Our Photo Journalist, Edward Echwalu has been detained by military men. We understand he has been in detention close to four hours now near at the Fire Station near Queens Way roundabout in the down side of town. The Observer has learnt that he is now being beaten after he tried making ‘rescue’ contacts.  Details are still scanty and we shall update you with new developments.

 7:15 pm: Echwalu has been released and has now returned to the The Observer offices. He says he was 'arrested' after he "took pictures of military men passing near a dead boy". The beating started after he made calls to his bosses. He was reminded that he was under the "detention of military men who only take orders from the president."

Meanwhile Buganda radio, CBS has gone off air. According to Abby Mukibi one of the presenters at the Buganda station and currently on Radio One talk show - Spectrum, military men 'physically' climbed up the broadcasting mast. He however has not specified whether this was at Naguru or at Mengo where the station has both broadcasters and boosters.  


0 #21 Roberto 2009-09-11 19:08
I thing Ugandan Media should have Mobile pirate radio stations as a backup in case one is off air they can broadcast from unknown location to fight for freedom. with internet age it is hard to find out the location. In this case the broadcaster can be in Entebbe and the mast can be in Kampala.
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