State House to spend Shs 1.56bn on the deal

Mercury Public Affairs LLC, an American public relations consultancy firm, has been hired by State House to transform the image of President Museveni and promote Uganda’s global trade interests.

The firm is to be paid a total of $600,000 (approximately Shs 1.56 billion) for the duration of one year. News of the contract was first broken by BuzzFeed, a respected online news aggregator and blog in the United States.

BuzzFeed based its report on federal disclosure filings made by Mercury Public Affairs LLC to the US Department of Justice on July 30, 2014 at 5:50pm. According to the filings, the agreement took effect on July 19 and expires on July 18, 2015.

Kirill Goncharenko, the president of Mercury Public Affairs  LLC, signed on behalf of the firm while Lucy Nakyobe Mbonye, the State House comptroller, signed on behalf of State House. The deal was finalised weeks before President Museveni travelled to Washington DC to attend the US-Africa Leaders Summit last week. It is unclear if the PR contract was necessitated by the negative international publicity arising from President Museveni’s signing into law of the now nullified Anti-Homosexuality Act in February this year.

The law was annulled by the Constitutional court on August 1 for having been passed without quorum in parliament. On Monday, President Museveni urged NRM legislators pushing for its enactment to tread carefully.

The agreement

According to the 10-page agreement seen by The Observer, some of Mercury’s tasks will include “managing media relations”. Among other assignments, the firm will “monitor coverage of President Museveni as well as the country as a whole.”

Mercury Public Affairs LLC will also provide consulting and communications services, promote trade and investment opportunities in Uganda while developing special initiatives such as the “Uganda Enterprise Empowerment Initiative” (UEEI).

Other services to be rendered by Mercury Public Affairs LLC shall include:

Managing media relations and monitoring all media globally with an emphasis on USA. This includes print, digital for coverage of the president and the republic of Uganda.

Disseminate information about Uganda using all available avenues, documents and report these publications, documentaries and stories to the press unit of the president/office of the press secretary to ensure regular and updated briefings to the presidency.

“Where possible some of these reports will be circulated widely in the local media using the State House portal,” the agreement partly reads.

State House was expected to make a down payment of $150,000 (Shs 390m) upon the signing of the agreement. Thereafter State House is supposed to make a monthly payment of $50,000 (Shs 130 million).

Mercury Public Affairs  LLC

Headquartered in New York, Mercury Public Affairs LLC ( is part of the Omnicom Group Inc., a leading global advertising and marketing communications services company. It describes itself as a high-stakes public strategy firm. The firm says it uses expertise and reach to gain competitive advantage for clients.

“Our expertise comes from extensive must-win campaign experience and operating successfully at the highest rung of business, government, politics and media.
“Our reach is the ability to use strategic intelligence to mobilise the message and persuade the toughest audiences,” the firm says.

The firm further says it has advised and executed successful election and public affairs campaigns on five continents.

“We are successful because we don’t guess. Through market research, we ensure local knowledge and cultural understanding. Then we combine those insights with strategic practices — such as positioning, branding, social media, digital communication and grassroots mobilization — to achieve wins for our clients.”

One of the partners of the company is Vin Weber, a former Republican congressman and campaign adviser to Mitt Romney, who was defeated by Barack Obama in the last US election. Mercury Public Affairs LLC is not the first international public relations firm to be contracted to shore up the image of the Ugandan government or that of President Museveni.

The Observer reported in 2005 that government had paid Hill & Knowlton, a London-based firm, Shs 1.6 billion to polish the image of the Ugandan government, which had been stained by a poor human rights record and a restrictive political environment.

The PR firm had itself been criticised in the past for working with governments such as Indonesia and Turkey, whose human rights records were suspect. Later in 2012, the government paid an Irish firm, Glenevin Operational Risk and Security Consultancy, Shs 2.3bn to clean up its image, which had been dented by the opposition walk-to-work protests.

Asked to comment on the development yesterday, Nakyobe said: “I cannot comment about anything.”

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Read full agreement here


+2 #21 Francis 2014-08-13 15:34
This is a recognition his image has gone past the dogs!!
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+2 #22 Francis 2014-08-13 15:36
30yrs and still writing fitting CV?!!
Lord save Uganda.
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+2 #23 Ssempala 2014-08-13 15:37
I am looking forward to seeing the first ads of the pearl of corruption being marketed as the best place to do business.
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+2 #24 Betty Nalubega 2014-08-13 17:02
I would not advise President Museveni to hire these people. Saddam and Gadhaffi hired the most brilliant PR experts in the World who turned out to be CIA Agents.

There is no better or easier way to spy on a President in the 3rd World than to work close to him and the people who are waiting for him to fall.

Besides, Americans do not know anything about African communication styles, just as we have to study and learn Western styles of communicating before we can think of working in Western countries.
This is a very bad idea.
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0 #25 Betty Long Cap 2014-08-13 18:15
President Museveni took President Obama's message at the Africa Summit to heart that America wants to do business. In house public relations is not good enough for the dictator.

Apparently, Museveni wants to do more than business with the States; he wants to buy favor. Sisi made it clear that the Suez Canal project will be done by Egyptians. Is that idea so novel?
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+2 #26 Nelly 2014-08-13 18:23
This is nothing new. M7 has always been backed by lobbies aka PR firms on the expense of the taxpayers.

Anytime you depends on a PR firm to polish your image, it means you are in a big trouble and things will never be the same again.

A lot of wise people don't always buy the new image because it always look fake and desperate. Things will begin to go downhill from there.
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+2 #27 rubangakene 2014-08-13 20:10
By signing this agreement MERCURY has become the enemy of the majority of Ugandans.

You have staked your image by stooping so low. You are taking away money for medicine for the poor,food, cleam water, sanitation,text books, salaries for the civil service, housing for police etc.and above all joined hands with corrupt government.

How can you sleep at night with all this conscience!!! SHAME ON YOU!!
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+2 #28 Bossman 2014-08-14 00:27
People stand up and be counted. Call the mercury company and complain about this injustice. They are taking our money.

CNN coughed the money when we called the Atlanta Office. Write their President a letter. A demo should be planned in front of their offices. The blood money business mercury
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+1 #29 Caxton KasoziBatende 2014-08-14 03:47
Does, tamale mirundu, remain on government's payroll; which would be a waste of public funds.
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+2 #30 phalanch 2014-08-14 04:01
This is a cover up ,what part of m7 can u market!!! the man has completely gone bad like milk
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+3 #31 Betty 2014-08-14 09:00
And the teachers in Karimojong use dried cassava as writing chalk.
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0 #32 Mubiru 2014-08-14 15:01
I may not have been clear to some people. NRM govt. is the princess born ugly. (Ugly princess) NRM inborn tribalism, nepotism, corruption and stealing of public funds with impunity can't just be washed away by a mere public relations and advertising company whatever their hyped claims for competence and reputation in good image promotion.

With modern technology you only have to press the button and get all the news you want all over the world.

Funds spent on these sometimes over rated PR firms should be better used to redeem the poverty stricken Ugandans from purgatory on earth.
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0 #33 Juma kato 2014-08-14 15:21
"Americans do not know anything about African communication styles"

Very true !

One famous actor committed suicide the other day. In USA , this was a great man worth showering with praizes even from President Obama.
In Uganda culture, we are forbidden from praising anybody who takes his/ her own life.

In Buganda , suicide is a curse ; those who do it cannot are not mourned. They get burried in a bush under a jirikiti tree, like dogs.

Therefore , to ask an American to polish an African man`s PR style is like asking a scavenger to teach hynas table mannars.
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0 #34 webeshixty 2014-08-14 16:44
Quoting Betty:
And the teachers in Karimojong use dried cassava as writing chalk.

That should have taught those cattle thieves never to trust a thug who gave them guns only to turn round and dispossessed them of everything in the guise of taking back the guns.

Pulkol went to school, but seems to have learnt nothing! He lead all Kojongs into M7's trap.
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0 #35 Faisal Saad 2014-08-14 18:29
Everything in this modern world undergoes some form of "rebranding".

Imagine Coca cola spends hundreds of $millions to excite you to drink caramelised sugar water?

Uganda needs PR because it has unique aspects of tourism, products, people and a determination to play a role in a fast changing world.

First class PR is essential because most of our products and tourist attractions are also in many other places. How do we compete with attractions like Kruger South Africa, new serious coffee producers like Vietnam.

PR will boost our image, our leader as a world player and provoke the world travellers to flock to this "new" destination of unimaginable beauty and great people.

Many out there never heard of Rwenzori mountains, Murchison falls etc. Nile rafting was unknown a few years ago. A worthwhile investment
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0 #36 naanka 2014-08-14 20:30
Quoting Leon:
Museveni 2021!

We are sssssssssoooooo ooooooooooooooo oooo ired of you!!!!!!!!!
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0 #37 Allan MAM 2014-08-14 21:29
hhahahahahahahh aa Mubiru,so city square is a source of lunch!!

Its sad sad! we need that money in Uganda to sort out anumber of things like poor drainage at clock tower!!or repair of Kazo Mbogo road!!
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