A Sudanese judge, Sami Ibrahim Shabo sentenced to death by stoning a young woman accused of committing adultery.

Intisar Sharif Abdalla, believed to be between 15 and 17 years of age (although prison authorities claim she is 20) was sentenced to death in accordance with Article 146 of the Sudanese criminal law albeit without legal representation.

The judgment was made on May 13, 2012 after just one hearing and came after an “admission of guilt” plea following torture and brutal beatings by Sharif’s brother who instigated the case. Her co-accused however remains un-convicted and walks freely.

This absurd decision demonstrates both the inhumane and brutal sanctioning to death for committing sexual relations outside of marriage, but furthermore calls into questions the legal institutions and frameworks applied, especially as the “admission of guilt” was made under duress.

Sharif is accused of having a relationship outside wedlock and getting impregnated by a man that is not legally her husband.  Initially, she and the man whom she is co-accused with both denied the charges.

Her lawyer, only able to access her after the judgment was made, understands that following her initial denial she was beaten up and tortured repeatedly by her brother forcing her to confess to committing adultery. With the ‘coerced’ confession, Judge Sami Ibrahim Shabo of Ombada General Criminal Court, Khartoum state, sentenced her to stoning after just one court session.

Sharif is understood to be deeply traumatized and is without access to any suitable psychosocial support. Her newly born child is also with her in prison. Ultimately, some observers believe the judgment demonstrates the scale of discrimination against women and girls in Sudan and the biased judgments made against them for acts which involves two sexes – a man and woman. It is incredulous that

the man with whom she has been accused is able to walk free showing explicitly the strong anti-women sentiment and harsh management of family disputes that exist within both the Sudanese judicial system and society.

Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa (SIHA) is calling on the Sudan Ministry of Justice and other relevant Sudanese government bodies to investigate this case thoroughly and possibly overturn the judgment.

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+9 #1 Betty Long Cap 2012-05-21 19:20
What a human rights violation! It is not cultural; it is criminal.

Any objections voiced from the African Union?
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+6 #2 Joseph 2012-05-21 20:01
This should not be left to SIHA only. It is an issue for all women's and humanitarian organizations and all people of good will.Sudan is a country that aspires to belong to EAC.

EAC leaders must face up to their responsibilitie s and demand good behavior and non discrimination against any body on the basis of gender. This issue is too near to us to remain silent!
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+8 #3 Jonathan Kalani 2012-05-21 21:00
Sudan is a kangaroo state. The law should be applied equally to the two sexes. That judge was no judge at all but another thug.

The brother of the girl should be tried for cruelty to his sister. How do you accept statements that were made under duress? Is Sudan a member of the AU and UN? It should be suspended.
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+3 #4 Betty Long Cap 2012-05-21 23:37
[quote name="Jonathan Kalani"]The law should be applied equally to the two sexes.

Good point, Jonathan. A law to be just must be applied uniformly. How many Africans, indeed Americans, are guilty of adultery and would be stoned to death?

The brother should be tried for assault and battery but violence against women is seldom regarded as a crime.

Suspension of Sudan from the United Nations and the African Union is an excellent suggestion. Sudan is an outcast.
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-5 #5 Rutabajuuka 2012-05-22 04:33
Well if you make a bed, you lie on it. You may be 'born' in a religion but its up to you to grow up and take a look at its merits or demerits thats if you are lucky to get a balanced education.

It still shocks me that a woman, would subscribe to Islam. This may not be that she did so but it helps that the religion is eating itself and since the world is getting smaller,who knows, fewer women will be getting into islamic marriages.

But for those who voluntarily enter such, i would not sympathise with them. Where is the man she had sex with? Can some sheikh tell me what historical offence women committed during the evolution of Islam that they should be acknowledged only in bed as humans?

That they must not even be seen in public is enough to delegate them as non-people. Burkas,nor going out alone,divorce by the man by 2or 3 words.

Well,let her be stoned its good for the future of society.Do our girls learn from this,no,so let them sentence themselves to death by 'sinning'Good bye.
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+2 #6 steven kasiko 2012-05-22 05:44
What 's the international community doing its should come out and put pressure on the Sudan government to release this woman .Where 's the African Union

We should not allow these killing. I do not think that this crime is worthy death what about people like president Bashir should be the one being sentenced to death for the atrocities
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+1 #7 kad 2012-05-22 08:35
Quoting Betty Long Cap:
What a human rights violation! It is not cultural; it is criminal.

Any objections voiced from the African Union?

Let us talk honestly, this is not culture and not Sharia law this what the Ingaz gangs try to destroy the Sharia law and the community.
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0 #8 SAMBOYD 2012-05-22 08:39
The brother is to blamed and his sister's blood is on him.If you tortured her to get information on the kids father to marry her its plausable but to torture her to an'admission of guilty' is just too cruel.

You are killing her by using a state tool viz 'Article 146 of the Sudanese criminal law' without soiling your hand.A good turn deserves another - wait for your turn will surely come soon.

For dont even dream of getting away.In this Earth we have one lifetime only.
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0 #9 Bbosa Tonny 2012-05-22 11:57
such communities still exists?? if such judges or courts are introduced in Uganda all women will be stoned to death
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+4 #10 Olok S. 2012-05-22 14:10
A girl is sentenced to death by stoning for committing adultery.

If that's the way we're playing it, then what type of sentence would suit the likes of Bashir and his henchmen for their bloodthirsty, war-ravaged, hellish (mis)rule of the Sudan?

I just simply cannot think of any.
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+2 #11 oscar 2012-05-22 18:44
what a barbaric law!! humans still living in the stone age. can anyone anymore blame the southerners for breaking away from such characters?
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