Opposition leader Kizza Besigye is scheduled to hold talks with delegates from multiple countries that have congregated in Uganda for the Inter-Parliamentary Union’s (IPU) 126th Assembly scheduled to end on April 5.

Besigye said the opposition has separately scheduled a meeting with IPU delegates who are also members of the Democratic Union of Africa (DUA) and the International Democratic Union (IDU). Besigye is the chairperson of the DUA and the vice chairperson of IDU. DUA is a working association of democratic parties in Africa and like-minded political parties of the centre and centre-right.

It is made up of 12 political parties from 11 countries in Africa, and provides a forum in which parties holding similar beliefs come together and exchange views on matters of policy and organisational interest with the goal of fortifying the promotion democracy. IDU, meanwhile, has a membership of 80 political parties from close to 60 countries the world over. Besigye said he is expected to meet delegates from these countries. Some of the IDU members are USA, Canada, China, Austria, Russia, UK, Spain and France, among others.

Besigye explained that many of the politicians attending the summit are members of several political parties that subscribe to the world body, which brings together democratic institutions that fight dictatorship and oppressive rule across the world. At the meeting, Besigye said, the opposition hopes to brief the delegates about the current state of Uganda’s democracy.

“We shall discuss with the delegates the problems we are going through and how we can help one another,” he said.

The FDC leader also revealed that the opposition will show the delegates video footage that captures how they have been tortured by the Uganda police and other security agents.

“We can’t cover up. If we cover up, we will have denied the delegates an opportunity to see firsthand the situation we are in,” Besigye stressed before adding that the opposition will continue with their civil disobedience campaigns despite the IPU meeting.


And true to his warning, Besigye together with Kawempe mayor Munyangwa Mubarak, Kampala Woman MP Nabilah Naggayi, Comedian Paddy Bitama and firebrand FDC Women’s League leader Ingrid Turinawe, staged another form of peaceful protest hours after the IPU assembly had commenced on Saturday. The leaders parked their vehicles at Luwum street and locked themselves inside.

After pleas to them to voluntarily drive their vehicles fell on deaf ears, police towed the vehicles with the leaders inside to various police stations. Besigye was towed inside his car to Kasangati police station, while Naggayi and Turinawe were towed to CPS and later Jinja road police station, where they were placed under preventive arrest.

Police chief, Lt Gen Kale Kayihura, recently said the police would not allow any demonstrations or rallies in the Kampala Metropolitan Area during the IPU assembly. Kayihura advised the opposition to carry out their demonstrations at Kololo airstrip. Previously, police blocked the opposition from holding rallies in Kololo on grounds that the playground is under management of State House.

The change of heart to grant the opposition permission to hold demonstrations in Kololo was prompted by the reasoning that street battles by protesters would disrupt traffic and activities of IPU. Undeterred, the opposition has indicated that it will unleash a multitude of demonstrations. Already, a rally to mark the International Day against Police Brutality Day on Tuesday (April 3) has been arranged.

Although the day is marked on March 15 annually, the Activists for Change (A4C) have decided to commemorate it on April 3 to coincide with the IPU meeting. According to A4C coordinator, Mathias Mpuuga (Masaka municipality MP), tomorrow’s rally will set out to highlight the highhandedness of the Uganda police force in quelling peaceful protests. Mpuuga says A4C won’t heed Speaker Rebecca Kadaga’s call to suspend their activities until the IPU activities are concluded.

“This is the only opportunity for Kahiyura and his force to explain to Ugandans and the international community his brutal actions against citizens,” Mpuuga reasoned.

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+17 #1 Alex matana 2012-04-02 00:10
the only problem killing africa is not corruption or any other but rather leaders over staying in powers pretending to be the only visionally people, the only problem killing uganda is yoweri kaguta museveni, overstaying in power is going to destroy whatever the people of the regime have invested,every beautful structure will be put down according to the bibilical teaching of no stone left standing,unless museven goes early otherwise I smell trouble on the doors of those posh beautful homes of naguru,ntinda,m uyenga,garuga,a nd mbarara at large,for God and our country
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-27 #2 Santus Israel 2012-04-02 00:32
hahaha, cry baby KB!! These political harlots & sour losers never cease to amuse. Their antics had better be noticed by Nollywood, or KiNigeria. Am pretty sure they would win all ''oscars'' available. So KB shows the toture videos in return for what?

More dollars to fund the Forum 'De la' empty Cans (FDC) or the Dead & Dusted Party (DP) or the Union of Political Comedians (UPC)? The IPU will just laugh and ignore him like the international community has long done. Its on record US Deputy Secretary of State on a recent visit to Uganda ignored calls from the opposition to meet him - why?, because they were playing games and fooling innocent Ugandans that the situation is only worse in Uganda while milk flows freely in other countries.

Instead of resorting to foolish tactics of locking themselves in their cars, they should present a policy paper with alternatives on how Uganda can move forward and withstand the challenges. They never do that at their rallies, only inciting violence!
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+16 #3 Rutabajuuka 2012-04-02 02:02
This picture at the bottom tells a big story. The man standing beside the dead young men with his finger covered in blood seems to be brooding but the one speaking on phone seems to be sending a sitrep about two 'enemies' having been slaughtered. Technology has changed the way we do things but my brothers in security seem to be unaware of this.

Who will forgive this? You are fighting other people's wars and those that deploy and pay you to kill for them will not be there for you when pay back time comes. Where is Magara? And pay back time will surely come one day, it may not be next year,or ten years but it will and now that your actions can be documented,will you say it wasnt you?

I left the army for precisely that kind of the need to misuse me. Cant you an armed and trained man subdue a civilian and arrest him. What does having the blood of a man on your hands on behalf of someone else who is even remote to you help.Orders to shoot unarmed people are wrong and must be disobeyed.
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+7 #4 Kamoga Matayo 2012-04-02 02:13
Uganda lost track of democracy, it is just a song M7 sing
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-26 #5 Jovan 2012-04-02 02:19
Hey, those two guys are not dead! It is stage managed. Look at their postures. Imagine they are indeed shot dead, they fall down and both put their hands on the stomachs.

Again for the second "dead body", it is impossible for it to have both legs standing. The press please be patrotic and stop lying to the world. These guys have painted themselves red and pretending dead. I repeat, THE PRESS STOP LYING!
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-16 #6 Katrina 2012-04-02 09:30
It's just like an aspiring actor moving from producer to producer showing his acting skills armed with amateur video recordings. KB has been on a stage all this while and now he has plenty of videos to show off his acting prowess. I am sure the viewers will be privately bemused and wondering how far the once mighty KB has fallen
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+13 #7 gfek 2012-04-02 10:34
I wish those dead bodies were M7's children.They are (NRM)busy killing,robbing Ugandans.We rather have Millions of hungry lions than M7's group.we shall not rest until they have left our country.
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-16 #8 godry 2012-04-02 10:56
indeed Jovan may be right. Because I cant imagine somebody shot dead, then falls and his hand remain holding a mobile phone!!! Just look at the hand of the man with "standing legs".

That phone ought to have flown away!!. But STAGE MANAGED OR NOT THE WAY POLICE IS REACTING WITH FULL INHUMAN FORCE AS IF FIGHTING COUNTRY INVADERS while attacking innocent ugandans can never be forgiven!!

Some body indeed will pay for their brutality. By the way 'Things fall apart' there used to be hitler, musolinne, gadaffi,. . .name'em , where are the
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-16 #9 Jane 2012-04-02 12:08
Good on Besigye to show the 'torture' videos as he claims. Let us hope it is not edited to suit his agenda for these videos will show his supporters uprooting culverts, throwing stones and attacking the police.

It will also show his supporters looting hard working citizens business wares in the name of 'demonstrations '. It will also show how opposition politicians refuse to follow police orders to enforce public order and incite their supporters to charge at the police with stones, metal bars etc.

All sound in the videos should be on so that they can also hear how opposition mps call for 'fire works' against the police and how Besigye himself threatened to 'hammer' the very police he accuses of brutality.

The videos should also include protests of opposition in their gas guzzling 4 wheel drives parked in the middle of a busy main road in the commercial centre of Kampala despite being given opportunity to do so in kololo causing losses to businesses. Let the whole true picture be shown!
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+5 #10 Enos Malambala 2012-04-02 13:15
The way some Ugandan reason is appalling. Imagine the opposition stage managing death and injury and they even put the military nearby to guard! Is that possible in Uganda? We need to accept that the police kill Ugandans at will.

We also need to accept that protestors do loot given the opportunity. But how have we come this far? It starts with the feeling (which is a fact) that a very small percentage owns all the wealth in Uganda.

This reasoning makes the frustrated majority to feel it is a chance to have a share of this wealth during demonstrations. We need to professionalise the police so that they can deal with these people without killing any. Those who are informed and saw the London riots know how a professional police is supposed to behave. Let the police guard the shops and stop shooting at people on the road and even in bedrooms. Why does a “professional police force” brutalise people hiding in their houses?
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-10 #11 Katrina 2012-04-02 14:47
@Jane - don't hold your breath! If KB was an honest Ugandan in the first place, we wouldn't be where we are! He will show a sanitized version just like all dishonest politicians playing with peoples' lives tend to do.
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-8 #12 Katrina 2012-04-02 17:46
@Enos: Don't you think that if police were killing Ugandans at will (your words) we would have a massacre. Assuming that every policeman with an AK47 fired at will with the intent of killing people, how many dead bodies would there be?

Unless the policemen are so poorly trained, do you think there would be two dead bodies (assuming they are dead) as shown in the picture with all those military men in the background? This is not to minimize the loss of life, but to try to understand how some of these deaths come about.

In my view, if the police were really intent on killing, by now either we would have a Libya/Syria situation or the killings would have shocked the protestors into stopping. Think about it!
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+3 #13 Enos Malambala 2012-04-02 20:13
@Katrina, may be “killing Ugandans at will” may not be the right words to describe our police. But what baffles me is the way they attack people in houses, throw tear gas canisters into schools and hospitals.

I just don’t have the right words to describe their actions other than killing Ugandans at will. The debate should now shift on how to make our police professional and not denying what they do. Every patriotic Ugandan should be encouraging the police to be more accommodative to divergent views and not viewing demonstrators as police enemies. But alas, some of you just decide to leave in denial.
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+5 #14 Edson 2012-04-02 20:13
Soon or later, the world will turn its attention to these things.
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-4 #15 Santus Israel 2012-04-02 20:36
@gfek, cries of a lost soul. You think that by saying such sentiments, M7 will go? Please dont tell the world that you have also had your brains washed up by KB. He was part and parcel of the NRM and the army and he was head of logistics when them junk choppers was bought.

That shows he is also party to the robbery you are talking of. He is also party to the mismangement of public office!!! The fact that he has not publically rediculed his own MPs from accepting the 109 MN for their cars shows he is party to the abuse of public funds!!

Beware what you wish for. Those ''dead'' bodies might be your own blood, if not you.
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+2 #16 ama 2012-04-03 09:34
Quoting Katrina:
@Jane - don't hold your breath! If KB was an honest Ugandan in the first place, we wouldn't be where we are! He will show a sanitized version just like all dishonest politicians playing with peoples' lives tend to do.

my dear katrina i thought exactly that is what the regime did in 1986 they were actually worse than Besigye so while giving your views try to weigh both sides
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+2 #17 allan 2012-04-03 09:39
@santus,thank u 4 the comment.KB saw the light earlier and he opted out.he couldn't handle working with thieves. Just like you say(robbery of public funds),seems u've realised the kind of thuggery this NRM gov't is showcasting. I bilieve your eyes are open now. Don't close them again. You're almost waking up.
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+5 #18 Ggomba 2012-04-03 18:54
Enos you're right. Killing at will means that poloce kills and gets away with it

1.Adoni Mugisu killed in Gulu
2. Daudi Ssentongo 13yrs killed by Police
3.Hussien Mujuka shot in the eye at Bwaise
4. Stella Kabasinguzi shot by police while her arms were raised in air.
5. Ronald Kasagga shot by police at Busega round about
6. Faisal Bukenya shot in the neck by police in Mpigi
7. geoffrey Andama high school student shot at shop-rite
8. Kakooza Hussein, beaten by police and later died.
11. 48-55 civilians including 6 children and one woman killed in kotido karamoja by UPDF and were un armed
12. calvin ocwee kileed by RRU
13. Haruna Kakumba killed by PGB at Kasubi Tombs
14. Cornelius Kayanja kileed by PGB at Kasubi
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+2 #19 Rwanyekiro 2012-04-03 19:02
Jovan, I am not a prophet of doom but one time your child will also "act dead".
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+1 #20 Betty Long Cap 2012-04-03 19:29
When will Ugandans be able to say they have been to the mountaintop, they have looked over, and seen the promised land? Those were the paraphased words of Martin Luther King Jr. on April 3, 1968, the day before he was fatally shot in the neck.

Thank you, Ggomba, for the partial list of Ugandans slain by Ugandans.

But as touching brotherly love ye need not that I write unto you: for ye yourselves are taught of God to love one another. 1 Thessalonians 4:9
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