A senior government official has offered the clearest hint yet that the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, which has stirred an unprecedented international uproar, is seriously hurting the country’s economy.

Keith Muhakanizi, the deputy secretary to the Treasury, told MPs at Parliament: “I have never seen a country like this where politicians hurt the economy instead of building it.”

Debate on the bill resumes in the next session of Parliament. Lawmakers officially return from recess on February 4 and lined up for debate, among other issues, is the controversial bill that has drawn more international uproar than any other bill in this country. West Budama North MP, Fox Odoi, has written a minority report against the bill promoted by his colleague David Bahati of Ndorwa West.

So at a time when the University of Buckingham in the UK has reportedly severed ties with Victoria University over the bill, which the Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga, promised to pass last year as a “Christmas gift”, a rare debate happened at the steps of the august House. The MPs who were part of this debate included James Kakooza (Kabula), Fox Odoi (West Budama North) and Geoffrey Ekanya (Tororo).

This reporter was also part of the debate that sucked in Keith Muhakanizi. While Kakooza suggested the bill would protect the morals of the country, Fox Odoi, a member of Parliament’s committee on Legal Affairs that scrutinised it, argued that it is illogical to legislate on morality. Odoi, who has written a minority report bashing the bill, added that if lawmakers ignore his report and pass the bill, they will have set a wrong precedent—that government can enter or legislate what happens in your bedroom.

Ekanya, the shadow Finance minister, however expressed worry about the economy, arguing that the aid cuts have happened not because of corruption but largely because of this bill. Ekanya added that the bill is the best ammunition President Museveni has right now—because he uses it to scare donors.

“He must be saying that if you don’t give us the money, I am going to tell MPs to pass this bill,” Ekanya said.

But Muhakanizi dismissed this and accused MPs of not being sensitive about the economy. He said by bringing up such a bill, the MPs are hurting the economy because they have failed to look at the far-reaching financial consequences of passing it.

“I have never seen a country like this where politicians hurt the economy instead of building it,” he said.

The bill has been on-and-off. Museveni urged MPs in 2010 to “go slow” on the matter following a long telephone conversation with the outgoing US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, in which she told Museveni to stop harassing the gay community in Uganda. However, last year Speaker Rebecca Kadaga reignited the debate when she declared upon her return from Canada that Parliament would pass the bill.

Kadaga, who was in Canada to attend the 127th Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) Assembly, was involved in a bitter exchange with the Canadian Foreign Minister, John Baird, who accused Uganda of violating the rights of gay people. Kadaga hit back that this was an internal matter that Uganda has a right to legislate on.

She said: “As a Speaker of Parliament, it is my responsibility to protect the rights of Members of Parliament, hence I cannot deny them the right to move private members’ bills. The debate on homosexuality is not a settled matter.”

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0 #1 Betty Long Cap 2013-01-11 00:19
If the Anti-Homosexual ity Bill is hurting the economy, it is in part because it is hurting the tourist industry.
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0 #2 kabayekka 2013-01-11 01:51
Well then what sort of moral legislation is likely to stop corruption of the highest order in the NRM government?

One wants to ask. Is the State of Uganda a non-secular state with a M7 God as standard? To Hell.
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-5 #3 James 2013-01-11 04:42
Ugandans need to realize that Uganda is not an island. Uganda is faced with much more serious issues than homosexuality. There are already laws that legislate sexual perversions such as defilement, rape, etc in the penal code.

Uganda has nothing to gain by prioritizing homosexuality at the expense of the very existence of Uganda. Foreign Universities are withdrawing, tourism will collapse, Foreign aid will be frozen thus affecting development, Uganda will be isolated internationally etc. Muhakanizi is right. Ultimately the average Ugandan will be the loser in all this.
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+1 #4 J. Hayange 2013-01-11 08:52
Now I believe Money is the holy spirit!
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+19 #5 Khadijja Nampiima 2013-01-11 09:43
Who is this Keith Muhakanizi? what the hell is he talking about? In some countries in the Middle East, YOU WOULDN'T EVEN MENTION THE WORD HOMOSEXUALITY, you would be stoned to death? Western professionals, business men and women have even been arrested and jailed for just kissing in public .. and you know what, western governments WILL NEVER OPEN THEIR MOUTH WHEN IT COMES TO THESE COUNTRIES but instead they are racing each other to invest in these countries.

The double standards, triple standards and hypocrisy of western governments stink. So what if Buckingham University severed its relations with Victoria University? In the first instance, Buckingham University is not all that (check UK's top 100 Universities).

Secondly, Uganda has so many Universities we can EASILY afford to close some and amalgamate others ...peace of cake. We would rather die defending our culture, purity, christian and islamic values than accept pounds from blasphemous philistines.
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+15 #6 Aaron Kakande 2013-01-11 10:52
Excellently put, my sister, Khadijja Nampiima. I couldn't agree with you more. It would really be great for Uganda if President Museveni could appoint you the Minister for 'Gender and Culture'.. wouldn't it?
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+3 #7 prince davids 2013-01-11 11:34
Am ebarassed that muhakinzi has been reduced to money level. not all countries in the world require u to support gay to get donations anyway.

we donate to the word our raw materials we are having oil we have uranium and all this minerals that they need if they deseart us its ok. we would still have God on ourside and men and women of integrity who wont surender there nation for for a few donour money and i still pay my tax.

I hope he wasnt paid to do what he is doing; sorry but any human being is priceless. and with or without donation God can never leave us Nor forsake us am confident of that.stop fooling us.
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+2 #8 ebitu moses 2013-01-11 13:36
surely why should we bend low for this aid?in the US some states have refused to have such unspeakable people in there states.

secondly,we have been paying taxes were have they been putting our taxes?if government worships the donor money,let them give and leave the decision to the Uganda,s then they will know what to do this unspeakable people.
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+4 #9 Odoki Francis 2013-01-11 14:31
Talk about strings being attached to "Donations"!!
If it is about Homos, Let the "Donors" take their money somewhere else!

We should have been the first to say "No Thanks!!
Lets deal with Public thieves and Homo money will be useless.
Ironically the Arab world stone Homos in public and the west is blind to this!!

God shall be in our side.
When the worst come to pass, lets turn to the East or better still, perish in peace!
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+4 #10 Tsaile 2013-01-11 14:52
Tell gays to go to hell. Gayism is leading humans to destruction from this planet. To hell with gay money. Present Ugandans existed for centuries on this planet without money.

Uganda's economy is being hurt by state protected corruption. Temangalo, National ID, LC bicycles, plunder of state enterprises and junk choppers etc,etc.

Ask Bad Black what happened to her bottom? Women say that sucking on the breasts stimulates the front. Could Mubiru please tell me what stimulates the behind?
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+2 #11 Jimmy 2013-01-11 16:27
HERE IS THE REAL PROBLEM: Uganda has the highest population growth rate in Africa; some people in the Western world are uncomfortable about this trend.

They want to reduce population growth rates by fostering homosexuality in Uganda and elsewhere in the third world. Do not think they care much about the rights of (unknown) gays/lesbians living in Uganda; their biggest concern is the population growth rate which ought to be checked.

Sparsely populated countries which have adopted harsh punishments against homosexuality are not likely to attract similar attention.
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+8 #12 doctordre 2013-01-12 00:14
Thank you Khadijja Nampiima. All the double standards and, in my view, racial paternalism. We should stop being pushed around and say to hell with their money. We have our sovereignty.

Why should we worship donors? If we as Ugandans were serious we would not need aid. I look forward to the day the West threatens to dis-invest in the Middle East, China and Russia because of their anti Gay laws.

I do not think the stupid anti-gay bill is hurting the economy, it is incompetence, an unnecessary large public administration and corruption hurting the economy.
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+3 #13 Baale 2013-01-12 00:48
Keith Muhakanizi
Which world do you leave in????? if you WANT TO BE HOMO park up and go abroad.

The economy can be built up any time, You remember the money wasted in Election? temangalo, CHOGAM, Pension money, Donors money stolen by your ministry. Was that all about Homos.

who cares about money, people's soul, morals, culture, norms, believes are so important to some of us and Uganda which I know as before today.
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+4 #14 Kibanga 2013-01-12 14:17
Mr. Mahakanizi,,, when do we - ordinary citizens benefit from donor monies? When it comes in, YOU steal it, hence it doesnt get to us.

Whether they give or not for us it doesnt change anything- life goes on like it has been. Let them take their homo monies somewhere else.
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+4 #15 Betty Long Cap 2013-01-12 17:36
Quoting doctordre:
We have our sovereignty.

And integrity. Are Anglicans prepared for the schism between the Church in Uganda and the Anglican Church in England. The issue is sodomites in Church leadership.
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+5 #16 doctordre 2013-01-13 08:05
Betty Long Cap, thanks for adding integrity.

As for the schism, time will tell. Though Anglicans from the global south will never accept homosexuality in relation to the Bible.

If we ignore the politics of the Anglican church, this is another form of cultural imperialism. As stated before by many others and myself, the west loses it homosexuality is condemned by Africans, but we do not see an immediate reaction to corruption and political oppression (Africans almost the opposite but that is a discussion for another day). It is important Africans are important so they do not take these lectures and threats from Donors.

As for Keith Muhakanizi, i think he is being diplomatic. He knows what is really hurting the economy.
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+2 #17 Betty Long Cap 2013-01-13 15:12
Sexual orientation is not a part of the human genome. Sexuality is learned behaviour; gays and lesbians choose their orientation. The big lie of homosexuals is they were born that way.

All indications are Ugandans do not want their country to be a tourist destination for LGBT. Leave that honour for San Francisco, NYC, Toronto.
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+1 #18 Akot 2013-01-13 20:57
Thanks to all contributors to this topic! Uganda is not on sale, even though Museveni has left us with no hope, protection! We are a people that haves suffered a lot, but we have our pride, culture that money cannot buy!

Let's be reminded that those dev.countries where homosexuality is accepted, a right, the rate of sexual abuse on children both boys & girls have gone up, yet these countries seem to prefere standing by homosexuals rather than with victims of sexual apetit & beheviour that goes beyond decency! Child abuse in dev.nations have become common place & no one pays attention except the families affected-victims!

Homosexuals fighting for rights in dev.countries do so for financial gains enjoyed by heterosexuals in their society! What moral is there in this so that they want to impose or export it to us in exchange for donation?
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0 #19 Akot 2013-01-13 21:08
For over 26 years, Ugandans are exposed to the worst dictatorship ever existed, a totalitarian adm. that has left no room for opposition to manoeuvre, a demon that has divided the country into tribal groups in order to dominate & rule indefinitely; yet non of these countries that want to impose immoral behaviours on us has come to help us find a way to contour the trap & get us out of slavery!

Dev.nations have finances an evil administration in Uganda at the expense of over 90% of the poor!
Now they have the guts to blackmain the over 90% poor who still have the lucidity to remain normal in a world that has gone to the devil, with immorality-unna tural sexual practice accepted as normal!
What a mockery of their democracy!
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