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The government says it has intercepted minutes of a recent meeting that discussed wide-ranging strategies on how to promote the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in Uganda.

These strategies include how to raise funds and recruit ‘friendly’ journalists into the cause of fighting for homosexual rights in Uganda. Some sources have told The Observer that security operatives infiltrated gay groups and managed to get a document containing minutes of the meeting.

The unsigned document, a copy of which we have seen, names 41 people, from 23 NGOs, as having attended the meeting on May 4, 2012, under the coordination of the Civil Society Coalition on Human Rights and Constitutional Law (CSCHRCL).

The organisations in attendance, we have been told, are among those that the government is threatening to ban because of their LGBT advocacy work. The document shows that this was the 7th such strategy general meeting.

Icebreakers Uganda, which hosted the meeting, is a community-based organisation that supports the rights of LGBT people in the country. The NGOs discussed, among others, “developing a media strategy and strategic arguments against all the sexual bills and for decriminalisation” with a view to “changing opinions and convincing the public”.

This strategy involves “mapping out friendly journalists, as well as hostile and ignorant ones” with the objective of “identifying trainable journalists to become allies and objective reporters on sexual minority and gender identity issues”.

The plan is to raise a list of “40 journalists of a mixture of friendly, hostile and ignorant”. The strategy, whose aim is “gaining acceptance for the sexual minority groups”, with a time frame of June 2012 to June 2013, lists among its activities, workshops, talk-shows, barazas and parliamentary advocacy programmes for legislators.

The plan is to roll out implementation of the strategy through civil society groups spread throughout the country. There is also a well laid-out plan to lobby the national, regional and international community to pile pressure on the Uganda government to abandon the Anti-Homosexuality bill and any other laws hostile to homosexuals.

Lokodo excited

The document has reportedly given Rev Simon Lokodo, the minister in charge of Ethics and Integrity, ammunition to go after gay activists with renewed zeal. Shortly before leaving for an official trip abroad last week, an excited Lokodo, upon seeing the document, said he had finally obtained the information he needed to fight homosexuality in Uganda.

“These people are disruptive; they are promoting a negative culture contrary to the laws of this country. They are promoting homosexuality and lesbianism as an acceptable culture, and this is ruining our lives,” Lokodo said.

He added: “This is not going to stop. We will support the bill. There is now sufficient evidence to move against these evil people. We’ll punish them with a deterrent punishment. We are looking for a day when this law is going to take shape.”

Last Wednesday, Lokodo announced that the government would ban 38 NGOs deemed sympathetic to activities of LGBT people in the country. He said he had passed the list of the NGOs to the Internal Affairs minister to get all of them deregistered, as they were engaging in an illegal activity. Lokodo told journalists that the NGOs were receiving support from abroad and “recruiting” young children into the vice.

“We found that, on the pretext of humanitarian concerns, these organisations are being used to promote negative cultures. They are encouraging homosexuality as if it is the best form of sexual behaviour,” he said.

The previous day, the police had halted a workshop of gay rights activists at Esella country hotel in Najjeera, in the outskirts of Kampala, and briefly detained some participants and staff members of the East and Horn of Africa Human Rights Defenders Project (EHAHRDP), one of the organisers of the event.

Njoroge Njenga, a programme officer with Freedom House, an American NGO, while admitting knowing some of the names of participants at the strategy May 4 meeting, said he was not aware of the specific details of that meeting, because he had only recently arrived in Uganda.

Neil Blazevic, one of the activists detained together with Njenga last Tuesday, is named as participant number 29 on the attendance list of the May 4 NGOs’ meeting at Ice Breakers Uganda.

Gay Bill

Article 31 (2a) of the constitution, as well as provisions of the Ugandan Penal Code Act, prohibit same sex relationships. Two years ago, Ndorwa West MP, David Bahati, moved a private member’s bill, the Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2009, seeking to impose tougher punishment for promotion of, and involvement in, homosexuality.

Although the bill enjoys ample support across Uganda, western governments have piled pressure on Kampala to stop the legislation on human rights grounds.  Last week, Bahati, while commenting on the latest campaign against gay activists, said his bill intended “to stop the promotion, recruitment, funding and same sex marriages”.

He insists that Uganda must stand firm and reject attempts by people who want to promote activities of LGBT people, adding that homosexuality is not a human rights issue in Uganda because it is illegal.

When told about the meeting minutes that Lokodo’s people had found, Bahati said: “If it is true that such a document has been [obtained], it serves to strengthen what we have been talking about; that these people are deliberately recruiting followers and promoting their actions, taking advantage of a weak law. We now need to move and strengthen the legal regime and make the punishment more stringent.”

However, organisers of the now controversial meeting are defiant. Jeff Ogwaro, the national coordinator of CSCHRCL, told The Observer yesterday that the NGOs had been meeting monthly for about six months. He, however, denied any wrongdoing.

“I am surprised that government does not know its own laws,” Ogwaro said. “We are promoting human rights, just like those promoting children’s rights… but we don’t have a curriculum that teaches people how to have [gay] sex. Lokodo needs to be educated. He is ignorant.”

List of NGOs facing ban

  • Civil Society Coalition on Human Rights and Constitutional Law
  • Refugee Law Project
  • Rainbow and Diversity Organisation
  • Angel Support Group
  • Trans Equality Uganda
  • Rainbow Foundation Mbarara

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0 #31 Dipshon Wisdom 2012-06-28 00:12
Apart from BAHATI, we have not heard legislators talk on such an issue, OUR MAN Ken, whats yo take.....Otto brief us too
-1 #32 C 2012-06-28 00:49
Heterosexual intercourse is also a "violent, filthy assault of the" vagina. Should we not also push for legislation to ban that act as well?

Of course not, the government has no place in controlling consensual acts in the bedroom.

Furthermore sexuality is almost entirely genetically determined. Much like gender, height, and skin color. Would it make sense to pass a law banning short people?

Of course not, discriminating against someone because of their sexual orientation is just as bad as being racist or sexist. How can the people of Uganda tolerate such negative attitudes towards homosexuals?
0 #33 as 2012-06-28 09:00
Quoting Iyam:
Bambi, mubeere serious!!
What is wrong with the rectum sex? If we were to search the boots of many of u, including women, u wd be very surprised..

if pipo prefer doing it in reverse, that is their business as long as they dont interrupt you when u are doing wat u think is the right sex!!

What if it was the men who were supposed to be 'don'e? and not the women. Who is u or govt to stop this habit when animals also fo it. Sober up

-3 #34 bingo 2012-06-28 09:09
Gosh we really are an uncivilized bunch, seeking to hate others due to their sexual choices, and rationalizing it through our belief in an imaginary man in the sky that we call GOD.
-1 #35 bingo 2012-06-28 09:19
This is a worthwhile cause: training local journalists on equality and human rights. Our journalists, like our people, are generally very ignorant on the subject and have failed to report on the topic of sexual rights in an unbiased way, as the above report reaffirms.

The "journalist" hides behind the byline of "written by Observer media." Who after all would want to take credit for a story in which an attempt to educate journalists is misconstrued to create hysteria by choosing instead to say these organizations were "recruiting" journalists?
+2 #36 Ninsiima Rebecca 2012-06-28 10:14
Shoot these devils at sight. I urgue all loving Ugandans to use all posible ways to destroy these sons/daughters of satan.

Let me teach you one thing,punishmen t from the Almighty God is real,like it or leave it thats the absolute truth,so for these sons of the devil to bring us punishment from above let us fight tooth and nail to extinct them from this God loving nation.for God and my country.
0 #37 Betty Long Cap 2012-06-28 12:57
Quoting C:
Heterosexual intercourse is also a "violent, filthy assault of the" vagina.

No, C. The vagina was designed to take "assaults" not toys. No, bingo. Sexuality is on a continuum and orientation is a matter of choice. God, in His infinite wisdom, designed a perfect system and when man alters the plan, eventually God intervenes with divine judgment --Sodom and Gomorrah.

If I were black, I would resent linking racial tolerance with the homosexual agenda. Race is not an excuse for social injustice but the wages of sexual immorality is death.

Proof orientation is a matter of choice is the complete conversion and deliverance from reprobate minds many experience when receiving Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots? then may ye also do good, that are accustomed to do evil. Jeremiah 13:23
+1 #38 Betty Long Cap 2012-06-28 13:34
Quoting Ninsiima Rebecca:
Shoot these devils at sight.

Rebecca, I salute you. You too abhor evil and your frustration is understandably mounting. Do not allow western promotion of homosexual agenda under the guise of human rights to push your countrymen over the brink. All hell will break out.

In the Netherlands, a test is administered to determine if the applicant seeking entrance is tolerant enough to be considered for citizenship. The applicant is shown a short fifteen-minute film of near-nudity on the beach and homosexuals kissing. If that offends you, leave.

A country has the right to determine its moral character. Uganda must keep the bar high for living within the borders. Christianity and Islam condemn homosexuality.

Show your colours.
+1 #39 Raymond Otika 2012-06-28 13:47
Victor Mukasa, you people are forcing us to say things we should've kept to ourselves about perversion. We sympathize with your sexual malaise, for which you are not seeking treatment..

Nobody hates the clinically insane; they are just dangerous to the wellbeing of the society. The world is fighting diseases, but you people are proliferating deadly diseases in the name of Human Rights.

If in almost all civilizations heterosexual prostitution is despised as anti-social behavior, responsible for breaking homes and speading deadly sexually transmitted diseases; how about homosexuality? Homos who don’t seek help are worse than useless.
+2 #40 Nkongih lll 2012-06-28 13:48
C, heterosexual intercourse is not a violent, filthy assault of the vagina .. what a juxtaposition of hottentot mentality in you!!

Heterosexual intercourse is a 'decent' expression and sharing of male / female bodies in a 'catapultation' of natural emotions, deriving from either love or lust, in contrast to homosexuality which is beastily, primitive and repugnant.

As pointed out by Tusiime Aine, homosexuality and lesbianism are forms of mental illness. The former derives from psychopathic tendencies while the latter resides in a sociopathic mind.
0 #41 HenryM 2012-06-28 14:35
Bu homophobia....t hey try to brand homosexuality as a good thing. I want 1 person that has been engaged in this practice to proudly stand-up and say I am a happy homo Its a shame and pity and God should have mercy on us.
+1 #42 Betty Long Cap 2012-06-28 14:47
Quoting Tusiime Aine:
It is my very strong opinion that homosexuality and lesbianism are forms of "mental illness" .. more likely 'psychosis', hence the call to institutionalize those practicing these filthy habits.

At one time I was involved in a nursing home ministry. We were at the county home when a woman told me as soon as we leave, they were going have three-way sex. Do not even consider institutionaliz ing LGBT.

For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat. 2 Thessalonians 3:10
-2 #43 solomon 2012-06-28 15:06
Homo activists are the ones creating this fuss in order to make money. Who would know about their meetings or agendas.

They send these to agendas to the government which takes it as bait then they cry foul to their donors that they are being persecuted
0 #44 El california 2012-06-28 19:01
Quoting oska:
Nowhere in the world have i seen society having workshops promoting, campaigning for heterosex. This is wierd!!

if you are sure homosexual behaviour is something natural to do, why spend all that hefty sums promoting & campaigning for it, conscripting young people to the so called natural behaviour???.

you would instead let it take root naturally. That shows something is not normal here. Even animals with their small IQ know the right thing but human beings hmnn!!!!

Not a surpporter of gay rights but want to correct you that homosexual behaviours has been observed in 1500 non human species of animals that range from primates to gut worms and is well documented in 500 species.

These include lions both female and male.Just that female lions mainly in times of captivity,Polec ats with non sibling animals,Rams in sheep,elephants btn older and younger individuals.Mon keys and others.
+1 #45 Betty Long Cap 2012-06-28 20:33
Quoting El california:
...homosexual behaviours has been observed in 1500 non human species of animals....

El california set the record straight on animal behaviour. Given a choice the lioness in captivity would rather hear the roar of the lion instead of feeling the rub of another lioness.

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