In our Monday, August 24, lead story ‘Army rank saga ruffles NRM govt’, we omitted some names and placed others in the wrong regions. 

For instance, we forgot to include Brig. Charles Angina (Teso), Brig. Sam Kawagga (Buganda) and Maj. Gen. Fred Oketcho (Teso). We categorized Brig. Robert Rusoke as being from Ankore but he is actually from Tooro. Nathan Mugisha was included as both a Brigadier and Major General, but he is actually the latter.

We named Geoffrey Taban Kyabihende as being from Kigezi but he is actually from Ankore. Maj. Gen. Jim Oweyesigire was categorised as hailing from Ankore but he is from Kigezi. Bernard Rwehururu was classified as Major General but he is actually a Brigadier. Maj. Gen. Francis Nyangweso was included but we have since learnt that he never became part of NRA/UPDF. We regret the error and publish below a corrected list. Take note that we have placed officers in their tribal area and not where they are settled or were actually born.

Gen. Aronda Nyakairima    Ankore    
Gen. David Tinyefuza    Ankore    
Gen. Elly Tumwine    Ankore    
Gen. Rtd Caleb Akwandwanaho    Ankore    
Gen. Rtd Yoweri Museveni    Ankore    

Lieutenant Generals

Lt. Gen. Ivan Koreta    Ankore    
Lt. Gen. Jeje Odongo    Teso    
Lt. Gen. Katumba Wamala    Buganda    
Lt. Gen. Rtd. Moses Ali    West Nile    

Major Generals
Maj. Gen. Francis Okello    Acholi    
Maj. Gen. Julius Oketta    Acholi    
Maj. Gen. Benon Biraro    Ankore    
Maj. Gen. Jim Oweyesigire    Kigezi    
Maj. Gen. Joram Mugume    Ankore    
Maj. Gen. Levy Karuhanga    Ankore    
Maj. Gen. Nathan Mugisha    Ankore    
Maj. Gen. Rtd Mugisha Muntu    Ankore    
Maj. Gen. Rtd. Kahinda Otafiire     Ankore    
Maj. Gen. Zed Maruru    Ankore    
Maj. Gen. Joshua Masaba    Bukedi    
Maj. Gen. Ali Kiiza     Bunyoro    
Maj. Gen. Andrew Gutti    Karamoja    
Maj. Gen. James Kazini    Kasese    
Maj. Gen. Kale Kayihura    Kigezi    
Maj. Gen. Rtd. Jim Muhwezi    Kigezi    
Maj. Gen. Ali Bamuze    West Nile    
Maj. Gen. Fred Oketcho    Teso    

Brig. Fred Tolit    Acholi    
Brig. Otema Awany    Acholi    
Brig. Lucky Kidega    Acholi    
Brig. Burundi Nyamunwanisa    Ankore    
Brig. Garvas Mugyenyi    Ankore    
Brig. Geoffrey Muheesi    Ankore    
Brig. Patrick Kankiriho    Ankore    
Brig. Pecos Kutesa    Ankore    
Brig. Rtd. Nathan Katagara    Ankore    
Brig. Steven Kashaka    Ankore    
Brig. Sam Turyagyenda    Ankore    
Brig. Henry Tumukunde    Ankore    
Brig. John Mugume    Ankore    
Brig. James Mugira    Ankore    
Brig. Geoffrey Taban Kyabihende    Ankore    
Brig. Bernard Rwehururu    Ankore    
Brig. Rtd. Andrew Lutaaya Lugobe    Buganda    
Brig. Elly Kayanja    Buganda    
Brig. Hudson Mukasa    Buganda    
Brig. James Sebaggala    Buganda    
Brig. Kasirye Gwanga    Buganda    
Brig. Dr. Sam Lwanga    Buganda    
Brig. Sam Waswa    Buganda    
Brig. Sam Kawagga    Buganda    
Brig. Silver Kayemba    Buganda    
Brig. Matayo Kyaligonza    Bunyoro    
Brig. Lakara Nakibus    Karamoja    
Brig. David Wakalo    Bukedi    
Brig. George Etiang    Teso    
Brig. Charles Angina    Teso    
Brig. Clovis Kalyebala    Tooro    
Brig. Robert Rusoke    Tooro    
Brig. Hussein Ada    West Nile    
Brig. Peter Kerim    West Nile    
Brig. Timothy Sabiiti    Kigezi


+1 #21 DAVID 2009-08-28 19:51

Maj Gen Joshua Masaba is the Presidential Adviser on Airforce and also Commandant of the Airforce Training School at Nakasongola while Maj Gen Fred Oketcho is the Chairman of the Army Tender and Contracts Committee.I doubt whether these positions are a manifestation of the "katebe or kameeme" as you highlighted.
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0 #22 DAVID 2009-08-28 20:14
Juma Kato

Am glad that this paper particularly this topic has put to shame some phoney intelligesia like you who in the previous edition jotted blatant lies about generals in Ankole vis-a-vis the other regions particularly Buganda,that a Brigadier isn't a general and the rank of Andrew Lutaaya.

Thus,this should be an eye opener to you and your ilk in a sense that before you blog your "facts" first make research instead of mere engaging in rumour-mongerin g.
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+1 #23 DAVID 2009-08-28 20:55
Rev Amos Kasibante

To err is human,to forgive is devine.I don't see the reason why you should apply a sledge hammer on this paper as per the errors in this story and then apply kid-gloves on the same paper on issues pertaining to the Buganda Question particularly the much hyped "federo" which it twists in a bid to mesmerise the Mengo elite in addition to your likes particularly Semujju's column!!!!!!!.C ome to talk of double-standard s
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+1 #24 Juma Kato 2009-08-29 08:32
David ,its your wrord against mine .While its true that in the British and USA armies , a Brigadier is considered a General i.e . Brig. Gen . in Uganda army , a Brig. is NOT a General . I dont think that I need to tell you that in the army , ranks are displayed on uniforms . But maybe , I should tell you that all GENERALS ( in Uganda ) have swords as part of the pips . Brigadiers in UPDF dont wear swords , so they are not Generals. Besides , details are very important in army culture ,which means that if all these Brigadiers were indeed Generals, they would be listed under their full tittles ,e.g Brig. Gen. Andrew Lutaaya . Its not rumour-mongerin g to say that the list above does separate Generals from non-Generals .

If you want to prove that you are a better intelligesia than everybdody here , you should probably tell the writer of list that he got the tittles wrong . I can detect that you are very clever that way .
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0 #25 Juma Kato 2009-08-29 08:46
Amos Kasibante was speaking about the errors that everyone, including your almighty has noted.

Is it not an editorial error to "hype federo".If , for example , Ssemujju wrote that DAVID is one of elites in Mengo that are agitating for federo , I am sure that Rev. Kasibante would be within his readers rights to ask for a correction .

Did you use a sledge hammer when you pointed out that there were errors ? Are you not becoming too clever , David ?
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0 #26 dixon 2009-08-29 08:48
This list is just pointless.
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0 #27 anon 2009-08-30 09:19
To many leaders the message has been got, regardless of any mistakes,the army structure is by an ethinic clique, so professionalism is compromised and future leaders have a job at hand to address this incosistency.
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-1 #28 K. Paddy Banya 2009-08-30 09:31
Make a simple assumption that we live without Generals, would any of you guys very concerned about the origins of the Generals cease to be?? What about if all the Generals were Lt. Colonels, would you not eat at your places??

How many wives and children has a General that any fertile Ugandan cannot get?? Do you all know the Mechanism used to make people Generals?? Have you ever known what combatants do to earn themselves the ranks they earn??

By the way, did you ever think what being a General means?? Do you know that it could mean General(ly) tired, before they are re-tired?? And do you know that a Captain means a leader!!?? And that a Warrant Officer in the UPDF is more prestigious than being a Colonel??

Anyway, what is the value of showing the whole world where Generals in Uganda's UPDF come from?? Style up Observer, we dont need these records. What we need to know is whether some of these Generals are not Ugandans, then we can riot!!

But as a matter of fact, all the places mentioned are with in the Square Kilometers that make up Uganda, whether Nkore(Nkole), Bukedi, Kigezi, I am a Ugandan, and I don't, mind anybody being a General if they fit the position.

May be next time show us the undeserving Generals! Stop thinking in a Tribalistic format. It is the backward, the lazy and the redundant who begin thinking along that line. At least it should not be people in Observer!

Think about climate change, food prices, floods to come, the drunken youth, and how they can be helped, the tradeers in Owino, and how they can expand, elections in 2010, education improvement, Social Security of the workers, technological advancement, name them; not the nonsense about the Number of Generals Uganda has.

You are exposing Uganda's Military secrets to possible enemy countries (if there are any). I am in Germany, but I can see the secrets of the country's military. What a mess!!!
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+1 #29 Rev Amos Kasibante 2009-08-30 14:21
Thanks, Juma Kato, for seeing the point about the errors. It is because I (want to) hold this paper in high esteem that I believe care should have been taken to avoid the blatant errors, which in fact undermine and would be used by the paper's detractors to question its credibility.

We need to exercise our minds in 'critical loyalty' in order to avoid subjectivism, which is one of the pitfalls of Ugandan society.

And anyway, where do I 'hype' federo? I give absolute loyalty only to God and will never give unquestioning or uncritical loyalty to any political system.
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