Now here is a fashion item that looks good only and only on a plus-size curvy woman, the waterfall sweaters.

The dramatic way the fabric flows down the garment gives it its name and a completely enchanting yet figure-flattering look.

They are made out of thin material and are long at the front and short at the back. They can either be long or short-sleeved and you can let it fall to the front or tie a knot or ribbon. The short-sleeved ones are more about style than about keeping the body warm.

It is the perfect cover-up fashion item for your closet. If your top is not too flattering, the sweater covers up, if your body-hugging dress reveals more than you want to let out, the waterfall sweater covers-up. It’s also a good cover up for low-cut jeans.

It’s lighter to carry around during unpredictable weather in case it gets cold. On a slim person, the sweater looks like a dressing on a scarecrow. But these sweaters look especially good on a plus-size woman.

Whatever she wears it with, she looks brilliant, be it on dresses, skirts or trousers. They look especially best if paired with jeans because they bring the whole playful causal touch to the outfit.

Most women prefer the neutral colours black and grey but these sweaters look better in summer colours like green, purple or yellow. It is the year of variety and being versatile; so, don’t fear choosing bright colours. After all, they brighten up a dull outfit. When they had just hit the market, they cost over Shs 60,000 but today anyone charging over Shs 30,000 is just trying to make a kill.

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