So much has been said about how so few contemporary musicians have tackled the big issues of our time. However, this new track from Bobi Wine could change the way we think about new-age musicians being detached from real issues affecting people.

Tugambire ku Jennifer, the singer’s latest production, has got everyone talking. Love or hate his music, Bobi’s new afro beat single will capture your attention. In an era where we feed so much on copycats, Tugambire ku Jennifer is one song you listen to and feel the producer.

The song’s intro hooks you up with that sweet keyboard melody developed from the chorus. And the song’s arrangement with that afro beat will get you dancing even if you disagree with the message.

Tugambire ku Jennifer summarizes the pain that the less fortunate people are going through under the new Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) headed by Jennifer Musisi, its Executive Director.

Her reign that started last year has seen KCCA institute reforms aimed at turning Kampala into the true capital city it claims to be. These reforms have seen vendors chased off streets and out of parks, cattle roaming city roads rounded up, and roadside containers demolished – leaving many people jobless.

The song highlights the resulting social discontent and ‘injustice’. It condemns Musisi’s approach in implementing her programmes. This has attracted a diverse range of reactions. To some, this is a political message delivered on behalf of Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago, who has been at loggerheads with the executive director from day one.

And given the respect that Bobi Wine commands among slum dwellers (he is also referred to as the ghetto president), there is fear the song’s hard-hitting lyrics could provoke hatred for Musisi.

Days after the song was released, Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) reportedly moved to block it from the airwaves. In their statement, UCC warned musicians against attacking other people through their music and warned broadcasting channels against playing such songs.

But where was UCC when songs such as Mathias Walukagga’s Tuleppuke, and Big Mouth By Far by Shortkut and Denzo, received good airplay? Both songs attack renowned personalities.

“Some artistes and musicians have resorted to attacking personalities through their songs and other works. Much as they have a right to express themselves… public airwaves should not be used to attack individuals, which may amount to defamation…” reads the statement.

However, the commission later moved fast to retract the statement, denying ever blocking the song. Well, it is hard to find grounds to block the song. For starters, Bobi was smart enough to package the song in such a way that sounds like a humble appeal and not an attack: “Tugambire Ku Jennifer Akendeeze Obukambwe (someone please tell Jennifer to be gentler)”.

And nowhere in the song does he mention KCCA. We hear Musisi has instructed her lawyers to study the song, and we wait to see how that goes. In her interview with, the KCCA boss reportedly said: “If [Bobi Wine] thinks he’s trying to get at me, I am sorry. He’s a small fish with no bones and trust me, we shall see who has the last laugh.”

Well, whereas the song hasn’t yet received that much airplay on radio and television stations, it has been widely listened to on social media. The song is quickly establishing itself as the new anthem. It is also common to hear people telling one another:  “Tugambire Ku Jennifer.”

The song also hopefully takes Bobi Wine back to his musical standards; standards he had fallen from when he focused his talent and career on attacking nemesis Bebe Cool. Tugambire Ku Jennifer is also his personal battle; the singer reportedly lost his containers in Kamwokya during a KCCA crackdown.

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+1 #1 The Me 2012-09-19 19:07
Dr. Kisekka's words are coming back from his grave "mudeeyo mukyalo mulime" in other words there are other alternatives people everyone is in Kampala trying to make a living, farming is not a bad option.
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