Caught in a controversy that won’t seem to die soon, President Museveni surprised his ruling NRM MPs on Friday when he said he would only sign the Anti-Homosexuality Bill into law, if he gets scientific proof that homosexuals are made and not born.

His declaration stirred an angry response from the NRM caucus meeting at State House on that day.

Sources at inside the meeting said MPs nearly turned rowdy as they faced off with the combative Museveni, who arrived two hours late for the 10am meeting.

The source said Museveni looked tough as he arrived, which may have forced some MPs not to be too argumentative.

“He told us that his views against the law were influenced by a report by some gay rights activists whom he met recently. He said that those activists told him that gays were born just like albinos,” a source said.

But the MPs reacted by booing him. At times Museveni called the MPs to order, reminding the rowdy MPs that he was in charge.

His loyal supporters at this meeting, we are told, were Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi and Vice President Edward Ssekandi. Some doctor MPs such as Dr Medard Bitekyerezo (Mbarara municipality) and Dr Chris Baryomunsi (Kinkiizi East) told the president that his newfound assertions could not be proven scientifically.

They told him that homosexuality is a behavioural diversion from the social phenomenon which must be fought. Museveni then, the source said, referred the MPs to the three issues contained in his letter to the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga, challenging the passing of the bill, but the MPs insisted that he should sign the bill into law.

Museveni had criticised Kadaga for passing the bill in December without a quorum. He said homosexuals were “abnormal” or were so for “mercenary reasons” and if the economy improved, they could be “rescued.”

First introduced in 2009 as a private member’s bill by Ndorwa West MP David Bahati, the bill was hurriedly passed on December 20, 2013 amid protests from Mbabazi. On Friday, both Mbabazi and Ssekandi argued against the bill, saying other laws would take care of homosexuals.

But Bahati responded by giving a situational report detailing the increasing cases of homosexuality and the need for a separate law to deal with the vice.

“The president said that he also supports the law 100% especially if it deals with people who promote, abate, recruit and support homosexuality, but was a bit hesitant to accept the law if it seeks to punish homosexuals,” our source at the meeting said.

The caucus then told Museveni that under the prevailing circumstances, he had no way of throwing out the bill after it was passed by Parliament. The MPs told him that the NRM caucus could not do much to undo what had already been passed by parliament. They urged Museveni to look for options in the Constitution.


Under Article 91(3) of the Constitution, the president has 30 days to assent to this bill, or return it to Parliament with a request that the bill or a particular provision be reconsidered. He could also notify the speaker in writing that he has refused to assent to it; which, he has already done.

Parliament, under Article 91(6) may reconsider the bill and pass it again and send it to the president again. If the president rejects the law twice, the speaker can cause a copy to be laid before the House for it to be passed into law, with a two-thirds majority, without presidential assent.

The bill was passed on December 20 and today, is January 27. The speaker’s next course of action was not immediately clear. She was reportedly out of the country at the weekend. If Museveni had hoped to cow the MPs with his tough stance, this did not work. Instead, our sources said, the president appeared to soften his stand.

He later suggested that a team of scientists should be set up to study the problem (homosexuality) and present a report to the NRM caucus during its February 6-16 retreat in Kyankwanzi.

“Unless I have got confirmation from scientists that this condition is not genetic, but a behaviour that is acquired, I will not sign the bill,” Museveni reportedly said, pushing the anti-gay ball into the court of a yet-to-be-established team.

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0 #1 Betty Long Cap 2014-01-26 23:56
Nature or nurture? requiring scientific proof that homosexuals are made and not born is a delaying tactic rather than dealing with provisions of the bill that in time will be declared unconstitutiona l.

No wonder The Economist said Museveni is erratic.
-5 #2 4ABetterUganda 2014-01-27 00:09
Parliament should accept defeat on this hopeless anti-gays bill, and stop, of all things, desperately blackmailing the president. And some of these MPs should even apologize to their voters for misrepresenting their needs.

Even if the Bahati bill is passed, it is unconstitutiona l and amateurish, and will be challenged, and defied.

Its passing was a serious indictment on the integrity of parliament. Now they are blaming their failure of judgment, on their peasant voters, who obviously do not care about homosexuality.

The noisiest of them are probably aware that their reckless campaigns increase the risk of violence to gay people. I hope they face severe individual sanctions, irrespective of whether the bill passes or not.
+25 #3 Charles Kintu 2014-01-27 00:10
Oh gosh!! Why are some homophobic people make this man look intelligent??

Please Ugandans we have many problems and homosexuality is not one of them. Homosexual actions are already legal both in the constitution and in the penal code. Why are we making Museveni an angel in the eyes of the international community on a senseless law which only duplicates the laws that are already in place?

Ugandans need drugs in hospitals, good roads, good education for their kids, rights to assemble, freedoms for their elected leaders like Lukwago, accountability for their taxes, eradication of corruption etcetera.

Honestly two adults who decide to do 'silly things' to themselves in private should not divert Ugandans from real issues that affect them. That should be their business to them and their God. Period
+5 #4 Okello jones 2014-01-27 01:24
If the president is looking for scientiful proof then he should look no further because scientists in the UK and US have finally solved the puzzle of what makes a person gay, and how it is passed from parents to their children.

They further prooved that homosexuals get that trait from their opposite-sex parents: A lesbian will almost always get the trait from her father, while a gay man will get the trait from his mother.Gay, Lesbian is not my business.

Religion and Love should be a private affair. Both need no advisement. Who you love or what you worship is a private and personal affair. Same applies to what you eat. Its all private affair. Your food might turn out to be my poison.

Remember what is beautiful in your eyes could be the most ugly in my eyes''. Same applies to your god, may not be my God. Jesus came to save mankind from hate, hate speech and discrimination because hate destroys the hater (body) not the hated. Everyone should mind their own business...LIVE AND LET LIVE!!
+6 #5 huh ! 2014-01-27 01:53
Museveni is just playing around because he knows that if he annoys the Western World his free aid money and lifeline may be severed.

I love the Nigerian because they have signed the law without the Western pressure Museveni is under. They don't need to beg and sell their morals like the pauper Museveni is.

Uganda is cursed because Museveni sold us down the river long ago to Western interests, and they are the ones who keep him in power. He is essentially a whore.
+6 #6 Charles Kintu 2014-01-27 02:09
What I was saying is that homosexual acts are are already ,illegal both in the constitution and in the penal code and I don't think we need any other law.

I apologize for the error which appears in my comment above.
+12 #7 Okello jones 2014-01-27 02:10
It is funny the way we have chosen to look at this issue. Agreed the issue of homosexuality is unusual yet does any government, religious group or individual citizens have the moral and legal authority to decide for a grown adult how best to identify and practise their sexuality?

The state determining the sexuality of adult citizens is just plain arrogance. It's cheap propaganda to tie adult citizens appreciation of their sexuality to religion, tradition, or a bill cooked in the sordid chambers of a national legislature.

What the people who try to prescribe an issue that is more biological than legal, an issue of choice over tradition fail to realise is there are certain things mere legislation cannot stop.

Homosexuality is one of them. Laws especially ones fashioned on the basis of fear, religious activism, traditional beliefs, ignorance and plain old moralism will always simply confound the situation.
+11 #8 Okello jones 2014-01-27 02:20
continuation....Before we assume Western countries are pushing the issue of homosexuality into the face of African countries, we need to look at history. Up to 1993, homosexuality was an offence with prison terms in the UK.

The fact these countries realized the futility of legislating on this issue should be food for thought for African countries.By legislating on it we have only unleashed an issue that has existed in the background in our society for centuries.

In time we will regret going this path.I love your opinion. Whenever Africans vouch to defend the 'African culture' i find it laughable. We lost our religions unconsciously but we are gladly losing our languages and these are the most important aspects of culture. There is nothing like an African i have concluded all we have is a collection of white people in black skin.
-9 #9 Betty Long Cap 2014-01-27 03:09
Quoting Charles Kintu:
Honestly two adults who decide to do 'silly things' to themselves in private should not divert Ugandans from real issues that affect them. That should be their business to them and their God. Period

Those "silly things" Charles Kintu so quickly dismisses are sin and if not consensual, criminal. God's judgment on Sodom and Gomorrah should sober every abuser of human anatomy.

Rejoice, O young man, in thy youth, and let thy heart cheer thee in the days of thy youth. And walk in the ways of thine heart, and in the sight of thine eyes; but know thou that for all these things, God will bring thee into judgment. Ecclesiastes 11:9
-4 #10 Danny Short Cap 2014-01-27 03:15
Quoting Betty Long Cap:
Nature or nurture? requiring scientific proof that homosexuals are made and not born is a delaying tactic rather than dealing with provisions of the bill that in time will be declared unconstitutiona l.

No wonder The Economist said Museveni is erratic.

Betty Long Cap, I love to read your posts. Always insigthful, backed by evidence. I am now looking for article in which M7 was called erratic.
+7 #11 Geof 2014-01-27 07:26
I am confused about this whole homosexuality topic. I am not against the homosexuals because I can not prove whether they were born just like albinos.

I think Ugandan has better issues to deal with than giving homosexuality such a big platform. Let them be....
On the other hand I have a question though if scientists say the gay people are born I can not argue they are women born men. what about the gay men ????
-6 #12 Prophet wadada 2014-01-27 08:50
I believe a few homos are born with some deviations i;e they look and look like women/men yet their nature is different.

However, many are made to have a sexual deviation by society.
+4 #13 Lakwena 2014-01-27 09:21
M7 is a materialist who is only interested in donors money; that promotes his self-interest, and not the family and social values of Ugandans.

Which makes him not only a moral coward, but also morally bankrupt. If he is the moral chicken, then he should pick the courage from Nigeria.

Because, how can he now peg the signing of the bill into law on scientific lab test?

Was God not scientific enough (an idiot) when He created us in his image: with the dual male and female characteristic.

He also created the animals, with the same male and female dual characteristics ; for purposes of procreation? Even plants have the male & female characteristics (stamen & pistil) in the flowers)
0 #14 Charles 2014-01-27 09:22
If the vice was a private matter as Kintu wants us to believe, then it wouldn't have bothered anyone.

Sponsorship, promotion and recruitment which are now public is what concerns right thinking Ugandans. Our children are in danger and we cannot sit down and watch this European sponsored nonsense ruin especially the young generation. Give us a break!
+2 #15 Lakwena 2014-01-27 09:29
Mr. Science are there homosexual plants too? M7's job is to sign the bill as passed by the people's representatives ; otherwise he is anti-people of Uganda.

It is not the MPs' private agenda, but the people of Uganda who want the anti-homosexual law put in place; in order to protect their children from the West's hedonistic stupidity influence.

Besides, donor money is becoming abominable. In other words, which is more abominable; for them cut aid because e.g. the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) stole all their donation (funds), or they cut aid because Homosexuality is abomination in Uganda?
+1 #16 Gero. 2014-01-27 09:30
It shows that the NRM GOVERNMENT is already bowing to the western powers well knowing that they (the west) are the major funding partners to CORRUPT NRM.

The big fish definitely knows if he signs the bill, then aid will be cut off,and hence there will be no money to embezzle/swindle or spend in their "lucradubious" deals.

0 #17 Paul 2014-01-27 09:34
I would advise anyone to read this bill and make his or her own assessment before reaching a conclusion. This bill should not suffer the same death as the MAD bill did which also had some good clauses and bad ones.

IT IS NOT a duplication of the penal code but rather supplements it. My opinion is that some clauses are very good e.g. punishing those who are promoting this vice among our innocent children(which the penal code doesn’t address)and some are un-enforceable e.g. punishing two consenting homosexuals doing their thing privately (which the penal code addresses).

The later borders on violation of human rights and anyway where will you get the evidence? In summary the bill should be amended to address the loop holes and then signed off
-3 #18 Concerned Ugandan 2014-01-27 09:46
Quoting Charles Kintu:

Honestly two adults who decide to do 'silly things' to themselves in private should not divert Ugandans from real issues that affect them. That should be their business to them and their God. Period

I wholeheartedly agree! One the prime requirements for any law is that it should be enforceable! The actions of two consenting adults in the privacy of their homes no matter how deviant is their business! What matters is whether the law protects against issues like homosexual rape or homosexual exploitation or defilement of minors!

The Penal Code already adequately protects us in that regard. To give this bill all this time and attention is to give a form of legitimacy to this deviant behaviour and to divert Ugandans from real issues!

What are we going to legislate against next?? Breaking wind?! The President should man up and stop trying to dodge taking a principled stand on this issue!
+1 #19 Lakwena 2014-01-27 12:15
Quoting Okello jones:
If the president is looking for scientiful proof then he should look no further because scientists in the UK and US have finally solved the puzzle of what makes a person gay, and how it is passed from parents to their children.

Okello jones, I don't know what type of Okello you are.

Yours is a distorted scientific lead from homosexual scientists, who thru scientific distortion want to justify the practice.

The only social scientific proof about the abnormality of homosexuality, is sexual disorientation or adaptation, which is simply perversion thru socialization.
0 #20 Lakwena 2014-01-27 12:17
In simple English language; it is a learnt stupidity. Otherwise Okello will soon tell us that cannibalism, is a natural trait(scientifi c fact), which takes place in privacy of some people kitchen or homes.

Besides, this liberal PRIVACY BS is misleading and going too far. Because otherwise, all abominations, crimes like theft, incest, adultery, murder, rape, pedophile, corruption, etc. start in the privacy of the mind and executed in secrecy.

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