She heads a factory that produces bullets and repairs weapons such as cannons; and her husband is seen as an arrogant, strong-headed man who drives around in the company of gun-wielding soldiers.

But now – surprise, surprise – Jacqueline Susan Mbabazi has been ordained as a Canon of St. Peter’s Cathedral Nyakatare (Kinkiizi Diocese) – in recognition of her work for the Church.

And as Canon Jacqueline was being installed at Nyakatare recently, we found out something else; that her husband – the tough-talking security minister, John Patrick Amama Mbabazi, can be a very romantic man.
Jacqueline and Patrick have been married for 35 years and the event at Nyakatare coincided with the renewal of their marriage vows. And going by the day’s proceedings, the decades have only strengthened the couple’s love.
For instance Patrick gave his wife a surprise gift.

“These are shoes,” Mrs Mbabazi repeatedly guessed as she opened the gift to eager looks by her siblings who sat next to her, including the Minister of Agriculture, Hope Mwesigye.
Her guess was wrong as it turned out to be a plaque in which Amama poured out his heart to her.

She read out his message on the plaque word for word, to ululation from the audience that interrupted her recital; “Jacqueline, My most enchanting, Precious, Dependable, Admirable and Pivotal inspiration of my life. Amama.”
But the thrill wasn’t only among guests. Jacqueline repeatedly paused, smiled and laughed as she read Amama message.

But the minister who wears another hut as the secretary general of the ruling NRM foresaw that his gift being in blue colours would raise eye brows as it actually did as people shouted “FDC colours.”

But Amama was quick to explain why he used blue which is associated with the main opposition party, FDC.
He said, “Blue is the colour of the sky and the sea. It is often associated with depth and stability. It symbolises trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faithfulness, truth and heaven.” And Jacqueline, Patrick said, he saw just that. That silenced the critics.

This message and their conduct indeed showed their love is still alive and strong. For instance while appreciating her husband for the gift, she said, “Thank you, darling.”
Jacqueline put up a spirited defence of her husband, saying he is not arrogant like most people think, but rather principled and equipped with the pride everybody needs to weather storms life throws one’s way.

So, why was Mrs. Mbabazi made a Canon?
Rt. Rev. John Wilson Ntegyereize, the Bishop Kinkiizi Diocese, told The Observer that her installation was a decision of the diocesan synod.
“It is given to people who have worked faithfully and tirelessly for the church,” he said.

The clergy described Canon Mbabazi as a committed Christian who even built a church in her home area in Karubizi.
“She was also very instrumental in the founding of our diocesan church (St. Peter’s Cathedral Nyakatare.)”
The pretty canon has also been generous with her earnings. She for instance single-handedly bought Ntegyereize his first vehicle upon his consecration as Bishop in 1995.

And together with her husband, they jointly bought him his current vehicle. Amama Mbabazi is also building a new Diocesan church - St. Peter’s Cathedral Nyakatare.
However some people close to the Mbabazis in Kampala told The Observer that they were surprised at her installation.
In fact, to some the ‘Canon’ before Jacqueline Susan Mbabazi sounds more like a gun, as opposed to the cross.
See, Canon Mbabazi is the Manager of Luwero Industries, an arm of the National Executive Corporation which is the trading arm of the UPDF.
Luwero Industries manufactures bullets and repairs guns of various kinds.
 “She and her family hardly go to church. She is usually in churches only during funerals,” a harsh critic told The Observer.
Told about this, Bishop Ntegyereize said, “Whether she goes to church in Kampala or not, she has been very instrumental here in Kinkiizi and that is why we are recognising her.”

Speaking after her installation, Canon Mbabazi thanked the church for the recognition and promised to lead an exemplary life befitting the title.
According to the Macmillan Dictionary, Canon is “a Christian priest who works in the Cathedral.” So will Canon Mbabazi work in the Cathedral?   
Rev. Canon Grace Kaiso, the General Secretary Council of Anglican Provinces of Africa says lay canons are for guidance purposes.

“They must have a sit in the Cathedral and they basically guide the Bishop to ensure that the practices of the church are consistent with the doctrines and canons (laws) of the church.”
He added that in case of deviation, a Canon walks to the Bishop and informs him of the anomaly for redress.
“In so doing they keep the church in the right direction.” Thus Canons have to be well conversant with church teachings.

Indeed being made a canon appears to be more ceremonial and its holders being a yardstick for good deeds.
For instance in the order of service used during her installation, the Bishop prayed that God “gives her knowledge to understand and do your work following the truths of your teaching. Help her to be a good example in her service so that your name is glorified.”

The function was attended by ministers Syda Bbumba, Hope Mwesigye, Musa Echweru, Ruth Nankabirwa, David Wakikona, Winnie Kabakumba Matsiko and Jessica Alupo.
MPs Milton Muwuma, Tashobya Stephen, Barnabas Tinkasimire, Meddie Mulumba and Abraham Byandala also attended.
Others were security chiefs Dr. Amos Mukumbi (ISO Director General,) Robert Masolo (ESO Director General) and Dr. Johnson Byabashaija (Commissioner General Uganda Prisons.)
Also present were moneybags Charles Mbiire and Habib Kagimu.

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0 #1 Vincent 2009-08-07 08:32
This world never ceases to amaze. The very reason why Mrs Amama was cannonised is becoz of the money she and her hubby have and nothing else.Its true they have supported the church by buying cars for the bishop and building a church but these do not show how committed one is to church. For sure, this was done for political reasons as the husband has political amitions and he is of late using the protestant religion to counter his rival from the catholic religion. Its all about money and politics but those two aint the most committed christians.
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0 #2 Rev Amos Kasibante 2009-08-07 13:21
Mrs Jacqueline Mbabazi may have been made a Canon, but she could not have been ordained.Ordina tion is for Deacons and Priests only. Rev Canon Grace Kaiso's comment about the role of a Canon is instructive. A Canon should be a person of integrity, but also one who knows Canon Law and the traditions of the Church sufficiently enough to assist the Diocese in its direction. In the Church of Uganda, people are made Canons (if they are priest) on recognition of seniority or loyalty to the Bishop or if they hold an important position is society.The real reasons for making people Canon in the Church of Uganda are not at all clear
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+1 #3 Mulema 2009-08-08 03:02
Whats your problem? On the final day everyone will be judged as an inividual. So for Jacquiline Mbabazi, its her life. Live your own lives and prepare your own destiny. Thats the problem with Ugandans, they talk & talk...sense or no sense and actually end up doing no real productive work. For example why are you bothered about Madam Mbabazi being made a Canon!!! Its between her and her God.
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0 #4 lukia 2009-08-08 07:53
Like her other sister in State House, Nakasero, I hope this Daughter of a reknown Religious Figure, late Ruhindi, is not going to tell Ugandans that she has devine call to be the President of Uganda, a slogan our First Lady used to enter competetive Politics when she is expected to be A National mother.Repent all your sins so that you become pure in heart, body and socially.Return all the NEC money to the reasury and we feel safe with you as our Pastor.Otherwis e you are not going to earn the respect of your late Dad earned and cherished.Yours is mockery to religious virtues.
Wish you Luck Jackie???
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0 #5 Maximus 2009-08-08 09:49
Its amzing that she heads a gun factory did you say?? or i read it wrongly??? Guns we know well are conbtrary to the divine gift of life and how the hell some gun maffia becomes a CANON???

Well am not in that church to define the real duties of the faithful and dont really know how much the y present themselves beofre the men of God but the real fact is its really contrary to what the church would be teaching.

Let me hope even the findings of the man founds dead in their matrimonial home also clean them of their participation but if not then how come the CANNONS OF LUWEERO having dead un explainable bodies in their compounds and say nothing for long in the end become Canons in the church.

How i really respect for example Can. Grace Kaiso for his outstanding fitting personality not only because hes a pastor but because hes really fit for it. I doubt whether i will respect the CANNON OF LUWEERO gun factories even if they are made "BISHIOPS FOR THEIR GOOD DEEDS IN THE CHURCH"
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