know what happens when choir boys and girls go to church to rehearse on Wednesdays?

No rules will ever stop sex - hetero or homo - it does not matter. It is simple, you cannot shoot a problem with a bullet, the law cannot kill homosexuality. Period. But trust the politician. He can arrest and detain a few opponents on the allegation of homosexuality. There the law can work, unfortunately for all the wrong reasons.
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0 #15 Juma Kato 2009-12-04 14:51
The law does not kill anything ; not even hanging criminals has killed murder in USA .

We should do away with all laws and the World will be a better place ?

Where do you live Milla ? I would like to move there .
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0 #16 Rev Amos Kasibante 2009-12-04 16:05
I have valued the insights of Senyondo Gonzaga Gonza (Obs & Gyn). There is need to take pause and read with an open mind the way human sexuality is determined right from conception. It is more complicated than some people assume.

Legal experts have shown the pitfalls of the Anti-Homosexual ity Bill if it became law. I would be sceptical about those who fear that the law is meant or will be used to frame political opponent. But I know that it has been used elsewhere for preciously that reason.

Robert Mugabe used it against Canaan Banana (President of Zimbabwe) in an attempt to smear him. On the Ugandan scene, trumped up sexual crimes i.e. rape have been used to frame a main oppositio politician.

In Malaysia, it was used against the leader of the opposition, Ibrahim Anwar, who was slated to win the election.

Those who wish to protect or preserve the traditional heterosexual family (which in Africa takes several forms) should know that socio-economic realities break up families and prevent children from getting a good education or good health - which conditions are crucial if they are to make a contribution to the wider family - the society.
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0 #17 sendikwanawa 2009-12-04 19:32
Dear Colleagues,

As you have seen and heard today's drumming has been a big success! We are moving on the very path where great winners ever stepped a foot!!. Each one should applause for herself or for himself

1) In passing we talked about participating in the great facade of Brussels " The zineke Parade" in the month may 2010.

Mrs Laila proposes to hunt for 5 more girls to participate in the dancing and men do drumming.
I am going to contact the organisation that coordinates the facade in Molenbeek to see the possibilities there. I let you know the soonest!

2) You know today’s drumming was good and it has set me to see the final picture how it would look like!
Once you are there then you draw your analyse from that stage. This is my analyse you give your opinion.

I was thinking if Mrs. Laila finds one girl of woman and they concentrate on singing plus other accompanying instruments like Ensassi. So that we get some songs ready for actions. I have a feeling that at this stage we all have the basic knowledge of drumming, what is remaining is to perfect them.

However on the other hand I am with opinion that we should start to specialise either in drumming of singing or dancing so that one item is not left behind. All the three big items should preferably go together.

It goes without saying that drums have to know the songs well, Still I think with this method, this will be much easier for the drummers when Mrs. Leila singing group already well versed with the songs.

Please it is your democratic right to give your opinion!

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0 #18 Juma Kato 2009-12-05 10:32
Rev Kasibante never fails to amaze me . I wonder when Rev- Kasibante will be clear on this subject

Sex , even normal peoples sex - has been used by bad politicians to frame or make their opponents look evil . Zuma , Clinton , Berusconi , Mao , Princes Diana and so many famous people come to mind .

The Reverand attempts to score a cheap point by telling half truths . This is becoming a tiresome habit .
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0 #19 john 2009-12-05 13:45
I am one of the people who want museveni to retire and give way to others especially younger people....but if Museveni is the only person who can guarrantteee that homosexuals wont operate or recruit in our country,

then I will support him to rule for life...We shall not trade our morals for money. Yes those homos who lure young kids should be killed and repeat killed.....
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0 #20 Alicha 2009-12-05 13:50
Jesus came to save all sinners. Homosexuality and corruption are all sins. The bible says we all sinned.

Let us not judge but share God's love to professing homosexuals whether the law is or is not for them. Leaders are sent by God so if Museveni feels this is ok we stand by him but love sinners hate the sin.
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