New-kid-on-the-block Dowson Lawrence Aliyenka, aka Captain Dolla, has told The Observer how his debut song Emesse has turned his life around.

The rather raunchy song – complete with a bizarre video –  has taken Ugandans by storm as it continues to rock the airwaves and dance floors. It has also been well-received on the  Internet, boasting of over 6,000 Youtube views.

The hit’s lyrics in particular have stunned fans as they chronicle a midnight conversation between lovers, with the woman waking her man up to ‘kill a rat’, slang for making love. All the while, Dolla boasts of how he is a pro at ‘killing rats’.

Now, the 19-year-old artiste, who just completed his A-levels, says the song has catapulted him into stardom, barely two weeks after its release.

“I am living my dream. I now get over 100 calls from promoters every day,” the dreadlocked Dolla said. “This song has really made me famous. I am going to premiere it this Friday (today) at Rouge but fans are already telling me how they can’t wait.”

The youngster dismissed criticisms that his song is too explicit, saying there is no hidden message behind the contentious lyrics. He claims the song was inspired by his sister’s phobia for rats.

“My sister is so afraid of rats, so whenever she sees one, she calls me to kill it,” says the artiste who cannot drive and still shares a home with his parents.

Dolla, who earned numerous expulsions from school due to his love for partying, is nonetheless quick to add that his music is open to interpretation.

“It is good that people are finding their own meanings in my song – that is the beauty of music.”

For now, the youngster is bent on furthering his career. He runs a little-known crew called Eye Entertainment and says his next song, which features one of his brothers, will raise more hairs. Well, can’t wait to hear that one.

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