I have seen the statement H.E President Obama of the USA made in reaction to my statement that I was going to sign the anti-homosexual Bill, which I made at Kyankwanzi.

Before I react to H.E. Obama’s statement, let me, again, put on record my views on the issue of homo-sexuals (ebitiingwa, bisiyaga in some of our dialects).

Right from the beginning of this debate, my views were as follows:

1. I agreed with the MPs and almost all Ugandans that promotion of homosexuality in Uganda must be criminalized or rather should continue to be criminalized because the British had already done that;

2. those who agreed to become homosexuals for mercenary reasons (prostitutes) should be harshly punished as should those who paid them to be homosexual prostitutes; and

3. exhibitionism of homosexual behavior must be punished because, in this part of the World, it is forbidden to publicly exhibit any sexual conduct (kissing, etc) even for heterosexuals; if I kissed my wife of 41 years in public, I would lose elections in Uganda.

The only point I disagreed on with some of the Members of Parliament (MPs) and other Ugandans was on the persons I thought were born homosexual.  According to the casual observations, there are rare deviations in nature from the normal.  You witness cases like albinos (nyamagoye), barren women or men (enguumba), epa (breastless women) etc.  

I, therefore, thought that similarly there were people that were born with the disorientation of being attracted to the same sex.  That is why I thought that that it was wrong to punish somebody on account of being born abnormal.  That is why I refused to sign the Bill and, instead, referred it to our Party (the NRM) to debate it again.  
In the meantime, I sought for scientific opinions on this matter.  I am grateful to Ms. Kerry Kennedy of the USA who sent me opinions by scientists from the USA saying that there could be some indications that homosexuality could be congenital.  In our conference, I put these opinions to our scientists from the Department of Genetics, the School of Medicine and the Ministry of Health.  

Their unanimous conclusion was that homosexuality, contrary to my earlier thinking, was behavioural and not genetic.  It was learnt and could be unlearnt.  I told them to put their signatures to that conclusion which they did.  That is why I declared my intention to sign the Bill, which I will do.  

I have now received their signed document, which says there is no single gene that has been traced to cause homosexuality.  What I want them to clarify is whether a combination of genes can cause anybody to be homosexual.  Then my task will be finished and I will sign the Bill.

After my statement to that effect which was quoted widely around the World, I got reactions from some friends from outside Africa.  Statements like: “it is a matter of choice” or “whom they love” which President Obama repeated in his statement would be most furiously rejected by almost the entirety of our people.  

It cannot be a matter of choice for a man to behave like a woman or vice-versa.  The argument I had pushed was that there could be people who are born like that or “who they are”, according to President Obama’s statement.

I, therefore, encourage the US government to help us by working with our Scientists to study whether, indeed, there are people who are born homosexual.  When that is proved, we can review this legislation.  

I would be among those who will spearhead that effort.  That is why I had refused to sign the Bill until my premise was knocked down by the position of our Scientists.

I would like to discourage the USA government from taking the line that passing this law will “complicate our valued relationship” with the USA as President Obama said.  Countries and Societies should relate with each other on the basis of mutual respect and independence in decision making.

“Valued relationship” cannot be sustainably maintained by one Society being subservient to another society.  There are a myriad acts the societies in the West do that we frown on or even detest.  We, however, never comment on those acts or make them preconditions for working with the West.  

Africans do not seek to impose their views on anybody.  We do not want anybody to impose their views on us.  This very debate was provoked by Western groups who come to our schools and try to recruit children into homosexuality.   It is better to limit the damage rather than exacerbate it.

I thank everybody.


0 #41 Ewing 2014-02-22 22:13
All these are just a face saving and a bully tactics by Museveni, to get out of the trap he got himself in. As we all know he will play the game for a little while in order to find a way out.

After all he has been one of the main invisible sponsors of the bill from day . Ugandans and the world have always been taken for a ride on this issue. Some other statements ...like "If I kissed my wife in public, I would loose an election".

So for him is all about winning an election at all cost, and nothing else. The statement is also a mockery of those world leaders who express their love by kissing their wives in public. There is nothing wrong with that. We all know that in any level playing field, M7 could never win any election.
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0 #42 Orock Nsok II 2014-02-22 23:46
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+1 #43 clive 2014-02-23 00:36
SAA-Religion and alcohol are probably two of the most destructive things in society.

Look at parts of the middle east,where a woman is punished for being raped,religion creeps in there too,with no compassion or common sense.

The bible says many things which are`nt applicable these days.
Africa needs to be more tolerant ,like Europe,not spiteful and ignorant!
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0 #44 patricia 2014-02-23 07:35
Why didn't the Dictator consult scientists before he signed the Public Order Management Bill? that is more important to our freedoms than the Gay Bill hands down! Because the POB affects everybody.

The Dictator only cares about looting our taxes till he drops dead. We have a clown in State House signing banning Mini skirts like Amin who he called a swine.

Now Amin looks so much Better as he did not loot out Country clean and he did more for Uganda even while under tight trade conditions. Uganda has to be rebuilt all over again thanks to the greedy Despot who is Mugabe's twin.
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0 #45 patricia 2014-02-23 07:40
This old man is out of his depth, he belongs in 1986, issues arising now are beyond him. All he cares about is how much Allen Kagina is collecting and how much of it he can put on his Iceland accounts.

And how many kick backs he can get from the investors. After that its shopping sprees in Europe spending our money like its going out of fashion. Greediest President ever
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-3 #46 DAVID 2014-02-23 12:08
Before Obama lectures Africans about the "fruits" of homosexuality, I wonder why he doesn't first groom his daughters to get female partners instead of male partners!.

Furthermore, as an avid advocate of this evil, I would have expected him to have married a fellow man instead of Michelle, his wife!. Otherwise, his loud mouthing against M7's anti-homosexual stance smacks of hypocrisy.

M7 for example has the moral authority to lecture his counterparts about the liberation of the oppressed having even enlisted his brother and later son in the fight for freedom of not only Ugandans but also Mozambicans, Rwandans, Somalians and now Sudanese.

Lest I forget, I wonder why Obama is yet to enlist all the US states to support his homosexual agenda instead of forcing it down the throats of the Ugandans!
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0 #47 Betty Long Cap 2014-02-23 14:31
Quoting Ewing:
Ugandans and the world have always been taken for a ride on this issue. Some other statements ...like "If I kissed my wife in public, I would loose an election".

Ewing, statements like that prove Museveni replaced Col. Gaddafi as the madman of Africa. Corruption, overstaying, crimes against humanity apparently do not phase Ugandans but intolerance of public display of affection (PDA) would cost the DICTATOR a presidential election.

Museveni runs at the mouth.
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-1 #48 DAVID 2014-02-23 16:20

Are you a moron?. Did the POMB require any science?. It arose out of experience especially the mayhem that goons like yourself had unleashed onto the urban folks that involved looting their goods, hurling stones at cars and passengers, setting infrastructures ablaze etc

So according to your peanut sized brain, do you think it requires rocket science to tame your tomfoolery? . What Museveni did is the expectation of any sane leader. Maybe you're sour graping because M7 has scuttled your lesbian antics!!!!!!
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0 #49 mugabe 2014-02-23 18:56
bless you m7 it is a matter choice for sir ,not to sine this.
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+1 #50 patricia 2014-02-23 19:13
David you are the most notorious M7 boot licker here and no amount of verbal antics can change that.

From your rabid responses in protection of your survival its clear reasoning with you is like reasoning with a rock.

Eat on boy and call me all the names you want deep down you know how 'popular' your tyrant benefactor is. Enough said Mr genius! LOL. Like they say the Guilty are afraid!
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0 #51 patricia 2014-02-23 19:25
David the genius, this is what i meant in simple English, to highlight the fact that the the tyrant never consults anybody on anything.

This pretend consultation is a means to buy time and weigh the situation against his survival as Dictator for life. But being a sycophant you are completely blind to reality and facts, if he called his crap chocolate you would gladly lick it to please him. Sad
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+1 #52 ruben 2014-02-23 19:55
When this bill was first brought to parliament. M7 to Hilary Clinton he would block it
When he was interviewed by Amanpour he indicated the same.
When the bill was passed he said as much to Kadaga.

No where in all this was science featuring either for him or the MPs who focused on culture and religion.
Logic would have been that the scientific report would have been the basis of the bill. It was not!

I am not sure he sis wise in writing to the leader of the US with its history of Scientific racism used to justify slavery and racism on this matter
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0 #53 clive 2014-02-23 23:18
Just read that South African former archbishop Desmond Tutu,described how he was "very disheartened"at the plan to sign in the Anti-gay bill,describing it as being as evil as apartied was in South Africa.
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0 #54 njabulo 2014-02-24 10:22
What irony that African dictators use antiquated colonial laws (british laws) against their own people, and in justifying doing so ask the west to respect their sovereignty.

There are many people is the west who believe that Africans are inferior and should be enslaved. In some States in America such laws may still be on the statute books.

There is much research that suggests e.g. the Bell Curve, that suggest Africans are indeed inferior, thereby providing a basis for a return to slavery. It would interesting to see if Africans would respect the rights of others to be racist.
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