President Museveni on Wednesday implored NRM members to leave behind a legacy that will be cherished by future generations.

Museveni made the remarks at Serena hotel during a fundraising drive for the construction of the Movement house. Shs 30bn is required to erect the building that will house the party’s headquarters. According to sources who attended the fundraising launch that attracted members from the business community, Museveni appealed to party supporters to contribute generously to the project. Construction of the Movement house has stalled due to lack of funds.

According to the construction plan that was generated by a finance commission instituted by Museveni, Shs 30bn is needed to construct the 27-storey building — symbolizing the 27 guns that were used to launch the NRA bush war. We have been told that in a bid to raise the Shs 30bn, the party will use its structures in conjunction with the finance commission.

Trade and Industry minister, Amelia Kyambadde, who also doubles as the party treasurer, is the commission chairperson. Members include deputy party treasurer Singh Katongole; Education minister Jessica Alupo; and Kabarole Woman MP Victoria Rusoke. Museveni pledged Shs 200m towards the project. This follows the Shs 2bn he deposited in the Mubende February 27, 1984 account (No. 0121152263500) at Housing Finance bank.

Others that contributed include: the prime minister and NRM secretary general, Amama Mbabazi (Shs 30m); NRM vice chairman - eastern Uganda, Mike Mukula (Shs 20m); the First Lady, Janet Museveni (Shs 10m); Kwagalana Group of business personalities (Shs 100m); and the finance commission (Shs 50m).

Many other NRM supporters pledged, bringing the total pledges to Shs 4.5bn. Prominent NRM members that were conspicuously absent included: Vice President Edward Ssekandi; Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga; Justice minister, Kahinda Otafire; and former vice president, Prof Gilbert Bukenya.

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0 #1 Baale 2012-07-20 03:35
I don't know why they are trying to hide. They have enough money to build it outright without fundraising.

I support the building of the NRM house,Firstly it would create employement, they won't still govenment money to pay for renting for their party any more,They will move out of tax payers offices as they will have some where to go.

They should follow UPC, by building their offices.
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+1 #2 kabayekka 2012-07-20 06:38
Tell this nice project to the striking teachers. They might just about contribute.

In 1984 that money must have belonged to a Masindi bank or Gaddaffi's war grant. One hopes it was never washed up from one million to 7000 exchange ratio?
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+3 #3 Bongomin Morris 2012-07-20 19:33
Watch out what Supplementary Budgets will do
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+3 #4 steven kasiko 2012-07-20 22:19
What legacy 's Museveni talking about we have the worst hospitals schools
Why cant use this money to set up the movement hospital
What will Ugandans benefit out of this movement house
NRM will be remembered as the worst regime Uganda has ever had since our independence

Where did these people get this money yet they were paupers these are the NRM mafias that have stolen tax payers money people like as Amama Mbabazi Mike Mukula the First Lady, Janet Museveni global fund these Kwagalana Group of business personalities are opportunist just looking for government deals
To hell with the movement house
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-1 #5 Akot 2012-07-21 19:55
There is only one way out for Museveni, presented in a "PACK", like Microsoft Pack, if he wants to leave a living legacy of the NRA/NRM:

Return the money looted from banks during the time they were in the bush,
Dismental tribal rules he restored, (which lead to disintegration of the Republic of Uganda)to ensure his continuity in power,
Release all political prisoners,
Allow exiled opposition members to return to Uganda without fear of arrest, harrasement,
Disband the army & police he taillored to suite his dream of a life-time dictator,

Declare his savings within & outside Uganda, to Inland Revenue Authority,!
After that, it will be up to Ugandans to decide whether or not to have a symbol, memorial of Museveni's passage in their country!
He cannot impose this on Ugandans!
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+1 #6 Arnold 2012-07-22 03:44
i don't think this is what the ugandans especially those poor ones in the remotest areas need from their support for M7...

But there is a day for every thief and in this incident the thief know himself and defintly know where to touch..
Please our leaders the developt nations are leaving us miles behind why not feel for our country too??

You make us hate every other time. I repeat what Ugandan need is not Mvt house, but better health, security,*butay imbwa free*,,roads, and mention them all coz u know them. come on movement.
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