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Uganda has decided to pull out of all its international peacekeeping missions in DR Congo, Somalia and Central African Republic (CAR).


The “irreversible” decision comes a few weeks after a UN leaked report accused Uganda and its neighbour Rwanda of supporting and financing the M23 rebels in DR Congo. Both countries have categorically denied the allegations, more so Uganda.

Security minister Muruli Mukasa said at the Media Centre on Friday: “We have proposed to the United Nations that we want to withdraw our forces from the Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Somalia in order to concentrate on our own security.”

The explanation of concentrating on own security is obviously to put it diplomatically as another minister, Asuman Kiyingi, had already been quoted in an interview with BBC that Uganda would withdraw from these missions in retaliation over the report.

Indeed the minister later added: “Why do people want to tarnish our name? After all the sacrifices we have made to help our neighbours and ensure there is stability in the region. Therefore, let us watch our country and make sure there is enough security… Whoever wants to cause us trouble will have to find us in our country.”

Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi yesterday told Parliament that Uganda would withdraw her troops from international duties because her peacekeeping and stabilisation efforts had not been recognised but rather questioned by the UN report.

According to Lt. Gen. Katumba Wamala, the UPDF land forces commander, Uganda has since 2007 contributed at least 6,332 soldiers to the UN and African Union-backed peace mission in Somalia to combat al-Shabab insurgents. Relative peace has since been restored in the country. When the Ugandans arrived in 2007, they were only in control of a few blocks in Mogadishu but today most of the urban areas in Somalia are in government hands thanks to the effort.

As for the Central African Republic, the UPDF backed by the United States went into the country in pursuit against the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) who fled there after being defeated in northern Uganda. Eventually, a UN-backed force including Uganda and other regional armies was created to continue the pursuit and eliminate the LRA threat.


-1 #31 DAVID 2012-11-04 21:11
Quoting Betty Long Cap:
Quoting DAVID:
Have you bothered to check for the meaning of the word, "rascal", which you constantly use....

Oust the rascal is an expression used by Professor Kenneth P Vickery in his series The African Experience; from "Lucy" to Mandela. Uganda is one of serveral African nations with dictators who overstayed. The solution in every case is to oust the rascal.

Stop your hypocrisy and double standards. Why don't you call for the ousting of 'rascals' that have caused internal sufferage in the Middle East, that are moreover in your backyard?.

Apart from a few goons that are hell bent on causing mayhem, having you seen a large number of Ugandans pouring on the streets complaining about the 'overstay' of their leader?. FYI, M7 is still loved and revered by most Ugandans. Keep your 'overstay' talk to yourself.
0 #32 DAVID 2012-11-04 21:26
Quoting Betty Long Cap:
Quoting DAVID:
[... did he purportedly express those fears in the context of the UPDF ...?

Fear of a coup d'etat is the occupational hazard of every dictator. Uganda's dictator is a realist and he knows sooner or later his bubble will burst.

A coup d'etat can be triggered by the military, hungry peasants, and/or the dissidents of a country.

Well you're still leaving in the past. Coups are an issue of the cold war. Since you're playing your doomsday politics afar, you should be forgiven for your crass talk because you're even not in touch with the reality on the ground.

Ignorant as you're, you seem to be unaware that the backbone of the NRM is the military and the peasants. As for the dissidents, they've previously tried all avenues and failed hence their fading into oblivion. Its your humanright to continue daydreaming.
0 #33 Betty Long Cap 2012-11-04 22:10
Quoting DAVID:
FYI, M7 is still loved and revered by most Ugandans. Keep your 'overstay' talk to yourself.

Dictators thrive on illusion they are loved until that final moment when they stand alone. There are other charges against your DICTATOR but the strongest, undeniable case is twenty six years and still counting.


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