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Our Photo Journalist, Edward Echwalu has been detained by military men. We understand he has been in detention close to four hours now near at the Fire Station near Queens Way roundabout in the down side of town. The Observer has learnt that he is now being beaten after he tried making ‘rescue’ contacts.  Details are still scanty and we shall update you with new developments.

 7:15 pm: Echwalu has been released and has now returned to the The Observer offices. He says he was 'arrested' after he "took pictures of military men passing near a dead boy". The beating started after he made calls to his bosses. He was reminded that he was under the "detention of military men who only take orders from the president."

Meanwhile Buganda radio, CBS has gone off air. According to Abby Mukibi one of the presenters at the Buganda station and currently on Radio One talk show - Spectrum, military men 'physically' climbed up the broadcasting mast. He however has not specified whether this was at Naguru or at Mengo where the station has both broadcasters and boosters.  


0 #1 patrick nsereko 2009-09-10 15:41
dear fellow baganda this is the time to joine together to fight for a common causesomeone can not make you poor and then try to force you lose your calture its time to realise that the NRM government is not interested in us bagandas so its time for us to join hands and fight for our territory why is it that when it comes to other tribes the president listens and when it comes to baganda he tries to breaks us apart its time now to find someone who will unit all tribes in harmony.
0 #2 sserunjogi stephen 2009-09-10 16:38
what did CBS do. i understand from bugerere we are going for CBS
0 #3 Ozoo 2009-09-10 16:39
In Museveni's wisdom he reinstated kingdoms like he is also trying to handle Bunyoro issues. God bless Uganda.
0 #4 Serunjoji 2009-09-10 17:35
I believe NRM can not suppress democracy and freedom of speach required in Uganda today like wise NRM can not still votes cause that is what made them fight for DP's stollen votes. Buganda was there, is there and will be there....after all this.
0 #5 kabayekka 2009-09-10 17:53
There is no wisdom of reinstating Kingdoms when your ambition is to rule for ever and to make up your Empire for your future sons and daughters. Trouble is the State of Buganda misunderstood this Presidency when the rightfull traditional owners and rulers of these states were reinstated.
0 #6 Alex furkerman 2009-09-10 17:55
Now Buganda is being punished because it imposes cultural superiority over other tribes. Let me ask. if i happen to perform better, is that my case, or the case of the rivals to underperform
0 #7 KAYAGA GRACE 2009-09-10 18:59
This very incident of using the military and other underhand methods to block the Kabaka the 2nd time from going to Bugerere signals yet another phase of troubled times ahead for Uganda. Museveni yet again presses the wrong button to cause unending chaos and mayhem in Uganda.

If some of us thought that Somalia was far away from, Museveni has imported it here at home. God save Uganda!
0 #8 Egwau George 2009-09-10 19:06
I think the president made a mistake of reinstating kingdoms and then think he gave Baganda some tin he can control.He better finds out the meaning of kabaka to the Baganda or else cut short his dreams.
+1 #9 Henry F Mulindwa 2009-09-10 22:45
When a government does not fear its people and instead it is feared by them it is an ugly dictatorship. That the president has no more moral or intellectual power to persuade as decent politicians should do, he resorts to what he knows best, brute force of arms.

Watch this: those who live by the sword shall die by the sword.The people have a right to be angry, unfortunately
0 #10 mulumba 2009-09-11 00:29
Once again Mr. Museveni has proved to be such a loyal student to his mentor Obote.The central political premise is Buganda is the problem,so wipe it off the map.

Otherwise how do you explain the fact that all along it was Kimeeze, now Museveni stating that the Kabaka would'nt return his calls.But wait a minute I thought the kabaka is barred from discussing politics!!
0 #11 Alex Galabuzi 2009-09-11 04:22
It is unfortunate whathappened to CBS. But really how did Mukiibi know military men climbed the mast when he doesn't even know which mast was tampered with. Give us a break.
0 #12 maria 2009-09-11 04:49
It is high time Baganda and Ugandan woke up. If the government did not take sides in this, there would not have been any violence. It is the police that is provoking violence.
0 #13 Dennis 2009-09-11 04:58
Guys, the call for Baganda to rise up against Government is totally uncalled for, its infact an attempt at Genocide.
The Obsever journalist was not a Muganda, and the two dead guys are not Baganda either, we should avoid inciting people.
What we need here is cohesion, not Baganda against whoever!
0 #14 lugave 2009-09-11 07:14
its time now my fellow baganda to stand up as one, we should not support any other person from another part than muganda, we are tired of being stepping stones. we need power its time
0 #15 benjamin 2009-09-11 09:13
it is quite embaarsing that the Baganda being in the central means its there country, my dear friends we should advise the president how handle these baganda, ankole is organised without omugabe, exactly buganda should be abolished.

vice president and prime minister are baganda. if they want power they use democracy not cousing lives of people like that.
0 #16 opolot wilfred 2009-09-11 14:00
i told the few baganda friends i have that museveni is a devil & they dismissed my view they fought together in the bushes of luwero and one is enjoying the other is hungery and has nothing to eat.
0 #17 James Kibirige 2009-09-11 14:27
What Baganda are facing is the arrogance that runs in their blood. The same stupid talk that brought Acholi down, is now gonna bring the ankole down too and finally I can see Besigye thinking that this is the opportunity for him to besiege power through working with the Kabaka's crew.

God forbid soon we are gonna be having a Rwanda 1994 issue. May be we should have a Kjong as our president. isn't time for the Easterners to lead? Northerners failed, Central Southerners failed too Westerners too have failed but what of the Easterners?
0 #18 Ntambi I 2009-09-11 14:36
This is a call to all Ugandan who are not blind most especially Baganda.
That NEVER drop your weapon on the way when the war is almost over.If M7 had dropped his weapons he wouldn't be where he is now remember that!

Baganda do not need to govern Uganda NO but what we need FEDERO that's all we need.
Because Uganda belongs to all of us but Buganda belongs to Baganda just like Bunyoro belongs to Banyoro not Bafuruki as they claim so.

But my brethrens don't 4get UNITY that's a biggest weapon to our enemy.
Some of us here are ready to do any financial contribution if needed be as long as we're fighting 4 what belongs to us.
Ntambi I
0 #19 Muzukulu wa Nsamba, Canada 2009-09-11 17:10
Today it is Bugada tomorrow it will be some one else. Remember what Philly Bongole Lutaya said in Alone and Frightened? Today it is me tomorrow it is someone else.

All peace loving Ugandans need to wake up an rise against this dictatorship. Museveni's method of divide and rule is not going to end in Buganda.
0 #20 Lalokatye 2009-09-11 18:24
What was the use of going to the bush in 1980 in Luwero and caused death? By restoring the kingdom,it means allowing the Kabaka of Buganda tour his kingdom without hindrance from gov. or any body. In Luwero, children from other parts of Uganda also died to defend their couuntry from bloodshed. Give Baganda their federo, allow their king to visit his subject without any interfearence. Giving baganda a kindong but tying their legs with a rope will not help. Setting conditions to the King the way the president did is dictatorship way of doing things. If M7 fought to restore kingong then, it means the 1980 election was not rigged. We are sad for our relatives who died for no cause in Luwero and other part of the country. If we love Uganda lets find a way that can put that country in a future that will not affect our chilren and the children of our childre. Let ugandans feel that their are one. Leaders who devide uganda should not be allowered. We have seen alot of bloodshed (1971 to date). Stupid politics of north against south, now west against central has not helped us but destroyed our country. We ugandans of today must not allow any leader who talks of northeners, woutherners, esterners or westerners. We need one Uganda, one people. Lastly, we should begin to think of building a new capital city in the center of the country covering (Nakasongola, Masindi and Apac) I say this for god and my country.
0 #21 Roberto 2009-09-11 19:08
I thing Ugandan Media should have Mobile pirate radio stations as a backup in case one is off air they can broadcast from unknown location to fight for freedom. with internet age it is hard to find out the location. In this case the broadcaster can be in Entebbe and the mast can be in Kampala.

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